radio frequency locator

Alternatively, each non-desired tag 14 can respond with a “no match” signal.

Some of the tags 14 may have an attachment loop for attaching the tag 14 to a key ring or other attachment point. 2 is a schematic view of a circuit board layout of a finder according to an embodiment of the present invention; FIG.

This function may alternatively be performed by inserting the tag 14 into an appropriate slot 52 on the finder 12, or may be achieved by any other suitable method, such as wirelessly.

Some of the known systems have a pre-programmed code that the base and tag use for identification. An extendable antenna 24 is provided, and the set button 30 may be provided low down on the finder 12, close to the tag slot 52.

The tag 14 may be chosen to include an audible signal generator in order that the tag may emit an audible signal when located. The finder may sense proximity to the identification tag by the strength of the found RF signal. In addition or in the alternative, the user may enter user-defined text entries into the computer for uploading into the finder.

You may use a question mark (?) The finder stores a plurality of the unique tag identification codes in the finder memory.

As shown in FIG. Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc. 联发科技(新加坡)私人有限公司, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNORS:PUCCI, DONALD;PUCCI, BIANCA GALLO;GOLTMAN, ISAY;REEL/FRAME:015082/0498, ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:BASIX HOLDINGS, LLC;REEL/FRAME:026878/0415, PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362, Waterproof labeled cap for end of an irrigation pipe, Mobile locator system and method with wander management, Monitoring apparatus for electronic key and displaying apparatus for positional information on electronic key, Geo-location system, method and apparatus, System and method for locating misplaced items, Electronic toy and methods of interacting therewith, System and Method of Tracking Salvaged Vehicles and Parts Using RFID Tags, Wireless position sensing in three dimensions using ultrasound, NeverLoseIt: System to Alert Users When They Are About To Misplace An Item, Security-enhanced radio frequency object locator system, method and program storage device, System and method of tracking vehicles within a parking lot using RFID tags, Object locating system including addressable remote tags, Controlling device using visual cues to indicate appliance and function key relationships, Object locator feature as part of a security system, System and method for information storage, RFID system for locating people, objects and things, Proximity management system and method using radio-frequency identification tags, System, device and method for reminding a user of a forgotten article, RFID system and method to monitor a set of objects, Method of installing a wireless security system, Method and system to locate a mobile device automatically initiated by the mobile device, Sonar enabled audio and visual seeker toy, Personal digital key differentiation for secure transactions, Multiple article locating system and associated method, Device for controlling personal belongings, Cooking system and controllin method for the same, Professional or personal object e.g. The tags may also transmit a “found” signal to the master device. Geodetic Instrument, Drone & Nutzlast, Pipeline Erkennung Instrument, RTK GPS, Laser-Mess Instrument, lkw geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer, Gabelstapler, Über Geschwindigkeitswarnung Gabelstapler Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzer, Fleet Management System, Gabelstapler Speeding Alarm, Power Kabel fehler tester,surge generator, transformator test-sets, Transformator öl dielektrische festigkeit tester, transformator wicklung widerstand meter, Zutrittskontrollsystem, Rfid-karte, Rfid-kartenleser, sicherheit Produkt, Metalldetektor-hand, Spaziergang Durch Metalldetektor, röntgen Gepäck Scanner, Unter fahrzeug Suche Spiegel, IBeacon & Eddystone, BLE Gateway, Schlüssel Finder, Bluetooth Modul, Elektronische Regal Label, Gesichts Pflege Schönheit Gerät, Augen Pflege Gerät, Körperpflege Gerät, Ultraschall Schönheit Gerät, RF Schönheit Gerät, Comedo Saug Schönheit Gerät, Silikon Gesichts Reinigung Gerät, heißen Und Kühlen Photon Therapie Gerät, RF Ultraschall Photon Körper Fett Entfernen Gerät, Photon Und Ultraschall Schönheit Appliance, UHF RFID reader, UHF RFID terminal, UHF RFID gateway, UHF RFID Kiosk, UHF RFID self-service-terminal, Drone Signal Jammer, Handy-Signal-Repeater, Signal Detektor, Radio, Radio zubehör, Lautsprecher, Bluetooth audio, lithium-batterie, Signal generator, gps signal generator, stromversorgung, smart band, energienbank, telefon, roller, anti-maske, transformator tester, HV schalter tester, Inductor tester, öl prüfgeräte, generator tester, rohrleitungsinspektionen kamera, Schornstein inspektion kamera, Deep well-inspektionskamera, Rohr locator, Teleskop inspektionskamera, Rfid armband, rfid laundry tag, rfid auf- metall begriffe, rfid klare scheibe, rfid schlüsselanhänger, nachtsichtgeräte, nachtsicht, jagd nachtsicht, nachtsichtgerät, nachtsichtgeräte, Xiaomi mi band,Mi TV Stick, Staubsauger, Elektrische Roller, Xiaomi Smart Uhr, zweiwegradio, walkie talkie, mobile radio, handfunkgerät, handheld-gegensprechanlage.

In addition, the range of operation of the known systems is limited to about 30 feet. The finder 12 may operate on only one frequency for all find functions, and may use amplitude modulation to embed the tag identification code into the find signal. residential premise, has base provided with touch keyboard case, and plane square shaped self-adhesive electronic patches fixed on object to be found, System, device and method for keeping track of portable items by means of a mobile electronic device, Notice device to avoid forgots or subjection of objects, System for locating and preventing the loss of personal items and the like within a geographic range relative to a user, Method system for simplified identification of an object using a transponder, Detection of personal satellite objects in the vicinity of the user, Product locator and method for locating a product, System and method to locate misplaced personal items. Many different radio frequency object locator systems exist for enabling people to locate a small number of misplaced objects, such as keys, television remote controls, telephones, purses, eyeglasses and the like. To do so, a metallic fish tape or radio frequency transmitter is inserted into the pipe. The tag 14 may include a programming button (not shown) to initiate programming. The RF modules then emit a search RF signal in each area of the building to locate a tag attached to a desired object. No. Previous page of related Sponsored Products.

One preferred frequency range is 27 MHz–2.4 GHz.

| Alipay, Product Listing Politik By entering only one text identifier, it is thus possible to search for all objects belonging to that class. The correct tag may be attached to a reward such as candy, money, an indication of game points earned, a small toy or the like. | HiChina The finder can emit a sound if it is left off the charging cradle for longer than a predetermined time period. © 1999-2017

The finder stores tag identification codes in its memory, and associates the identification codes with descriptive text identifying an object to a user.

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