poisonous potato minecraft

A poisonous potato is a type of potato that can poison the player. Poisonous Potato is a Common consumable item occasionally dropped by Zombies and can be found in the Graveyard, Deep Caverns and the Private Island through Zombie Minions. Poisonous Potatoes have a slightly different texture than normal Potatoes, being slightly smaller, and having a greenish color. One of these items is the poisonous potato.

They restore twice as much hunger as the Potato (which isn't much), but, sadly, have a 60% chance to poison eaters. An interesting fact is that poisonous potatoes restore more hunger and satiety units than regular ones. However, only two hearts will be lost (less if a player has less than two). Poisonous Potatoes cannot be either cooked or … In minecraft, their are several odd items with very little use in the game. It can be planted, eaten, and cooked in an oven. Poisonous Potatoes are semi-rare items introduced along with the potato. Poisonous Potatoes can be used to brew the non-vanilla Venomous Potion. Using and akward potion and a poisonous potato you could create a potion of hunger, which incorporates a unused feature that is inaccessible without commands. A Poisonous Potato is a type of potato that has a 60% chance of poisoning the player. They can be obtained by either harvesting potato crops, which will have a 2% chance of dropping, by killing a zombie, or by finding them in stacks of 2-6 in shipwrecks, which will be found in 45% of their supply chests . Potatoes are agricultural food in the game Minecraft that can be raw, baked, and poisonous. Poisonous potato is a type of potato when it is eaten, a poisoning effect is applied for 4 seconds.

These can also be sold for 10 coins, making them a side money maker from zombie minions.

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