sugar industry in pakistan 2020

The enquiry report said that evidence gathered during raids on the premises of PSMA and JDW Sugar Mills seems to suggest these anti-competitive activities have continued since 2010. No doubt, corruption kings and queens are everywhere. Let’s see what actions are taken, if any. Awesome by IK. Right now in 2020, we have so far 87 sugar mills that have been operating in Pakistan. Everyone gets a return on their investment for supporting IK into power. Then they are safe.

This is going to be the good omen for the country and its citizens towards new and changed scenario in the future.

IK must resign owning the accountability. The estimated domestic consumption of Pakistan is around 5.2 million metric tonnes (mmt) per year. Emergency to be imposed SOON!.

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has unearthed a cartel in the sugar industry through an extensive inquiry, which concluded that the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) has been acting as a front runner for cartelization in the sugar industry since 2010.

Kudos to PM Khan. It must be a very hard decision to make this report public and IK deserves the full credit. Ltd. ( for Dawn. This is one sector and few politicians who were benefited from this scams. Already believe that. This seems to be integrity of the PM at the critical time of the history confronting devastating pandemic. Ideal time to release bad news as people fight for their lives. All found guilty should receive exemplary punishment. The local sugar industry would need to change their raw material to beet roots or bring better quality sugarcane seeds or improve their own production.

Despite a depressing picture of the industry portrayed by PSMA financial statements of various companies suggest that they were making profits. Therefore, prima facie PSMA Punjab Zone particularly the 15 units named by the Cane Commissioner Punjab, are taking a collective decision on procurement. He then only has a high moral ground to talk about accountability of Sharifs & Zardaris. It's poison for health. Absolutely amazing.

This is just the beginning. If you don’t export surplus sugar how do you pay for cpec and other imports? "Tareen, Khusro, Monis among beneficiaries" Releasing the report that blames some members of his own party shows IKs leadership quality and his commitment to fight corruption. Imran Khan is an exceptional person. Meanwhile, Mr Bakhtiar said in a statement that: “It is a well documented fact that I have always maintained a distance and refrained from attending ECC [Economic Coordination Committee] meetings related to any sugar related decisions due to any perceived potential conflict of interest.”. @Omer Malik, Where are the billion trees, BTW?

Second, It is a clear case of suo moto, as being realistic IK does not have enough powers to take action (or will not take action because of political reasons). Prime Minister Khan has set a precedent by making the report public. @Shahid, Has bee n a practice got thr last 15 years, so what?. Credit must go to the pti govt to make investigation report public unlike previous govts.

As a matter of principle there should be no subsidy on Sugar or anything else . In a late-night statement issued in Lahore, Mr Elahi pointed out that he indirectly held shares of the RYK sugar mills since he was not involved with the management of the company. Thanks you IK for keeping Pakistan healthy. As promised trying to bring transparency .It has proved all the politicians despite of their political differences are United in the cause of looting country. According to the report, Omni Group, which owned eight sugar mills, obtained export subsidy of Rs901m during the last four years. positive is that everyone involved, including people from ruling party, have been named.

Jahangir Tareen and Khusro Bakhtiar should be ashamed of themselves for being part of this crisis when they belonged to PTI. Rule of law shall be supreme, Either he dont want to take any actions or he cannot.

The prime minister saw the report and was pleased to observe that the inquiry committee had probed the export and related subsidy for the year 2018-19.

It's unfortunate that greed in politics makes us find creative ways to find more elsewhere. The state of privacy in Pakistan is already dismal.

Minus Imran Khan all other setups are as corrupt as previous PML-N and PPP governments. This is a litmus test of transparent leadership. Average gross profit margins were 11%, 8%, and 13% in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. Super by IK. If IK has an iota of respect he should go after his friends and his ministers/coalition partners (in the report) immediately. people should be penalized and Khusro Bakhtiar should hand over his resignation from his post. Every party depends on financial help from these big giants and when they come in power they take their money with interest simple thing. • Tareen, Khusro, Monis among beneficiaries

Imran government was determined to document economy but now in order to bail out country from crisis, government has taken 180 degree turn on this issue and has granted amnesty . This loot and plunder was going on during the tenure of all the governments.Publishing of this report has put Imran government at risk. Similarly with over 60 sugar mills, Pakistani businesses still pay higher price than International Sugar and get a much lower quality product. It reminds me of Karl Marx, who has posted his views in Das Capital, about 200 years ago, ''Profit is a fancy term for exploitation''. Who will probe and recover this no one, its our money, taxpayers money that is looted,, But even with all these hassles the farmers in Pakistan plant sugarcane every year because sugarcane has a fixed support price and they get seeds on loan. When it comes to fleecing the public , all parties stand on one side. In 2016-17, Pakistan had a record 7.08mmt production of sugar while the production in 2017-18 was 6.63mmt. The report does not make so much difference in that regard. More reports are going to be published very soon, one after another. There would be no hoarders/ exploiters were we not such a sweet tooth spoils if only people had the character to boycott luxuries & consumerism , control meat sugars & one meal a day - prescription of a healthy nation. He said that as shown in the report the RYK sugar mills had only 3.14pc share in the national export of the commodity. Never heard of such crises during NS lead PML-N Rule. ISLAMABAD: Two much-awaited reports on the recent sugar and wheat crises in the country were made public on Saturday, exposing ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s bigwig Jahangir Tareen and allied parties’ leaders federal Minister for Food Security Khusro Bakhtiar, Monis Elahi of PML-Q or their relatives as being involved in the scam.

11.6 per kg. The price of any commodity is a function of demand and supply and typically a cartel can increase or maintain price levels by controlling supplies. No one should be soared and must be taken to task found in this scam irrespective of any affiliation setting thereby a trend. Don't worry the next one. could not maintain the local sugar price to Rs.

Everyone is corrupt.

So, CJP Should make example out of these people. While in other countries the high number of Sugar Mills has created yearly high exports of Sugar, in Pakistan International sugar import in banned and no export without subsidiary of Sugar has ever been achieved.

And still they are honorable claiming to serve the country and the poor.

No government in the past would have done so if it’s leaders were implicated. From the commission’s perspective, it is not about the profit margin but more with the manner and conduct involved in making such profits.

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