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In 1988, AARP, The National Sheriff's Association, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police banded together to not only reduce criminal victimization affecting seniors, but also to quell their fear of crime. Mahratta resistance, once aroused by him, was never extinguished, and the imperial resources were worn out by ceaseless though vain efforts to quell it. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. True, that might quiet the populace and quell the rebellion. ix.

The old man drinks warm milk to quell his upset stomach. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Your IP:

The maritime expansion of Corinth at this time is proved by the foundation of colonies at Syracuse and Corcyra, and the equipment of a fleet of triremes (the newly invented Greek men-of-war) to quell a revolt of the latter city. Amasis, sent to meet them and quell the revolt, was proclaimed king by the rebels, and Apries, who had now to rely entirely on his mercenaries, was defeated and taken prisoner in the ensuing conflict at Momemphis; the usurper treated the captive prince with great lenity, but was eventually persuaded to give him up to the people, by whom he was strangled and buried in his ancestral tomb at Sais. Studies have found that generalized anxiety responds well to these drugs (benxodiazepines are the most common), which serve to quell the physiological symptoms of anxiety. 36. quell definition is - to thoroughly overwhelm and reduce to submission or passivity. A draconian law to quell demonstrations has only galvanised public support for young Quebecois protesting tuition fee hikes. Check your DNS Settings. Quell says Time is its weapon. Source.


69+3 sentence examples: 1. Fortunately, leading nutritionists and medical experts were able to set the record straight and quell concerns. They were even able to quell the first attempt at a reaction, by seizing and beheading Edmund, earl of Kent, the late kings half-brother, who was betrayed while organizing a plot for their destruction.

Comes with a flat key to quell concerns that the Ace cylindrical keyway Kryptonite used to employ could be picked with a cylindrical pipe. Additional troubleshooting information here. Toying with the necklace, Jessi tried hard to quell her panic. Most of his reign was, however, occupied with revolts on the part of the Syrian amirs, to quell whom he repeatedly visited Syria; the leaders of the rebels were the ami~s Newruz and Sheik MabniudI, afterwards sultan. Evelyn raised her head lazily, unable to quell the urge to seek out the source of the voice even knowing she wouldn't find it. Examples of Quell in a sentence. It was occasioned by the discharge of the Macedonian veterans, and only the personal magnetism of Alexander and his threat to entrust himself altogether to the Orientals availed to quell it.

Here are some examples. Her words did nothing to quell the anger boiling within him. quell the rebellions with the help of seven nobles. That system uses the stability control to quell trailer sway once it begins. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f1054371e8073fd The free quell app isn’t required to operate the device, but exists as a way to learn how to use the device and track progress over a current therapy session or over the course of a day. Quell gathered us to him again.

69+3 sentence examples: 1. Quint knew he should quell the ire that surged up and pounded in his neck. Soldiers were sent in to quell the riots. The proprietor applied to the Mayor who exercised himself to quell the tumult by swearing in two constables and reading the Riot Act. 37. Quell murmured, He is near. refused to truckle to the municipality, placed it under an interdict (1155), and allied himself with Frederick Barbarossa to quell an insurrection which respected the rights of emperors no more than the rights of popes. Julius Severus, sent with an immense army by Hadrian, came to quell the insurrection. I'm amazed - you people actually read these memes. 9 This latest setback will have done nothing to, 10 'Jerry?' 5.

He was accused of failing to quell the rowdy behavior of fellow members ' guests. The principal tapped the microphone to quell … But even that failed to quell complaints and cynicism this week. External influences and latent fanaticism were active; a serious insurrection broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1875, and the efforts to quell it almost exhausted Turkey's resources; the example spread to Bulgaria, where abortive outbreaks in September 1875 and May 1876 led to those cruel measures of repression which were known as " the Bulgarian atrocities," 3 Mussulman public feeling was inflamed, and an attempt at Salonica to induce a Christian girl who had embraced Islam to return to her faith caused the murder of two foreign consuls by a fanatical mob. Governments used to relying upon force to quell dissent are unlikely to make the reforms necessary to preserve social cohesion. Paraphraser. A'Ran made no response, unable to quell the tremor deep within him. All Rights Reserved.

Though irregular, his action was to some extent justified by the depletion of the secret service fund under Giolitti and by the abnormal circumstances prevailing in 1893-1894, when he had been obliged to quell the insurrections in Sicily and Massa-Carrara. 2. Additional troubleshooting information here. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. QuillBot's paraphrasing tool is trusted by millions worldwide to rewrite sentences, paragraphs, or articles using state-of-the-art AI.

2. When water did n't quell the rushes, she drank more and more. quell the uprising with wise words pleading for racial harmony. An army of 4000 passed through Chester on their way to Ireland, to quell the rebellion of Tyrone. The tumult continued all the day, and the next morning a body of troops sent out by the pasha failed to quell it. 235. Nicholas was saved by the very belief of the conspirators in the universal sympathy of the army with their aims. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 5. I took up an oar and tried to quell the mutiny; I cried no! Various means were tried to quell the rebellion. She wore the same clothes she'd been wearing several days ago, when she walked into the ocean. Do eat something light, such as fruit and crackers, before you speak to quell the butterflies, but avoid chocolate and cheese.

49. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Police used live ammunition to quell the disturbances. He sat up, bloodied and lightheaded, unable to quell …

Use "quell" in a sentence.

The council of Constance thought to quell it by condemnation of Wycliffe's teaching and by the execution of John Huss (1415).

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition 2010 issue, shot in sunny Maldives, helps quell those winter blues. Failing to quell the outbreak, Theseus in despair sent his children to Euboea, and after solemnly cursing the Athenians sailed away to the island of Scyrus, where he had ancestral estates. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. Sentence Examples. He sent a division She couldn't quell the deep ache within her that longed for his touch.

Then she's come here. In a later expedition he inflicted a severe defeat upon the Sikhs, but had to hasten westwards immediately afterwards in order to quell an insurrection in Afghanistan. Two battles, one at Karkar in the north, another at Rapih (Raphia) on the border of Egypt, sufficed to quell the disturbance.

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Washington came here in 1794 to review the army sent to quell the Whisky Insurrection, and the Espy house, which he then occupied, is still standing. He smelled Katie.s, too, and was unable to quell the surge of lust that ran through him. I stared at Quell and waited. Quell sentence examples. The Austrians evacuated Romagna in July, but another insurrection having broken out immediately afterwards which the papal troops were unable to quell, they returned. The militia, it seems, managed to quell the disturbance without too much difficulty. Here they enjoyed a brief repose, Alompra being called away to quell an insurrection of his own subjects, and to repel an invasion of the Siamese; but returning victorious, he laid siege to the fortress of Syriam and took it by surprise. On the other hand, since this drug is designed to quell anxiety, it may be difficult to distinguish the difference between addictive behavior and an anxiety disorder. He also advised the use of Federal troops to quell the disturbances in the city, on the ground that the government must prevent interference with its mails and with the general railway transportation between the states. Had the mutinous troops early in the day received the order to attack, they would have carried the waverers with them; but they hesitated to fire on comrades whom they expected to see march over to their side; and when at last the emperor had steeled his heart to use force, a few rounds of grape-shot sufficed to quell the mutiny. Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page.

The company being unable to quell the revolt, Captain Hermann Wissmann - subsequently Major Hermann von Wissmann (1853-1905) - was sent out by Prince Bismarck as imperial commissioner. He had to quell seditions at Liege (1430),(1430), Ghent (1432) and Antwerp (1435). Katie shivered and tried to quell the panic within her. Before Sarah gives a speech, she always drinks a shot of whiskey to quell her nerves. How to use quell in a sentence. A defeat in the parliament when he defended the armistice of Malmo led to his resignation; but he was immediately called to office again, with practically dictatorial power, in order to quell the revolt which broke out in Frankfort on the 18th of September. He was killed at La Reole in 1004, in endeavouring to quell a monkish revolt. What they have done will not quell the population fighting for a fairer form of taxation. Rhyn looked toward the walls, unable to quell the flutter of worry within him.

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