rice noodle soup

Instead of regular flat rice noodles, I bought a packet of Bee Thai Bak (米苔目), which is pretty much rice noodle but shaped differently. I realized I only had a smaller can of coconut milk so I had to use that…it was still incredible. 2 To prepare the soup, bring the chicken broth and the water to boil in a pot. "Wonderful!

Glad you like this! This soup is packed with so much flavor with bites of tender chicken, rice noodles, cilantro, basil and lime juice! To prepare the soup, bring the chicken broth and the water to boil in a pot. I will make this soup often, thank you for sharing it with us!

Your email address will not be published. Will that make a huge difference in taste? Thank you for sharing!!

It is a delicious and easy recipe. I loved this!! Thank you for this recipe! In fact I had all the ingredients, except for the chicken, in my cupboard; but I thought the seasoning was really off. Do u think this would still be good without the turmeric or is there a decent substitute for it?

Outstanding recipe. Highly recommend. This soup was superb!

This is another of my top ten favorite recipes of yours. I will definitely be keeping this in the rotation!

Sure, Sara – you could omit the noodles and add lots of veggies. With a couple of people in the family feeling a little under the weather this was a great alternative to american style chicken noodle soup.

Im allergic to all seafood.

Did anybody use shrimp instead of chicken? Thank you!

Hope that clarifies!

Just made it last night.

Only change I’ll make for next time is to slightly reduce the fish sauce, as it was a little strong for my taste. Add the green onions, Bok Choy or Chinese greens, soy sauces, oyster sauce & the noodles. Thank you, Jenn! -Hey Mom, what’s for supper?

Thank you!!

Will definitely make this again…delicious! When ready to serve, taste the soup and adjust the seasoning, if necessary. Hi Stacey, They have a slightly different flavor but are generally interchangeable in recipes. Reviews are outstanding. Definitely a keeper. Can’t wait to try this recipe! As always, Jen, I can count on your recipes to be fabulous. LOL!

I did not have shallots, so I used onions and garlic, did not have lime so I used lemon. Delicious!!

Hope you enjoy the soup :). It was the most simple and fantastic thing I have ever made.

This is absolutely amazing.

This was absolutely DELICIOUS! Question: this recipe only states to drain the rice noodles, but the pic shows the noodles being held under a running tap – implying they were also rinsed – so – ?? Love your website!

Hi Jeanne, it does have subtle undertones of coconut, but plenty of other deep flavors. I was wondering though, Would it be OK if I used the red curry paste instead?

This recipe is the bomb. Just like every recipe we’ve tried of Jenn’s (and we are probably at about 60!

This soup was delightfully easy and made plenty for leftovers, which heated up well. It is wonderful to have recipes that you know are foolproof!! Thanks Jenn. When doubling the recipe, would you double exactly or would you add a little more or less of an ingredient?
Would it be possible to freeze the broth only?

I also typically double this recipe each time I make it.

-Brian. If the soup isn’t salty enough for you, add another splash of tamari or soy sauce. I also added a thinly sliced Thai chili pepper for extra heat.

If you have an Instagram account please link so I can follow you and your other amazing receipes xx.

You posted this recipe on Instagram and I knew it had to be my next recipe to try! I spent several weeks in Thailand and love the food and this is probably the best and closest homemade recipe I found.

Love the Thai foods!

Nobody knew. My kids loved it, Didn’t know how this would turn out, I used freezer rotisserie chicken from Costco.

Heat the oil in a medium soup pot over medium-low heat. thinly sliced shallots, from 1-2 large shallots, shredded cooked chicken, from a rotisserie chicken, scallions, light and dark green parts, thinly sliced, I'm Jenn Segal - Classically Trained Chef, Cookbook Author & Busy Mom, Thai-Style Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut Milk, Grilled Thai Curry Chicken Skewers with Coconut-Peanut Sauce. I am a huge fan of your website Jenn and tell everyone I know to check out your site for easy and always delicious recipes.

Was thinking of a way to freeze ahead and there you are . We do have to use red curry paste, since we can never find green curry paste at the store. I made it on a whim thinking my children and teenager wouldn’t eat it. (A note about curries: many people assume that green will be milder than red because “green means go and red means stop” – but that is NOT a useful rule for curry!

I added about 1/2 tablespoon of sambal oelek which made it more to my liking.

In a large pot, bring the water, bouillon, tamari, salt, and garlic to a boil.

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m craving Pho all the time. I had some leftover rice noodles and roasted chicken and this made a delicious and easy meal.

This was a delicious soup. The flavors were a little overwhelming and sharp… I put the broth in the fridge and had leftovers tonight.

We enjoyed it so very much – it was as good as anything you could find in a Thai restaurant. Hope that helps! Well this was really one of my favorite Jenn recipes and I have made quite a few. Hope that helps! I add bok Chou, Mung beans, and Thai chili peppers for more of a kick and for some added veggies. Sprinkle over some chopped peanuts and add a tasty dressing. My versions are not only quick and easy, but they are delicious too! I made the soup exactly as written and then I added a little more lime juice and a splash of Siracha to each bowl. Oh my!!!!

Are rice sticks a substitute for rice noodles?

Serve hot, chinese noodle recipe, Chinese noodle soup, Noodle soup recipe. Such a great, flavorful recipe that comes together quickly and easily on a weeknight. pressed and cut into 3/4” cubes, 16 ounces or 454 grams, mixture of broccoli and cauliflower florets. Super easy to make. Wondering if I can freeze some? Thank you so much. So I decided to give this a whirl- all the aromatics can only help with a stuffed up nose and busted immune system, I figured.
Enjoy the soup! It can also be found on Amazon. I have been wanting to make this soup for ages, and I was not disappointed! Followed recipe exactly except that when I realized I had I dropped 3 little cubes of frozen minced garlic into the pot instead of 3 cubes of frozen minced ginger (btw, very hand when one’s fresh ginger has long passed), I thought for sure I’d ruined my dinner.

Didn’t change a thing and my three kids loved it too! Absolutely delicious! Thanks for another great recipe. My daughter is allergic to fish sauce.

Continue simmering, uncovered, for 5 minutes. Toss rice noodles with romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, red and green onions, cucumber, garlic, ginger root, jalapeno pepper, and fresh basil and cilantro.

Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef.

BTW – I plan on making your Focaccia bread, make ahead mashed potatoes and the Pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving this year. Guessing it probably doesn’t have a huge impact either way. You’ll come back to a container full of noodles! Delicious! Hope you enjoy the soup! So cozy, comforting and fragrant - plus, it's easy enough for any night of the week!

This will be a repeater for sure.

The package said to soak five mins then put in recipe for two mins.

Rice Noodle Soup (Bee Thai Bak) recipe - I personally am a big fan of Bee Thai Bak, which is QQ (springy) and easy to eat (not much chewing needed!). My hubby loved the soup! YUMMY!

I use it for your Thai Shrimp recipe as well. We like spicy so we used quite a bit of Sriracha sauce. Happy New Year Jen!

or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. Thank you! I made a batch and a half. He kept raving about it, over and over, and was still talking about it this morning so I gave him a bowl for breakfast. I have yet to make a recipe from this blog that I haven’t loved.

(By the way, I had to go to my local Asian food store to find the green curry paste. I think it would be great with tofu instead of the chicken.

Not to mention super easy. It also seemed a bit too sour for my taste so I increased the brown sugar by about 1/2 tablespoon as well.

"Very easy to make and delicious," says LatinaCook. Great recipe!

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