vertical quench tank

Take pics for the rest of us when you get it figured out. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. That's when you need to cut the oxygen off. Tested blades have shown no difference in RC hardness readings from tip to heel.

Is the 6 diameter large enough to properly cool/quench a long blade??

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Would there be issues with the circulating pump with thinner blades (warping because of irregular oil movement)? Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is a better choice. There is also a cheap "filter" through caswell that works also as an agitator. You can pick one that is banged up from a homebrew supply store for less than $25 usually. (507) 720-6063 2650 9th Avenue Mankato, MN 56001.

Post Aug 17, 2012 #1 2012-08-17T22:34. You also need to have symetrical flow if you choose to agitate your tank. So I finally broke down and ordered some P-50 and W2, so I needed to get a new quench tank. Phil, Phil... having fluid flow would be the best way but it takes alot to fit a quenchtank with pumps and heaters. 3" tubing likely won't hold sufficient volume of quenchant unless it's very long. srtben. This can either be accomplished by a narrow, deep tank where you are dipping the piece down into it..... or..... a long, narrow tank where you are dragging or pulling the blade along the length. Flashes aren't usually dangerous unless they spill over and catch everything on fire. Thank you. Powered by Invision Community.

I have a tank a lot like that one (ok, two). You can post now and register later. Yes, I think 6 inch diameter is more than enough, especially for oil quenching. Meridian’s UL-142 approved fuel tanks feature the same design, strength and quality standards that incorporate all Meridian products. If you don't have motion, the oil superheats rises to the top and flashes. (as you put it in, the surface will flash a bit, but should go out quickly) I knocked over my horizontal quench tank. The lid is a great feature that can help smother out flare ups and the 8"x8"x3/8" base makes for a nice sturdy platform. The large sizes offer especially good values.

inhibitors. I almost broke down and just got an ammo can, but I wanted to be able quench up to 22". I have given a lot of thought to going to the local plumbing shop or salvage yard and scrounge up a small, apartment size water heater. Don't freak out about the details, though.

If you don;t have room to add cooler oil, you'll have to wait it out.

This works for me. Do you use a basket on the bottom in case you drop something? 2020 USA Knifemaker, LLC. Paste as plain text instead, × Some items quench better horizontally some vertically: single edge blades are often quenched horizontally, double edged vertically for example. I have a monster horizontal water quench that I was doing Japanese style stuff in, but I've been doing that vertical lately as well. I heat the oil up by dunking a warm piece of steel in it and checking the oil temp with a thermometer.

I have two for two different speeds of oil. You are better to have no agitation at all then have inconsistant irregular flow. (even less time, in some steels) That makes movement a critcal factor. designs and fabricates aboveground shop fabricated steel storage tanks to API 650, Annex E, F, J and S standards depending on site requirements. It really sucks if you go over.

If I quench a large knife or more than one small one wehn I recheck the oil temp it has gotten too warm to do another. So I went ahead and just made a vertical one. Or is not that exact.

Once the piece is completely in the oil, ANY flashing is a bad sign.

DIY 20 ton Forging Press: Part 1 - Intro and Fram... DIY 20 Ton Forging Press: Part 2 - Pneumatic Contr... Static Dissipation Brush for Belt Grinder, Motors and VFDs for Belt Grinder Applications, KBAC VFD Line (ON/OFF) Switch Installation, KBAC VFD Forward Reverse Switch Installation, Replacing Bearings in Baldor M3558T Motor, CNC 3018 Router and Laser Kit- Part 3 Testing. This quench tank will hold 3.5 gallons of oil and should give you more quenches than the 4" tank before needing to cool, unless you are using a much bigger piece of steel. An experimental study on flow patterns and heat transfer characteristics during cryogenic chilldown in a vertical pipe Hong Hua,⇑, Jacob N. Chunga, Samuel H. Amberb a Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611, United States bDepartment of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, U.S. Military Academy, West point, New York 10928, … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I'm talking about CONTROLLED movement of either the workpiece or the quenchant. Powered by, Product - 300*50*25mm (12 inch x 2 inch) aluminum wheel with diagonal rubber contact area, Product Review: Ruixin Pro Angle Knife Sharpener, VFDs: Part 3 - Three Phase Induction Motor, Gas Forge Build 1: Concepts and Burner Tube.

(Some quenchants work at different temperature, though) I quench bars of heated mild steel to get my tank up to temp. As with all quench tanks, make a … August 11, 2009 in Heat Treating Knives, Blades etc. 4" Tank is 4"x4"x18" with an 8" Base; This quench tank will hold 1 gallon of oil and should give you 4 to 5 quenches before needing to cool.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Is it better to have a larger surface area so you can quench horizontally or is it better to quench more vertically in a more upright tank? Again checked with a thermometer. Set the dial at whatever and use a cooking thermometer. It all depends on how far you want to go with it. Mine is an 8" dia SS tube welde to a 10"square baseplate. I found long ago that the vertical quench gives less warpage, and if all is submerged, will not flame. My knife quench is vegetable oil and is in the bottom half of a pressurized gas tank that is mounted in a "no tip" wooden frame. Thats the only type of oil i can easily have access to, Engine oil is a poor choice for a quenchant. Depending on where you live cheap vegetable oil is about $1 a litre or $4 a gallon. By The vertical cylindrical shape is the most efficient of the standard tank shapes in regard to the amount of plastic it takes per stored gallon. It has plentiful volume for all but sword work. I made a vertical tank but have been hesitant to use it until I had better understanding of this.

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