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As a Marketing Specialist and Brand Ambassador for Harley-Davidson for over a decade, I lived and worked all over North America. JFK Assassination and Museum Tour with Lee Harvey Oswald Rooming House. Roof attachments require a mounting plate that uses a special foam tape, to which the transponder is then attached. Stickers can NOT be moved from one vehicle to another. But until more states work out the bugs on these interlinked prepaid toll programs, I still recommend you buy the toll pass specifically designed for the state(s) you’re driving in to avoid fees, fines, or other problems. Until my son was born a few years ago, I was a diehard motorcycle enthusiast who traveled the globe.

Both systems are now compatible across the state of Texas. I've lived in 6 different states (Florida, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas) and have visited every other state in the U.S. -- except Hawaii. 278 Reviews .

There are other toll systems in states that operate toll roads, tunnels and/or bridges.

This type is, as the name implies, an attachment to your license-plate frame, using the bolts that already are used to hold the plate, itself.

These include Colorado's ExpressToll and Go Pass!, the Good To Go pass in Washington State, as well as various bridge passes and cards that are used at international crossings between the United States and Canada.

The most common type of toll pass is a sticker that gets affixed to your windshield. Now, grounded as a first-time mom, I share my love for outdoor adventure with my son and extended family in the Smoky Mountains... and beyond. I authored the book Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Images of Modern America, which details the colorful history of the Busch Gardens theme park. Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX).

The nature of the circuitry in a sticker means it can only transmit data via your vehicle's GLASS windshield, which acts as a dialectric antenna for the sticker. Using toll passes surely beats having to sit in line and wait to fork over a wad of cash or handful of change to a toll worker. The sticker transponder utilizes RFID technology printed on a flexible circuit. Easy peasy…, Consider the scenic Pennsylvania Turnpike…. All devices have an identification number, which is stored on the circuitry of the device, along with other basic information about the transponder. After the initial account opening payments in any amount may be made in the form of check or money order sent by mail; or online using a credit card.

(Long road trips are my favorite.)

But they aren’t perfect. I’m a Florida native, a roller coaster junkie, and a frequent traveler. Toll roads are typically faster and less crowded than regular highways, and they are better maintained. In the near future, the tags will also be available at the Stanton Street Bridge and at the One Stop Shop, at 811 Texas. I especially enjoy helping others plan fun trips... on a budget!

You may download these reference materials as well. It is not compatible with systems outside California. It is compatible with Georgia's PeachPass system, and can also be used in North Carolina.

See the illustration for reference. We work with government agencies to provide you with accurate information. (Can you say bucket list?) Additionally, two other large, regional networks dominate the Southern Plains and the Deep South. EZ Pass vs. SunPass vs. FasTrak: Which Toll Transponder Is Best? See all . Patrons may call at any time to find out the balance of their account; this information is also displayed on the fare display as you use your tag. from $73.14* 2-Hour Historic Dallas … Meanwhile, Route 30 has speed limits ranging from 20 to 55 mph, several traffic signals, stop signs and pedestrian crosswalks, and other obstructions that can waste time, gas, and money.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Images of Modern America. Some toll roads cost an arm and a leg to travel on (a nationwide average of more than 17 cents per mile), but let’s face it — they can save so much time and even gas money getting from Point A to Point B. I’m on highways pretty often because I like taking long road trips. Born and raised in Tampa, I grew up visiting Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Toll Interoperability by 2016 H.R.4348 - MAP-21 In 2012, Congress passed the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) to ease the burden of tolled interstate travel by providing motorists the convenience of a single toll tag and account. The third type or transponder is designed for large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, and this type attaches to the front license plate or to the roof of the vehicle. Toll passes are really easy to buy, even easier to use, and perfect for those who travel on highways and byways in places where there are toll roads.

These types of transponders make use of suction cups to affix to your window.

When I'm not on the road, you will find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). (Though I must admit, I kinda liked getting to chit chat with the toll collectors for a few fleeting seconds as I pulled through the plazas when I paid with cash! Please see the map sections below for an easy-to-understand reference to toll pass interoperability. IMPORTANT! I especially enjoy helping others plan fun trips… on a budget! Although toll interoperability was mandated by Congress in 2012, not all states' transponders are yet compatible. Currently E-Fast Pass tags may be purchased on our website or at the Toll Plaza Office, located adjacent to the toll booths at the Zaragoza Toll Bridge.

Use our toll calculators to learn how much your trip will cost. I love passing right through those toll plazas and toll gantries without waiting in line or fumbling for dimes and quarters. Even the federal government is working on the situation. However, E-ZPass may be used on some Orlando toll roads, where the E-Pass is accepted. But if you’re in a hurry to get from one place to another in Pennsylvania, the turnpike may be the best way to get where you’re going.

It may not be used on other Florida toll roads outside the Orlando area. Often, families will have more than one vehicle and, consequently, more than one pass on their account. Copyright © 2004-2020 The Fun Times Guide | Privacy Policy | About | Contact | Sitemap, federal government is working on the situation, a list of all toll roads in the United States. Do not place the sticker or transponder in a location that will block the view of the driver or impede your ability to operate your vehicle!

I'm SUPER organized and I love to pack! And, yes, in many ways they are. Both systems are now compatible across the state of Texas. TxTag is the statewide pass used across the state of Texas, and it is nearly compatible with all local and state-operated toll roads. In 2016, it cost $42.30 in cash to drive a typical 2-axle passenger vehicle the length of the main turnpike corridor.

If the license plate option is unviable, then a roof-mounted transponder can be utilized. All agencies have a preferred location, adjacent to your windshield's rear-view mirror, about one to one-and-a-half inches (three to five centimeters) from the top of the windshield, and about one to two inches (three to five centimeters) to the left or right of the rear-view mirror.

Please double-check before you hit the road to see whether the state(s) with an asterisk have implemented toll roads — better safe than sorry, right? Agreed! I’m a Florida native, a roller coaster junkie, and a frequent traveler. Portable transponders cost more to purchase, and some agencies require a you keep a higher balance on your account when you register a portable unit. By the way, let me holler a hearty shout-out for the E-ZPass. The tags may be purchased using cash, or check with proper identification. Additionally, all passes from Texas may now be used in Oklahoma and Kansas, and vice versa. In the near future, the tags will also be available at the Stanton Street Bridge and at the One Stop Shop, at 811 Texas.

Related: What are the most popular tours in Dallas? I authored the book Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Images of Modern America, which details the colorful history of the Busch Gardens theme park. This involves providing your information, your vehicle information, the transponder number to be used in the vehicle, as well as any payment information that may be required by the agency, often a credit or debit card. Let’s look at some of the cons of using toll passes: All in all, toll passes are excellent for commuters and road trippers.

Where can I use it? An agency-issued sticker or transponder is affixed to the windshield of the vehicle, typically adjacent to the rear-view mirror, so that transponder equipment, located both in the asphalt and in overhead gantries, can read the unit's ID number and vehicle type as the driver passes beneath the tolling gantry.

I hope you find my travel tips and recommendations helpful!

E-ZPass touts itself as the “largest, most successful toll interoperability network in the world.”. It is also compatible with Orlando's E-Pass. States connected to the E-ZPass system include Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.

Here, on this Travel Guide, I like sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about all the places I've been -- so you will have a good idea of what those places are like and what you should know before you go. However, opting for the license plate billing method can be much more expensive than paying cash or using a prepaid toll program — because in most situations you’ll be hit with costly “administrative” fees. Regional pass compatibility has become quite common, particularly across the New England states to the Midwest and through the Mid-Atlantic. The Sun Pass is used primarily on state and local toll roads in Florida. Thanks for the assist. (The states in green or gray do not offer E‑ZPass services).

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