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They're the same rabbits we saw in the opening credits, but now they've been let out of their cages, and so have The Tethered. Narrator: It also explains why the first thing that the real Adelaide did to her longtime impostor was handcuff her.

We can see why they'd choose her as their leader. [Brakes screech.] The cast also assembled for a selfie. It took me down this path to imagine what the evil doppelganger version of what Hands Across America would be.". It read, "Hands Across America," another very '80s reference.

The people aboveground don't view The Tethered within either of those constructs. Out of the windows, we see The Tethered forming their human chain, which stretches over hills. The AV Club shared this insightful take one the movie from director Jordan Peele, which was first revealed in the Empire podcast. In that way, "Us" and "Get Out" are part of the same universe, and we can't wait to see the next nightmare Peele has in store for us. A little selfie action at tonight’s #ThisIsUsFYC event!

The doppelgänger survives. - I didn't ask to see who was driving, I asked to see his ID.


Other. - I think, I feel like it means, like, she's getting closer. Interestingly enough, Adelaide seems to know exactly where to go: this house of mirrors, which we've seen in partial flashbacks throughout the film. It's the type of movie that requires you to continue thinking about it once you leave your seat. In reality though, they've been there all along. But at this point, we're not sure whether those noises are coming from Adelaide or Red.

Narrator: They're not Us but Them. Narrator: The shadowy existence of The Tethered is reflected in some of their names.

This adds to the moral ambiguity of the invaders.

After it's all over, Jason looks strangely at fake Adelaide as if he recognizes something somewhat off about her.

The Adelaide/Red Twist Ending Explained. She knew the entrance to the portal was there, and she didn't want to ever go back.

She walks off and finds herself in a hall of mirrors attraction.

Peele said, "I wasn't even in touch with some of the deeper meanings of what this movie is about until I stumbled upon a Hands Across America commercial for MTV. The tone of this commercial just had that sort of '80s 'everything's great' quality. As Jordan Peele explained in a recent interview, the message under the surface is that the monster is us. Director Jordan Peele is opening up about the many interpretations behind the ending to his latest horror masterpiece Us. But it's Joran Peele, as the writer and the director of the piece, that truly knows the intention behind the images and story playing out.

Much like "Get Out," this nightmare has a dizzying ending that will leave you weighing different theories in your head long after you leave the theater.

[Brakes screech.] You can see the influence of the event on their ultimate demonstration in which they linked hands to form an ever-growing human chain.

It's "Us" but also US.

You might notice that "Us" and "Get Out" both begin and end with a car ride, but that's not the only similarity between the two movies. But it still comes on as a shocking twist. This Old Testament verse describes God's revenge on covenant breakers. First off, let’s get rid of one misconception that you seem to share with dozens of other people on Quora. Director Jordan Peele has been deemed by many to be a modern day horror maestro.

Narrator: Jordan Peele has created another horror masterpiece with "Us," the terrifying follow-up to "Get Out."

Fake Adelaide remains handcuffed for the rest of the movie until their final confrontation in which she manages to break free.

The scene is portrayed in an almost sentimental light to the tune of the early '70s flower power song, "Les Fleurs." "We have a story to tell and we want to do this the right way," Fogelman said on the panel. Let's take a look at those last couple of scenes and unpack all of the hidden meanings and social commentary within them. Red, in her last moments, begins whistling "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Red puts on Adelaide's "Thriller" tee, which is one of a few Michael Jackson references in the film.

So what is really going on in the movie? Alien trespassers. Following is a full transcript of the video. Some even returning to the theater to watch it multiple times, trying to make sense of that twist ending.

The Best and Worst TV Finales of All Time.

Adelaide described herself as the shadow self of her impostor. Perhaps that's why when they finally get their revenge, they attack the throats of their targets, right around the voice box. At the panel, the cast and crew also revealed a behind-the-scenes video featuring Ventimiglia in all his hero glory rehearsing for the big Super Bowl episode fire scene.

Both films examine the complacency and disconnect that results from privilege, whether that's racial privilege or the privilege that comes with social class and citizenship status. Red had attacked Adelaide, dragged her underground, and handcuffed her to a bed so that she could then take Adelaide's place in the real world.

These low, strangled noises evoke a dark sewage or underground, like the space that The Tethered inhabit.

The shirt that Red gave Adelaide looks something like this.

All rights reserved. This time, our protagonists are the Wilsons, a family of four who are attacked by their deranged doppelgangers. The movie's opening titles told us that there are thousands of miles of tunnels running underneath the US.

In flashbacks, we discover that Red kidnapped the real Adelaide in the house of mirrors all those years ago, at the exact moment Joel Schumacher was shooting the iconic carousel scene with The Lost Boys cast, and the two swapped places sometime in the 80s. - I thought I already done told y'all to get off my property. Entertainment Television, LLC A Division of NBCUniversal. That's why at the time, Adelaide's parents initially didn't recognize this disturbed, mute version of their daughter.

He's such a pyromaniac that he seems to have burned much of his face in a past incident and ultimately dies by self-immolation. Meanwhile, the sister Zora's double is called Umbri, the plural form of Umbra, which means the darkest part of a shadow during the total phase of an eclipse.

But back to This Is Us—It seems not everyone was involved with the series finale.

What we've seen throughout the movie is really the Tethered's story.

At the beginning of the film, we saw young Adelaide captivated by a Hands Across America promo. Parents need to know that What If It's Us, the first novel co-written by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, is a sweet contemporary romance told from the alternating points of view of two teen boys.Arthur (written by Albertalli) is Jewish and only in New York City for the summer; he struggles with ADHD. This time though, we're shown that flashback in its entirety, and now we know what really happened that night.

Before US can end coronavirus lockdown, here's what needs to happen. In the flashback, we also see the two identical girls switch T-shirts.

"The idea that he would end up at an ashram, or something like that, was with me from when I pitched AMC the first season," Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter. © 2020 E! The film's final act begins with Adelaide Wilson on the search for her lookalike, Red, who has disappeared with the Wilsons' son.

It makes sense then that as an inhabitant of the underground, Pluto is obsessed with fire and the bright light it provides. Over the years Adelaide spent planning The Tethered uprising, she looked to her Hands Across America T-shirt for inspiration.

But for now, the family just keeps driving. - I thought I already done told y'all to get off my property. And what does it all mean? Director Jordan Peele is opening up about the many interpretations behind the ending to his latest horror masterpiece Us. Another is the single glove worn by each member of The Tethered. Interestingly enough, the planet Pluto got its name because it's so far from the Sun that it exists in perpetual darkness.

It's a very American nightmare, which explains the double-edged meaning of its title. The movie's final reel reveals that Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) and her family have escaped Santa Cruz. This Is Us returns Tuesdays this fall on NBC. About the look Adelaide gives Jason at the end of the movie, Peele says this about that smile.

This time Adelaide goes deeper into the fun house. There she encountered her double for the first time, and she was never quite the same afterwards.

And the Tethered blur the lines between being monsters and being righteous. For I will not hear them in the time that they cry out to Me." ❤️: @MiloVentimiglia pic.twitter.com/DLXBSgkm8u, A special treat!

His first directorial effort Get Out won an Oscar for its screenplay, but many feared it was a fluke. Also, those strange inflections in her speech. The horror of "Us" is that the people at the bottom are rising above to settle the scores.

This presumably is one those tunnels where The Tethered have lived underground all their lives. The violence is intercut with flashbacks to both women as young ballerinas, one performing above ground and the other dancing down below.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner had the ending for his AMC series planned from the start too. Narrator: In "Us," the people who are on the losing side of those gaps come to claim what is rightfully theirs. @Dan_Fogelman says he where he wants the series AND has already shot parts of the final scenes! Check out this video of @MiloVentimiglia rehearsing that "Super Bowl Sunday" house fire scene.

If you've been missing the Pearsons, this is for you.

Soon, we find out that the attackers are part of a whole army of lookalikes who refer to themselves as "The Tethered.".

Sterling K. Brown appeared via video from New York. Yes, series finale! Peele wants to make it clear that the word 'villain' needs to be used lightly, as there are many interpretations in the movie as to what a real villain is.

It seems like Adelaide is adopting some of the characteristics of The Tethered. They're an underclass, literally, deprived of sunlight and forced to eat rabbits for sustenance while their counterparts above them enjoy nice meals and material comforts. In Latin, most second declension masculine nouns in -us form their plural in -i.However, some Latin nouns ending in -us are not second declension (cf.

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