rye sourdough starter troubleshooting

So you’d put half the starter into a clean jar and feed as normal. Whole wheat flours absorb a lot more water, however you still need to use equal parts water and flour. You’ll just have to allow the dough a little longer to bulk ferment if the starter is weaker. A 1:8:10 of starter, water and flour ratio is the recipe I tend to follow.

This increased feeds will contain more flour and water, or less starter. If your jar is particularly built up around the rim then pop your jar into a new jar when you feed it.

A couple of days before you plan to make bread, remove it from the fridge and start building the starter up with feedings twice a day. Changing the flour kinda rocks the boat a little, it should only be done if you want to change the sourdoughs profile permanently. Feeding daily is a lot of effort for the majority of home bakers so the fridge can be used to slow down activity. Looking for ways to strengthen your sourdough starter?

The mother dough can be left in the fridge and fed weekly to keep it active. The base ratio of equal parts of flour, water and starter which is followed by main bakers is not suited to all flour types. If you have a really rancid smell coming from your sourdough then it’s time to consider starting again, especially if it is a rye sourdough. I'm going to try and cover as many sourdough baking issues in detail and also included is a list of the most common sourdough starter feeding methods which you can follow to fit around your daily life and sourdough production rate! The dough did not develop enough gas retaining properties which meant the gluten network was not strong enough to properly support the bread during its final proof and oven spring. There are usually plenty of airborne yeasts and bacteria around that the sourdough can use to ferment. The last thing to change is to change your water to bottled water and see if that makes a difference after a couple of days feeds. Sourdough is acidic and should rate at around 4-5 on the ph scale.

If you don’t have a starter, try my Beginner Sourdough Starter Recipe.

When parenting a sourdough culture it really is like looking after a child!

Despite best efforts, sometimes a sourdough starter will not rise and it frustrates many bakers into giving up sourdough baking. If it happens regularly, you may need to change where you’re storing your starter. I prefer this method as I always have an active starter so I can bake bread any day I want with prior planning, I just need to remember to activate my starter. Just ditch it and start again. We need to bulk ferment the dough correctly to allow the dough to properly mature. When your starter has doubled or peaked, drop a teaspoon of your starter in a glass of water.

I’ve had this problem, and many others have too, you are not alone! For each of the following methods, the starter recipe stays the same. You replace the missing sourdough with flour and water to rebalance the hydration levels and to create enough dough needed for the recipe. Ready to bake your first loaf of sourdough? This is the most common type of sourdough starter. To understand why a starter is not rising properly we make changes to these four. You just have to have a little patience. Some people believe that you can scrape some of the starter from underneath in order to “save” it, however, if there is mould on the surface or on the rim, the spores will be all the way through your starter. A thicker starter creates more flavour and better bread so is preferred by most home bakers. Using this method means you have zero discard waste when making sourdough so it’s great for morally conscious bakers, you just need to forward plan a little. The extra bacteria (or flora) increases the activity of fermentation, creating a more active levain. There will be a slight drop in the quality of the bread, though it doesn’t mean a less active starter won’t work. Seeing no bubbles or rising in the starter will mean it is not active enough to proof bread so will need a bit of work before baking with. To create distilled water, minerals along with impurities are removed. You’ll find that it’s better once your starter is actually active. To help you overcome the hurdle of the most common sourdough fails I've written this post to reveal the common problems and answer the common sourdough questions beginner sourdough bakers come across. A starter works at it’s best when it triples in size in around 6-8 hours. It is also easier to manage refreshments as they are done less often. Here is the one that I recommend from Brod & Taylor: (It's an afiliate link so Amazon sends me a small payment if you decide to buy one). You have to keep it fed and control its environment to keep it happy. After two days of twice-daily feedings, the starter will be active enough to make bread and the process can be repeated. The once a day feeding method can be used in conjunction with the previous method when going out for the dough or can be perfect for partners and children to help out with the family bread, without being too challenging! The fridge is often used for the bulk fermentation or final proofing stages of sourdough bread production. Alternatively, you may prefer to remove a piece the mother dough and build a separate starter using another flour. Don’t give up after a few days – have some patience and you will be rewarded. Yes – but you don’t necessarily have to use them. To streamline the process, this post assumes you have a working knowledge of a 100% hydration starter, made from equal parts regular wheat flour and water by weight. Why I Still Keep a White Sourdough Starter Despite the Benefits of Rye. You may find that your starter smells like this more in warmer environments.

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If you forget to feed it once or twice, it’s not a problem, just feed it again. Visible bubbles on the side of the jar that peak 3-4 hrs after feeding. Can I go on vacation without killing my starter? Flour is filled with proteins, starches, fibre and bacterias. The amount of starter kept in the fridge can be tiny, just scrapings stuck around the edge of your bowl can be used.

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