steam consumption calculation in evaporator

Thus results in the following benefits: Process plant running load is the steam load which is related to the normal (full load) continuous load of the plant. 4. 396 0 obj <>stream Making a solids balance on effects 1, 2 and 3 and solving for x, (1) 22 680(0.1) = L1x1 = 16 632 (x1), x1 = 0.136, (2) 16 632(0.136) = L2x2 = 10 584 (x2), x2 = 0.214, (3) 10 584(0.214) = L3x3 = 4536 (x3), x3 = 0.50. Ideally, this method should produce almost 2 kg of vapour for every kg. Therefore, no increase in capacity is obtained and in fact, the additional complexity of equipment usually results in increased heat losses to the surroundings and a reduction in capacity. Since the areas and heat transfer coefficients are equal, qt = U1 A1 (∆ t1 + ∆ t2 + ∆ t 3 …….) Then calculate the boiling point in each effect. Ideally, this method should produce almost 2 kg of vapour for every kg. The increase in latent heat with decreasing pressure and additional radiation losses affect , the economy as the number of evaporators used is increased. 0 Here we assume that initially in all the calandria the level and temperature of feed is same. The heat of milk is considered to be negligible. Lesson 5.

Lesson 3. Step 2. Otherwise a second trial should be performed. Evaporation, In any evaporation operation, the major process cost is the steam consumed. Making an overall and a solids balance to calculate the total amount vaporized (V1+V2+V3) and L3, FxF = 22680(0.1) = L3 (0.5) + (V1+V2+V3) (0). Enter your email below to receive FREE informative articles on Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SCADA System: What is it? Using the rate equation q=UA∆T for each effect, calculate the areas, A1, A2 and A3. The method is feasible if the second evaporator is operated at a lower pressure than the first, so that a positive value of ∆t is obtained across the steam-chest surface of the second evaporator. Once this established than all the calandrias will operate at different vacuum levels. In this way the amount of vapour (kg) produced, In addition to the economy increase in multiple-effect evaporation, a capacity variation would be expected. Therefore, methods of reducing steam consumption (or of increasing economy, defined as mass of vapour produced per unit mass of steam consumed) are very important. Note, however, that the temperature difference from initial steam to the final condenser which was available for a single-effect evaporator will be unchanged by inserting any additional effects between the steam supply and the condenser.

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