use pray in a sentence

4. The book is a compilation of Biblical narrative, rabbinic legends, As news of the incident spread, hundreds of worshippers started flocking to offer, Keep the faith, my southern neighbours, and know you are in our thoughts and, Despite the distance we felt in this time, I always had her in my thoughts and, No doubt they can all be assured that they are in our thoughts and, Some people have still memories of the 1980s when people were barred from universities merely for not going to Friday, Governed by Spiritual Law, the fire was respected and offered, He felt no qualm in telling me that he too attended, Small statues, candles, and miniature crucifixes dominated most of the space, along with scapulars, rosaries, and encrypted, Afterward, share a pot of tea in the tea garden there, or walk across Nanjing Lu to offer, An assembly of 90 monks conducted Buddhist ritual chants and, This historic church has been sanctified by the, A sermon and invocation in Samoan was followed by an impromptu chorale, offering, The second pillar, salat, consists of ritual, The Feast of the Assumption was celebrated with, I send them all love and big hugs with lots of, On the other hand, there is a mystical advantage to standing at the Western Wall, the spot where all, After a relative's funeral, families and their friends pray the rosary for nine evenings, offering refreshments after each night's, One would've had more rollicking good fun in an evening of, This was initiated by the singing of Veni, Creator and the Litany, and the saying of several long, Many times in my life, I have heard Perpetua and Felicity mentioned in litanies of saints and. To pray with faith we must expect with confidence. Sentence Examples. See pray used in context: 100 poetry verses, 344 Shakespeare works, 1 quotation, 8 Mother Goose rhymes, 182 Bible passages, 7 definitions We also keep traditional liturgical forms, such as the order of readings, The Commons assemble in their own chamber, wearing ordinary day dress, and begin the day, as any other, with, Starting July 4, 1776, Congress and several states passed laws making, Parents, I've noticed, have a trick of saying their, A number of Shaikhs and worshippers will perform, Out of the 37 respondents, seven are infrequent, There, the fleet was organized in squadrons, while the fleet's crew honored the goddess of sailors Tianfei with, Arya Samaj favours Vedic chants and Havan, Brahmo Samaj go for simple, Dad never failed to take along his Tallis and Tefillin and be it outdoors or in a house, he always said his, The pilgrims walked through his 14 stations, chanting, Heaven's grace inwheel ye, and all good thoughts and, The Psalms continue to serve as a primary source of, If everybody got their deserts, Bulstrode might have had to say his, Many Somalians used the occasion to complete their Friday, Did he come so cheerfully to die for me, and do I go so deadheartedly to, Sun, earth, heaven, rivers, and winds could be addressed in, Muslims from Granada, Masaya, Leon, and Chinandega also travel to the Managua prayer center on Fridays for, Muslims and Muslimahs are required to clean certain parts of the body in preparation for the, The mihrab serves as the location where the imam leads the five daily, Furthermore, AJC warned that any decision sanctioning such, Messages on the seven stations of the cross were the theme for the day and, Most of what is known about Malory stems from the accounts describing him in the, They will increase their prayer rule, adding the prescribed, In this regard his son Wasim Abbas has arranged Quran Khani and collative, The Orthodox believe that the state of the soul in Hades can be affected by the love and, At the beginning of the Sacrament, priests say specific, The best likely result, however, is a court order to use nonsectarian, The Babylonians used incense while offering. She became a Dominican tertiary at the age of 16, and devoted herself to good works and to, Knowing that death would follow the machinated horror, Philius gave one final, I dont know if Bob, who was baptized as a babe in arms, will pray the sinners, Our God wants us to communicate our cares and our concerns through the power of. How to use pray tell in a sentence Looking for sentences with "pray tell"? pray in a sentence Example Sentences for "pray" Swami Sivananda once observed that hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

The best likely result, however, is a court order to use nonsectarian prayers instead, an imperfect solution to many humanists. For the next forty days, there are more requiems.

There came into his molten brain the impulse, In all these weeks she had not once knelt, I have nothing left to do now in this world but. In addition to the seven devotions, the CD has Scripture readings, This does not mean we should reject the specificity of our traditions, our religious texts, holidays, observances or, This will undoubtedly mean some hard decisions and some new directions will have to be faced, and for that the chosen man of God will need all our support and, A controversial state bill could be the answer to his, Every hour, the anthem is played, followed by Orthodox priests intoning, Earlier in August, the pope called 44-year-old argentinean Alejandra Pereyra to offer his, And an arrow painted on the ground that shows the way to Mecca, for, And he started off the talk by bowing to the crowd and asking for their, At last he went to the palace one day, and, being informed that the Caliph was making his ablutions prior to his, During the lunch break I went to the bathroom to perform an ablution for the Zuhar.

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