why are duvet inserts so expensive

I honestly have no idea, but I’ve wondered this before. I've had both (and so badly wanted to believe that my $400 down comforter was superior to a $60 IKEA synthetic version! I don’t see any point in it, but apparently not everyone is a do it yourself person, like I am. 100% down is premium. It's magic. Otherwise, when you wash it, the feathers will clump in the corners and eventually, the comforter will loose its loft. Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Goose Down Comforter. What do you think of the idea of allowing a person to get the equivalent of a college degree through certification tests? That depends on what your standard for "worth it" is. This is one of the things in life that makes absolutely no sense to me. Materials: Down Alternative – Polyester. So light that I never feel weighed down.

The price is very reasonable but the product lasts very well and feels expensive. You can do this by hand. Those that require dry cleaning will dramatically increase its cost over the lifetime of use.

We get ours from Ikea, and it’s never too expensive. A duvet cover is essentially two flat sheets sewn together, so why are they so expensive? Down + feathers is not premium. They keep being expensive after buying, btw: You can ruin them by washing, so they have to be professionally cleaned, broken feathers removed in a sort of winnowing machine, and topped up with fresh ones. Throw a tennis ball in the dryer with the comforter and clumping won't occur.

The materials and labor are not pricey in themselves, but people will pay whatever money is asked of them for a dewvay covah – snobby British accent- no offense to actual Brits. I'm in a rut ... any advice on seeking ... How do you add new websites to Chrome's "New ... Why are concerts so expensive now, and are you willing to pay $150-$200 for a concert ticket? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Becaue the word’s French? In general I find down comforters not to be worth it at all. Holy balls that is so much!

The world's down supply is insufficient to meet the need for even jackets and sleeping bags, let alone adding other products to the list of those that use it. This question is in the General Section. As long as it's 100% cotton shell and 100% down (others have mentioned, goose is best but duck is passable) you just need to decide how much loft you want. The down was nice at first, but a pain to keep clean, and the cheap version has just as much loft, and keeps us just as warm. I've never used the Costco ones, but I have used down at multiple price points. I used to live with someone who refused to turn the heat up and my bedroom was in the basement.

Good question.

Responses must be helpful and on-topic. The price is very reasonable but the product lasts very well and feels expensive. The problem with feathers is they poke through the fabric and you then pull them out and discard them.

13 years old and agree to the If the Costco one checks all those boxes, I'd say go for it and use the rest on some really incredible bedding. The longterm problem with polyester is that over time it permanently absorbs sweat and stains. I like a couple of thick fluffy synthetic blankets and then I throw a cotton quilted bedcover over them to keep the warm air in. At the same time, I don't necessarily want to buy "the best that I can afford" - unless I am getting a clearly better product for my money. Be careful when buying down products.

or pm me. It should be 100% cotton. Check Latest Price. The best quality down is usually found in high end mountaineering parkas and sleeping bags (think climbing mountains such as Everest and K2). I know Walmart is the devil, but here is a search result, if you’re interested. Increasing the percentage of down vs feathers should increase the price. It includes time, money, convenience, and many other factors. Also check the label for the textile. I don't want down for several reasons (allergies are one of them), and other items I have found are just as good. If it was called a “quilt cover” it’d be $50. I love my IKEA comforters. I bought a king down comforter from IKEA four years ago for $40 and it still works great every night! What is even more confusing to me is why “duvet” and “duvet cover” are used interchangeably by some retailers. Be sure to buy one that is machine wash and dry. It was ridiculously fluffy and soft and warm and perfect. You can easily spend $300, $400, or $500 on a down comforter. We have JC Penny down alternative comforters that we got for 1/2 price and they are wonderful and so easy to wash and take care of.

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