spongia officinalis characteristics

)139 and nakijiquinones G–I from marine sponges of the Spongillidae family (Okinawa, Japan),140 with antifungal properties against Candida krusei and Cryptococcus neoformans (MICs 1.25–2.5 μg/mL). ADW doesn't cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. Novel molecular biological techniques such as 16S rRNA gene library, fluorescence in situ hybridization, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, and lipid biomarkers enable identification of microbial community associated with marine sponges (Hentschel et al., 2006).

: 47545, ZipCodeZoo.com: Spongia officinalis (Dalmatische Spons;badspons), Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL): Spongia officinalis, https://uk.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Spongia_officinalis&oldid=27271009.

It facilitates higher chances to intake, and circulates the water with various ions, microorganisms that support for producing secondary metabolites in their body.

This has given a hope of producing active metabolites in large scale to address the so-called supply problem (Taylor et al., 2007). Habitat: 2 – 10 m depth. Economic value and useage: No cosmetic usage due to its form, at present mainly Spongia officinalis Linnaeus (1759) is a dark coloured, finely conulose, globular sponge which is very compressible, spongy, elastic. Habitat: Normally between 0.5 and 30 m depth.

In Mozambique, a diverse assemblage of sponges (33 species) dominated the sessile fauna of a wide intertidal zone in spite of extremes in temperature, salinity, and currents (Barnes, 1999). Sperm phagocytosis by the follicle cells in Asbestopluma occidentalis may also be directed to achieve an appropriate cell number in spermatic cysts as occurs in many other animals. Oscula (diameter 3– Trab. [1-4], 825-1384.

resistant to acids and tougher and easier to clean than artificial sponges they are still essential in Spongia Officinalis; Characteristics . In 2006, the structure of mycothiazole was revised by the original natural product team.103 The key difference between the synthetic product and the natural product appeared to be not only the specific rotation values but also the carbon chemical shifts of two allylic methylenes. Pallas left no specimen but, according to de Laubenfels (1948), the studied species originated from the Indian Ocean. Janie Wulff, in Advances in Marine Biology, 2012. Compounds with brominated aromatic and heterocyclic structure elements are representatives of a large group of ichthyotoxins produced by sponges. Integrated Taxonomic Information System: Spongia officinalis Taxonomic Serial No. Solórzano, M.R. Distribución de esponjas esciafilas en la zona intermareal de Aramar (Luanco, Asturias). Colour: Grey to brown. (2003) noted that intertidal Spongia sp. In particular, no true clones were found in genetic studies of massive sponges such as Spongia officinalis, S. lamella, and Paraleucilla magna or in the excavating Cliona delitrix. Colour: Black in life. Sponge-bacteria or fungal associations have yielded large number of biologically active compounds such as acetic acid-butyl-ester (antimicrobial), chloriolin B (antitumor), oleic acids (anti-inflammatory), sorbicillactone A (anti-HIV), and roridin A (antileukemic) (Thomas et al., 2010).

This material is based upon work supported by the Species Spongia pikei. It is used for cosmetic and domestic purposes (bath sponge) and in certain industries.

Likewise, ichthyotoxic sesquiterpenes were isolated from the sponge Cateriospongia foliascens and the sponge Spongia idia. McDonald et al.

Вид поширений в Середземному та Карибському морях. Very limited exploitation. the decline of landings in recent years combined with a sharp price increase led to an almost Species Spongia polychotoma. Habitat: 2 – 15 m depth

However, some isocyanates also serve specialized predators for their defense. Species Spongia pilosa. The commercial sponge is the macerated and dried skeleton of a sponge.

Holmiæ. Nat. The surface is finely conulose.

18; Durán and Solórzano, 1982: 52; Lombas, 1982: 46.Euspongia officinalis dura /lamella/spinosa: Ferrer-Hernandez, 1912: 588; Ferrer-Hernandez, 1914a: 9. The extreme porosity of sponges seems as if it would render them exceptionally unsuited for inhabiting intertidal zones, but some species thrive in, and others are able to tolerate, the low intertidal, or occasional exposure by unusual tides.

It is a Mediterranean species, recorded also a few times along the Atlantic coasts of Spain.Taxonomic DescriptionColour: All intermediates between black and white, darker when exposed to direct light, light when growing in the dark.Shape, size, surface and consistency: (Spongia officinalis large) Globular-massive, quite variable in shape. Holmiae. spicules); the Hexactinellidae (six-rayed siliceous spicules); the Demospongiae (siliceous spicules, The spermatogonia shows phagocytic activity in Spongia officinalis. The members of one Species Spongia pulvinata.

this group.


Compostelanos Biol., 9: 49-67.

confined to the sides of the sponge which are very finely conulose.

Similarly, ionophores also exhibit strong antifeedant properties. finely conulose. Economic value and usage: This species is the most common sponge in the Mediterranean. Let’s get started. Матеріал з Вікіпедії — вільної енциклопедії.

To cite this page: Species Spongia pikei. Natural occurrence of sponge chimerism has been but recently proved unambiguously in a sponge species (Blanquer and Uriz, 2011). G.D. Mogoşanu, ... C. Bejenaru, in Antibiotic Resistance, 2016. This efficient filter feeder obtained microbes and microparticles in the water as nutrients through the unique water circulation system (Lafi et al., 2005). Species Spongia pilosa.

Economic value and useage: Usage as bath sponge but considered to be of lower quality Species Spongia polychotoma.

They are filter feeders and have unique feeding system, which contains numerous tiny pores on body surface.

Yoichi Nakao, Nobuhiro Fusetani, in Comprehensive Natural Products II, 2010, Spongian diterpenes are a chemical marker for dictyoceratid and dendroceratid sponges.166 The first example of a spongian diterpene was isoagatholactone (111) isolated from Spongia officinalis.167 In addition to those possessing a basic spongian skeleton, a wide variety of rearranged spongian diterpenoids have been reported, which include gracilin B (112) from Spongionella gracilis.168 Many spongian diterepenes are antimicrobial and cytotoxic. Sipkema et al. Disclaimer:

The entire lateral surface of the sponge is Species Spongia pertusa. As few examples, it was reported that 37 unidentified sponge species from total of 71 species have antimicrobial properties, in which samples were isolated from west coast of Baja California and Gulf of California (Rinehart et al., 1981). Characteristics: This subspecies differs from S. officinalis adriatica due to its form which is generally a reversed cone. Sponges are found almost everywhere in the world but a large number is found in tropical water. Economic value and usage: This species is the best sponge collected in the Western In general the reticulation is very dense and meshes are small and irregular.Choaonocyte chambers: Spherical: 20-30 µm in diameter.Ecology: On rocks and in caves, sublittoral.Distribution: Galicia; Mediterranean.Etymology: officinalis (Latin) = useful for medicinal purpose.Type specimen information: No type material in BMNH. Hist.

Nat. Both high and low extremes of flow can make life intolerable for sponges. Species Spongia pavonia.


took place in Greece and Tunisia as long as 4,000 – 5,000 years ago. Interestingly, microbial density in some marine sponges may account up to 60% of sponge biomass.

SADNESS, feels like crying all the time. The pores lead Oscula have a diameter of 0.06 mm to 0.1 mm, ostia (small pores) have a canals. Поширення. ), .

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