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Not only is it aesthetic and value for money, using it is super easy and I feel like my teeth gets a super thorough cleaning each time. Purchased the Zenyum Sonic electric toothbrush and it has been a revelation. I also bought their electric toothbrush, and it is amazing! They’re affordable, easy to use, and look really sleek. My teeth had gaps that were 0.2 to 0.5mm after the IPR, so some closed faster. I love my new Zenyum Sonic. Before After. Just so you know, electric toothbrushes do decrease more plaques and gingivitis than manual ones! The design is just amazing, the cleaning ability is just incomparable! Having used a manual toothbrush my whole life, I am naturally skeptical about switching to an electric toothbrush and its effectiveness. Tôi là: * Nha sĩ; Bác sĩ Chỉnh nha; 2. I’ve compared many companies and found that Zenyum is the one I preferred. Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for ZenyumSonic™ & ZenyumBright™. Their toothbrush is amazingly powerful and it really do the cleaning for you. Possibly the best value for money sonic toothbrush in the market with 3 functions & rechargeable batteries. I had my wedding in March and I travelled quite a bit in April. 仲諗? Zenyum was introduced in 2018 and quickly gained popularity as a cost-effective option to correct mild to moderate orthodontic malocclusions. It actually vibrates 10 times faster than a standard electric toothbrush! Most of the treatment is monitored remotely via the Zenyum app. I'm glad that by the time it was my wedding, most of the gaps had already closed up and my teeth was also significantly straighter. 今日雙11和! 12:17 13 Jul 20. By seeing your dentist regularly, you can also treat any dental problems that may arise before it exacerbates – […], Crow’s feet in Singapore: four treatments to help you banish it, Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but beware: they’ll also speak volumes about your age – and how late you went to bed last night. It is really easy to use even though I am using an electric toothbrush for the first time. #HappyWithTheSwitch. My teeth color has improved by TWO color scales after Zenyum White treatment! Also falling in love with the newly released Zenyum Sonic Toothbrush! All types of malocclusion, even complex ones. Back to Partners. . Recently got Zenyum Sonic toothbrushes for the family – everyone’s enjoying them so far! To clarify, you can go to the dental clinic for a review with your dentist/orthodontist every 2 to 3 months. Perhaps you can let Zenyum know that you have an event in 4 months and see what they can do cause the treatment speed varies! Thanks Kristofer for your great service! Months later, the ache still refused to go away. Change happens so quickly but holding fast ⛑ ... 嘩!嘩!嘩! The #Sonic is the toothbrush that practically brushes for you! You can try it by winning one! Trở thành Bác sĩ của Zenyum. Good job Team Zenyum! Hi, the Zenyum treatment costs a flat rate of $2,200 + GST. The effect could be seen in first use itself. Yvette T. Number of stages U – 13, L – 13 Treatment status Completed Type of Malocclusion Relapse (did braces 15yrs back) Lower right central incisor rotated Total Treatment Duration 8 Months. That being said, it improves gum health too! My treatment plan is about 9 months long (most likely gonna extend a little cause I haven't been changing my aligners per planned). How is different from invisalign? I got the sonic toothbrush & simply love it. The Zenyum Sonic has 3 different modes that will cater to your needs! All you need to do is: g 1. Commonly considered as the very first sign of ageing to appear on your face, crow’s feet are eye wrinkles that start at the outer corners of your […]. © 2020 Zenyum (HK) Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Zenyum Sonic is my first ever electric toothbrush and I LOVE IT. It really depends on how serious your condition is. Will definitely recommend this to my family and friends! In between, you are also required to update your dentist with photos via the Zenyum app each time you change to a new set of braces so they can monitor if they still fit well. Good luck! Highly recommended! [best viewed with sound!] The #Sonic is. Get notified during the launch of Zenyum Sonic. She never fails to start her day with her morning coffee and is very partial to flat whites. The design is clean and sleek, simply amazing! 100% would recommend!!! And my journey with Zenyum has been really smooth from the doctor’s visit to using the DIY kit at home. The people are Zenyum are extremely helpful and they really love their own products as well!! I’m plan to try the Zenyum White, hopefully the result is what I want. However, I decided to give Zenyum Sonic a shot and I am really surprised by how good it is(especially the 2 min timer)!! My teeth color has improved by TWO color scales after Zenyum White treatment! It was a blast working with the team! I, I’ve replaced my toothbrush with Zenyum Sonic! :). Hello! The long battery life also means that one single charge can last for about 3 weeks. My teeth color has improved by TWO color scales after Zenyum White treatment! For Zenyum, your case is monitored remotely via the Zenyum app most of the time after you upload photos of your teeth every few days. Wisdom tooth (n) [definition] a magic molar which gives you knowledge and wise thinking Just kidding – wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are those molars at the very back of each row of our teeth. Will definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a fix for their teeth! The customised whitening trays were delivered to my doorstep alongside the whitening pens! And tag a friend!⠀ The winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted via DM. Came across a lot of good reviews online about Zenyum & I wasn’t disappointed at all. (Updated, August 2020), LASIK in Singapore is such a common surgery today. Appreciate youre replies... thanks. Depending on which partnering dental clinic you chose to visit, a dentist/orthodontist will be assigned to plan and monitor your treatment. Price is fair, delivery was fast, toothbrush works a charm! I didn't use traditional braces before so I'm unable to share any comparisons though. Incredibly smooth process for getting my whitening trays – appointment made with the dentist, had my scans done and had my trays delivered to me – affordable and hassle free! Time to ditch the plain-boring looking toothbrush and go for Sonic . It was really a pleasant experience. The Zenyum Sonic has 3 different modes that will cater to your needs! They advise to always brush teeth before wearing the aligners again but if you are really unable to, you can take a good rinse, make sure there are no big food chunks left behind in the mouth that could damage the aligners, before wearing your aligners. It also comes with 3 customisable settings, so that your teeth get the TLC they need! For those who are keen to give undergo the teeth straightening treatment, you can use my. Get notified and enjoy a special price for the new Zenyum Sonic toothbrush Achieving a great smile is easier than you thought. It cleans so much better than my old Panasonic and the design is so much cooler! Only for front teeth alignment (upper & lower). Nur' Amirah Kassim. the zenyum electric toothbrush looks really sleek and it also comes with an app. 我都唔例外呀~ . I chose Zenyum because they were affordable initially. Feel refreshed in the morning, clean and calm at night. You will be supervised by an orthodontist or dentist from one of Zenyum’s partner clinics, which you can choose based on which one is more convenient for you. It’s my first using an electric toothbrush and I must say this, gave me a whole new teeth brushing experience. I never ever imagined that it will be so fuss free and easy! No spam, we promise. Switch on a healthier smile with Zenyum Sonic throughout the day. Been pretty amazed with this brush as it produces 30,000 vibrations a minute and gives a faster and deeper clean. If you’d like to get one for yourself or your loved ones, click the link in my bio! #WhySonic #ZenyumSonic #MakeTheSwitch #instagram #hellofrom ... 700 #ZenyumSonic orders, locked & loaded... gettin’ my hands duRty... Taken just a week ago when we only had 6 people and Ryan was still stuck in quarantine!!

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