tranio quotes taming of the shrew

", "Lucentio! “Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper.

'hic est' son unto Vincentio of Pisa- 'Sigeia tellus' disguised... Mistrust it not- for sure, AEacides Hear Me For My Cause’ Speech, ‘Signior Antonio, Many A Time And Oft’ Monologue Analysis, ‘St Crispin’s Day’ speech with translation, ‘The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strain’d’ Monologue Analysis, ‘To Horse You Gallant Princes’ Monologue Analysis, ‘That I Did Love The Moor’ Monologue Analysis, ‘Unhappy That Am I, I Cannot Heave’ Monologue Analysis, ‘You Are Three Men Of Sin’ Monologue Analysis, ‘And What’s He Then That Says I Play The Villain’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘All The Infections That The Sun Sucks Up’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘Gallop Apace, You Fiery-Footed Steeds’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘How All Occasions Do Inform Against Me’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘How Oft When Men Are At The Point Of Death’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘I Am That Merry Wanderer Of The Night’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘If It Were Done When ‘Tis Done’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘Is This A Dagger Which I See Before Me?’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘It Is The East And Juliet Is The Sun’ Soliloquy Anaysis, ‘Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘Now Might I Do It Pat’ Soliloquy Analysis, ‘O God Of Battles! Test. Like. ", "She says you have some goodly jest in hand. ", "Take you your instrument, play you the whiles. ", "And woo her with some spirit when she comes.

", "Why, sir, you know this is your wedding-day: first were we sad, fearing you would not come; now sadder, that you come so unprovided.

", "Bend thoughts and wits to achieve her. Quotes By William Shakespeare. Unknit that threat'ning unkind brow and dart not scornful glances from those eyes to wound thy lord, thy king, thy governor. ", "To comb you noddle with a three-legged stool and paint your face and use you like a fool. Assist me, Tranio, for I know thou wilt.

", "Tut, she's a lamb, a dove, a fool to him! O Tranio, till I found it to be true, Now, mistress, profit you in what you read? ", "Tedious it were to tell, and harsh to hear: sufficeth I am come to keep my word, though in some part enforced to digress; which, at more leisure, I will so excuse as you shall well be satisfied with all.

", "Why, gentlemen, you do me double wrong, to strive for that which resteth in my choice: I am no breeching scholar in the schools; I'll not be tied to hours nor 'pointed times, but learn my lessons as I please myself. The Taming of the Shrew Quotes Showing 1-30 of 53 “My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart concealing it will break.” ― William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew. ", "Then vail your stomachs, for it is no boot, and place your hands below your husband's foot; in token of which duty, if he please, my hand is ready, may it do him ease.

"Evermore crossed and crossed, nothing but crossed!

Where is the foolish knave I sent before? Read our selection of the very best quotes from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew along with speaker, act and scene. ", "And watch withal, for but I be deceived, our fine musician groweth amorous. As wealth is burden of my wooing dance—.

Spell. ", "If he be credulous and trust my tale, I'll make him glad to seem Vincentio and give assurance to Baptista Minola as if he were the right Vincentio. And therefore frame your manners to the time.... And not a jot of Tranio in your mouth: I'll watch you better yet. ", "And do you tell me of a woman's tongue that gives not half so great a blow to hear as will a chestnut in a farmer's fire?

Talk not to me: I will go sit and weep till I can find occasion of revenge. If thou account'st it shame, lay it on me, and therefore frolic! ", "Nay, look not big, nor stamp, nor stare, nor fret; I will be master of what is mine own. ", "Then well one more may fair Bianca have. "Well, I say no. Your ships are stayed at Venice, and the Duke, for private quarrel 'twixt your duke and him, hath published and proclaimed it openly. ", "Then it follows thus: thou shalt be master, Tranio, in my stead, keep house and port and servants as I should. 'Twas told me you were rough and coy and sullen, and now I find report a very liar; for thou are pleasant, gamesome, passing courteous, but slow in speech, yet sweet as spring-time flowers. Now we are undone and brought to nothing.". ", "That, being mad herself, she's madly mated. ", "But come, since this bar in law makes us friends, it shall be so far forth friendly maintained till by helping Baptista's eldest daughter to a husband we set his youngest free for a husband, and then have to 't afresh. Know you not the cause? The Taming of the Shrew Characters & Descriptions .

Take in your love, and then let me alone. ", "Belike you mean to make a puppet of me? ", "Happily to wive and thrive as best I may. If, Biondello, thou wert come ashore,... 3. ", "You loggerheaded and unpolished grooms!

Tranio: Of all mad matches, never was the like. I'll bring mine action on the proudest he that stops my way in Padua. ", "Now shall my friend Petruchio do me grace, and offer me disguised in sober robes to old Baptista as a schoolmaster well seen in music, to instruct Bianca, that so I may, by this device at least, have leave and leisure to make love to her and, unsuspected, court her by herself.

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