sentence with hat

In the days that followed I learned to spell in this uncomprehending way a great many words, among them pin, hat, cup and a few verbs like sit, stand and walk.

So SLIP on a shirt, SLAP on a hat and SLOP on the sunscreen. On the eve of the contest there was a general assembly of the Hats at the French embassy, where the Comte de Modene furnished them with 6,000,000 livres, but not till they had signed in his presence an undertaking to reform the constitution in a monarchical sense. You can buy genuine Panama hats at The Panama Hat Shop. What salmon fisher has never had a fly in the back of his head, or at least, in his hat? The syntagmatic dimension is the juxtaposition of different elements at the same time in a complete ensemble from hat to shoes. How to connect “hat” with other words to make correct English sentences.

There are also scarves and shawls, hats, tanks, and kids mittens. : I would think that Socialists would oppose religious dictatorships and monarchies at the drop of a hat. In a cold environment, it's important to preserve heat by covering your head and since you have so many choices in fleece ski hats, why not choose, or make, the perfect hat? But the victorious Hats refused to redeem the pledges which they had given before the elections. For the winter season, not much can keep your daughters warmer than girls' down parkas paired with thick mittens and hats. You can even find gloves and hats in special sizing If you're trying to get ready for the winter chill. The exports are copra, fungus and straw hats, which the women plait very cleverly. After diligent experimentation with a hundred wild and wonderous head adornments, I finally found out that I only look good in cowboy hats. Its features were the broadbrimmed hat (kausia), the cloak (chlamys) and the high-laced boots (krepides) (Plut. John Hamer was there in a traditional smock and straw hat demonstrating skep making. It does n't happen much when you wear tinfoil underneath a big floppy red hat. The passenger, skinny and much younger, had a facial tic that was very noticeable after he pushed back his hat and looked slowly at Dean who, in turn, continued to smile his silly smile. Most small business employers aren't callous mongrels who sack workers unfairly or at the drop of a hat to gain a sense of power.

He took off his hat. Unlike the Presbyterian minister, he does not usually add solemnity to the occasion by wearing a shiny lum hat ! Then Efim deliberately doffed his hat and began crossing himself. make a pom-pom or rose for the top of the hat. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

Plus I wore a red cowboy's hat and I had red freckles. The young men of the upper classes assumed the Greek hat, and were banded together into a gild of ephebi on the Greek model.

They blackened their faces as a disguise and wore paper streamers on their hats and clothes. During a one-hour tour visitors learn about the history of the sewers before donning plastic gloves and hard hats to explore underground.

Seamstresses can make baby clothing; knitters can create hats, mittens, socks, and booties; and those with basic needle and thread skills can put together bibs and burp clothes for pennies on the dollar. Inventive Canadian stand-up Wool certainly cuts a dash on stage with his heavy black eyeliner, long leather coat and distinctive cowboy hat. For the fantastically frilly, try Maddie's Closet, which carries an adorable selection of play clothes as well as hair bows, hats and even tutus. She pulled on her knit hat and braced her bag of weapons between her body and the window before lying down on her back. Indiana Gary (of Tilley hat fame) also returned with his pockets full of the products of the swinging of his geological hammer. The result is that, while the Luton trade in the manufacture of straw and fancy hats of every description has largely extended, the number of English plaiters, all told, was not more than a few hundreds in 1907, as compared with 30,000 in 1871. | (figuratively) A particular role or capacity that a person might fill. Her western ensemble was complete with boots and a black Stetson hat. The 49ers aren't hanging their hat on that game. Though hats had always been commonplace in men's wardrobes, the '20s saw the adoption of various styles designed to suit different seasons. They would deliver a diatribe, a dialectical discourse, a slogan or sermon, at the drop of a hat. The hat trade developed at least as early as the end of the 18th century. I was then discharged at Oulton Broad with a pin stripe suit and a green pork pie trilby hat. The imports consist principally of machinery, coal, grain, dried fish, tobacco and hides, and the exports of hemp, hides, olive oil, soap, coral, candied fruit, wine, straw hats, boracic acid, mercury, and marble and alabaster.

I had a beautiful three-piece Frank Usher outfit, with a pink hat, bag and shoes. In 1904 the exportation of straw and other fibre hats began; these resemble those of Panama and promise to become an important item. The first alone had the right to cover their heads and wore a felt hat (hence tarabostesei= 7rLX04 opoc, pileati); they formed a privileged class, and were the predecessors of the Rumanian boyars. Walking Hats: If you're feeling bold and don't mind standing out in a crowd, consider a leather walking hat.

Girls used to always wear hats when they went out.

Rain hats are infinitely kinder to hairstyles than hoods and a fashionable way to keep your head dry. Cesare, then a youth of sixteen and a student at Pisa, was made archbishop of Valencia, his nephew Giovanni received a cardinal's hat, and for the duke of Gandia and Giuffre the pope proposed to carve fiefs out of the papal states and the kingdom of Naples. The feminine prints, appliques, and matching sun hats create a recipe for adorable clothing. At the end of the first year of training, the ephebi were reviewed, and, if their performance was satisfactory, were provided by the state with a spear and a shield, which, together with the chlamys (cloak) and petasus (broad-brimmed hat), made up their equipment. In his civilian clothes and a round hat, he wandered about the town, staring at the French and their uniforms and at the streets and houses where the Russian and French Emperors were staying. Thanks to their popularity, fedora hats for men are widely available, both online and in retail stores. The door opened, a gentleman-in-waiting, bending respectfully, handed the Emperor his hat and gloves; another brought him a pocket handkerchief. The hat brim may have to be pinned back which would spoil the look. Syra is the seat of several industries, ship-building, tanneries, flour and cotton mills, rope-walks, factories for confectionery ("Turkish delight"), hats, kerchiefs, furniture, pottery and distilleries. homburg hat, to preach in some tiny Baptist Bethel. The designs include cupcakes, candles, monkeys in party hats, numbers and names. As he lifted the grisly pair high to admire, the wind tugged his hat off, slinging it on the sand a few feet away. 4. realm of creative imagination, so hang onto your hats for a journey of discovery!

She picked up her hat and sighed. This is the realm of creative imagination, so hang onto your hats for a journey of discovery ! Accessories - Choose from hats, scarves, boots, sandals, belts, jewelry and so much more. It's difficult to see hat in a sentence . Making tea, knitting hats or stimulating a clitoris for example, so he didn't make friends easily. trilby hats bore food back from the market in bundles on their heads. sturdy footwear, hat, sun cream, waterproof. When he espied Denisov he hastily threw something into the bushes, removed his sodden hat by its floppy brim, and approached his commander. Good job I'm wearing the cricket hat else I'd be fried. He positioned his hat so the glasses were shaded. So it came about in 1869, that on the first occasion when there was a joint sitting of the Delegations to settle a point in the von Rauscher (1797-1875), cardinal archbishop of Vienna, who had earned his red hat by the share he had taken in arranging the concordat of 1855, and now attempted to use his great personal influence with the emperor (his former pupil) to defeat the bill. 2549729 I lost my hat. The policy of repression which in this capacity he pursued during the next five years secured for him many tangible rewards, in 1560 he was elevated to the archiepiscopal see of Malines, and in 1561 he received the cardinal's hat; but the growing hostility of a people whose religious convictions he had set himself to trample under foot ultimately made it impossible for him to continue in the Low Countries; and by the advice of his royal master he, in March 1564, retired to FrancheComte.

He took off his coat/hat and hung it on the peg. There are manufactures of paper, hats, leather, ropes, porcelain, majolica, soap, spirits, and ornaments made of palm leaves and grasses. Abyssinian, however, is beginning to adopt European clothes on the upper part of the body, and European hats are becoming common. Besides rubber, the forests produce a great variety of cabinet and construction woods, ivory-nuts (from the " tagua " palm, Phytelephas macrocarpa), " toquilla " fibre (Carludovica palmata) for the manufacture of so-called Panama hats, cabbage palms, several species of cinchona, vanilla and dyewoods. Bucket hats pair well with a variety of fashions. Henry, in a rage, declared that if the pope sent Fisher a hat there should be no head for it. Before 1890 some districts in the state under a local option law had He introduced a number of innovations, including steel borers, safety hats, safety fuse, and iron winding ropes. ), the Hat candidate, by a large majority; and, out of the hundred seats in the secret committee, the Hats succeeded in getting only ten. The Caps struck at once at the weak point of their opponents by ordering a budget report to be made; and it was speedily found that the whole financial system of the Hats had been based upon reckless improvidence and c prof the wilful misrepresentation, and that the only fruit of their long rule was an enormous addition to the national debt and a depreciation of the note circulation to onethird of its face value. Green hair and a pointy nose, Black cats who love to pose, Always pointy nose, Black cats who love to pose, Always pointy hats, With mice and rats.

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