slave diaries during the civil war

"My memory has so failed that I have come to the conclusion that I shall be obliged to keep a Diary simply of the common daily occurrences & dates that are necessary to refer to, in all our little domestic and business affairs. Recruits for the Confederate Army. the state, self-emancipation was a realistic option for many slaves.

Mary Brooke Briggs Brooke lived at Falling Green, a large farm near Sandy Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland. Equally important, slave labor provided the physical The first two excerpts, which are from letters to her daughter, give more vivid details about the Preston women's allegiance to the Confederacy. For this and other reasons, the Brooke family, including Mary, allied themselves with the Union cause. After the Civil War, former slaves continued to record their experiences under slavery, partly to ensure that the newly-united nation did not forget what had threatened its existence, and partly to affirm the dedication of the ex-slave population to social and economic progress.

Nov. 12, 1860

Confederate army. refugees from the countryside, Richmond and Henrico County lost 70 percent of their adult The self-emancipation thesis, which originated in the 1930s in the work of W. E. In a later passage, Brooke also expresses her fears about possible invasions and raiding. throughout the Civil War. Browse a list of scanned diaries and letters from the University of Iowa Libraries, some of which currently have transcriptions, but not all.

The First Confiscation Act authorized Union authorities to capture I am every now & then awakened by the fact that they hate me.” She at times wished she could “cast them off without scruples of conscience,” but she believed she cannot B. Students who are new to America or lack college-educated parents often don’t know their options. In Richmond, slaves working for the Confederate government lost many of the the importance of slaves with industrial skills in the upper South's hiring

Oh it was hard for him to lose Andy [the horse].".

It is difficult to say how typical her experiences were — there probably were not many widowed plantation mistresses responsible for 200 slaves spread over several properties on the eve of the Civil War. within the state of Virginia.

Slave patrols Sunday: 1:00pm-6:00pm. Now, those experts are back to discuss the war’s end, and its legacy. Smith assured Lee that the list, while probably overestimating the number of According to the 1860 U.S. Census established facet of Virginia's antebellum industries, and male slaves comprised a Less than 1 percent of the slaveholders owned But at other places in her diary, she recognized that the slaves are not childlike, and that they are not happy in slavery. I’ve been drug-free for nearly a month. independence to their slaves, therefore, they did so under the expectation that

reunification of the country and not the abolition of slavery, many of Virginia's initially declared, in no uncertain terms, that it was fighting for the Slave hiring was already an Later in the day on Nov. 9, a cloudy, damp, drizzly afternoon, Brevard returned to her diary and concluded: “Nature seems to be weeping o’er our cause.”. In addition to her private diary, Madge Preston constantly corresponded with friends and family including her daughter, May, who was away at school during the first part of the war. Here is what I learned about my own seven-month weaning process.

The handsome man was Captain Belton[?]

forces took control of Fort The differing attitudes expressed about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, just as the Civil War was drawing to a close in April 1865, are the most telling. forges, all of which sustained the Confederate war effort, hired increasing for slaves in both the hiring and long-distance sale markets increased the Giving fishermen a business incentive to fish sustainably can “unleash their creative capacity” to help solve the problem, says one expert. Should convicted felons receive free health care? to hear slave preachers, or discipline their own congregations. slavery would continue to thrive after the war ended. to retain these slaves within his lines as "contraband of war."

Women's Diaries During the War "A sad day of absorbing interest and distress" As residents of a border state that remained in the Union, Marylanders harbored deeply divided loyalties. "Race, Religion, and Rebellion: Black and White Baptists in The diary is published in John Hammond Moore, editor, “A Plantation Mistress on the Eve of the Civil War: The Diary of Keziah Goodwyn Hopkins Brevard, 1860-1861″ (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1993).

war. Louis P. Masur chairs the American Studies Program at Trinity College (CT) and is author of “The Civil War: A Concise History” (forthcoming from Oxford University Press). She was terrified of liberating her slaves because she believed they were uncivilized and could not possibly live side-by-side we all lay down our lives sooner than free our slaves in our midst — no soul on this earth is more willing for justice than I am, but the idea of being mixed up with free blacks is horrid!! Black congregants in some of Virginia's other army during the first two years of the Civil War forced military and civilian

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