what to wear in rome

Rome is a casual but definitely fashion-forward city, so pack stylish but comfortable clothing. Regarding the women, you have two choices. Shop a similar dress here. I do recommend you visit the stores and buy Italian clothing. Required fields are marked *. Just make sure you bring a pair that is … Keep reading to find out our top 5 clothing essentials that can’t be missed off your Rome packing list. Often you can buy one directly there for around 5.00 euro.

This article clues you in on all the essential clothing items you’ll need for your Italian getaway. Both are fine and no one will notice. With the cobblestones of Rome city center and the long walks you will take, your feet deserve something comfortable to rest on. Study Abroad Preparation Checklist: 5 Things to do BEFORE Studying Abroad, 2017 in Review: My Best and Worst Travel Moments, How to Deal with Homesickness while Studying Abroad, Traveling with Braces: Do’s, Don’ts, and Dental Emergencies, Traveling by Train in America: How to Ride Amtrak with Ease.

Let us know about your Dream Vacation to Italy. The best thing would be to have your purse match your shoes. Wander the cobbled streets with a pizza in hand and marvel at one of the most iconic cities in the world without worrying about what to wear! If you haven’t already, check out our website for inspiration, or even better, book onto one of our Rome tours. Passports should  stay in the hotel room. Sure: They’re all quaint and charming in photos, until you try and walk over this uneven surface and practically sprain your ankle when your heel gets caught in … Most sites will have details of this on their website, so it might be worth doing your research beforehand. Fed up with bringing home clothes you never wore? I would recommend you buy them here! I love traveling with longer dresses that work with a jacket if needed.

To add to the point above, a scarf or shawl is a great option to cover your body up when needed and uncover it again when you want to. We should warn you however, pickpocketing is a danger in Rome, so you might want to consider purchasing a bag which has anti-theft technology.

Popular shoe options for what to wear in Rome include (click each item below for suggested styles): Ankle Boots for spring and autumn; Ballet Flats to dress up or for warm weather; Waterproof Boots for rain and snow; Comfortable Sightseeing shoes for year round visits; Cute Comfortable Summer Sandals Being in Rome is like taking a step back in time. To avoid this, you’ll want to bring a purse that’s hard for sticky fingers to get into.

European men generally do not wear shorts style bathing suits for swimming but speedo style bathing suits. © Copyright 2019 | What To Wear On Vacation | All Rights Reserved, Cafe culture at the Piazza Navona, October, Nautical Style: nautical fashion inspiration, Same sandals, 5 totally different outfits, how to style your fave summer sandals, Your guide to choosing the most comfortable everyday shoes, Times are changing, ditch the heels for feel-good leather sneakers, The perfect lightweight jacket for your daily (socially distanced) walks, Italians like to dress up and when mingling with the locals you will feel most comfortable in, There is so much to see, and Rome is an easy city to explore on foot. This is one of my favorite dresses to wear in Rome. For men I would say to wear a closed, elegant shoe in a darker color for the evening. Rome and the south have more local trends and traditions. In the summer, wear light colors and clothes which are made out of linen or cotton. When you spend hours wandering Italian alleyways in adorable sundresses, you’re going to chafe, but not with compression shorts. Your email address will not be published. By modest clothing, I mean long trousers and skirts, and anything that will cover your shoulders.

She’s a Trip contains affiliate links throughout the site. The only crime you might experience is the unfortunate, “Hey, where’d my wallet go?” if you’re not careful. Wander the cobbled streets with a pizza in hand and marvel at one of the most iconic cities in the world without worrying about what to wear! Rome’s roads are made out of cobblestones. Touch the ancient walls of the colosseum, feel the refreshing water of the Trevi Fountain and lick your fingers clean after tucking into an authentic Italian pizza. Helen Hutchings and What To Wear On Vacation bring you the complete guide to packing your vacation capsule wardrobe for Rome, Italy. Bonus!

During the summer you can  put on slippers, walk to your destination, change shoes and wrap up the slippers in another bag to put inside your purse. This will take the pressure off and ensures you won’t miss out on any amazing attractions simply because you happened to wear a vest rather than a t-shirt that day. Italy is pretty much the fashion capital of the universe. In the evenings you’ll want to be more elegant if you go to a restaurant, so choose a shoe which is more elegant for example a flat shoe with some Swarovski stones or a simple elegant high heal shoe.

Fila White Tennis shoes. I would prefer to start with the shoes,simply because I think it’s the most important aspect of your clothing and this will be one of the very few times where it’s not going to be about esthetic! Some women put them in their hair as an accessory.

A pair of dark brown or black boots, either short or tall depending on your style, will blend in perfectly in Rome while also being comfortable. What to wear in Rome in November, travel essentials, how to dress for a Vatican visit, sightseeing and dinners out . Click here to subscribe to my email list and experience She’s a Trip from the comfort of your inbox.

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