pink trombone glitch

A feather suddenly appears in Chip and Dale's hollow tree home. The Princess Diaries Mickey's Elephant Although Bernard and Bianca fasten their seatbelts before their first flight on board Orville, the belts vanish almost instantly. Later, he invites her in and everything is tidy. The book Belle makes for Beast is bound on the wrong side in one shot. And this is before automatic car windows. Did they obey the law and cease using their super powers?

Later, he invites her in and everything is tidy. Maybe he's just adding lyrics to a familiar piece, and Thomas Oliphant copied them from him. Mickey and the Seal The shelf with the ship in a bottle is sticking out the window the first timewe see it, but later is about six feet further away. This would make the prince eleven years old when he was transformed. Merryweather steps forward before she is called.

The reflection in Pluto's dish only appears after that crumb is gone. Cartographer, linguist, plumber...and stonemason? Now we know that if a man's course be departed from, the ends will change. The three chimes at 3:00 are much closer together than the 4 chimes at 4:00. Not only that, but she is completely potty trained. Quasimodo slides down a rope to a post, which suddenly gains an additional rope tied to it. The Black Hole When Scrooge's encounter with the ghosts is ended, his door is suddenly unlocked, although he earlier secured every bolt. Dwarf Identification Guide

They waste precious time putting the entire castle to sleep when they should be racing back to the cottage to find Aurora's sweetheart so he can wake her. Didn't Sebastion just fink on her a few minutes before? Minnie looks at a sign that says "Bulletin" which suddenly changes to "Time Table."

This does not harmonize with the continuity of the original movie's extended version. Beauty and the Beast Sid goes to bed at 8 PM. Grey bands simply appear on Donald's raft as he inflates it and vanish later. The Sheriff's hat loses its plume during the climax.

Coach Archer laments that, once Nanu leaves, there's nothing for him at Merrivale. Twice. The sound effect is out of sync when the wolf pulls the nightcap down over his hat. And another one for the party, but that's soon gone, too.

The Elves start their party at 9:00 hours, according to the caption; that should read "0900 hours" or "9:00", not both. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Even if he succeeds, the entire stadium will see it.

Sherlock Holmes The Cone of Shame is left on poor Alpha even when he visits the Seniors' home. In fact, at the end of the movie, it is shown with an official-looking seal, which is strange, considering Toad drew it up by hand on the spur of the moment.

Yet according to Monsters University, the two don't meet until college.

The skunk's footprints vanish. When the Palomino rolls, V.I.N.C.E.N.T. It's not a wig, is it? But no one else knows that. "We can't tesser to Camazotz," says Mrs. Whatsit. Clarence says to boycott the whites and refuse to go to work.

King Hubert should be "Your Majesty," like fellow-king Stefan, not "Your Highness," like lowly Prince Phillip.

By moving different parts of the mouth, users can create a variety of sounds, from shrill screams to low rumbles. Why didn't that one stop, too? So, why doesn't Negaduck ever attack Darkwing in his secret identity of Drake Mallard? Frozen How did Creeper get those horns out of the Black Cauldron? Oceans The hen casts shadows with her feet, but not her body. 'You can move the tongue or lips around in real time with your fingers, and see what sound comes out', said Dr Thapen. Pinocchio's donkey ears and tail are organic, not wooden at all. In Captian Hook's crew uses a crude caricature of "the Cap'n" for target practice. He must suffer from polydactylism. Donald rows his boat backwards, stern first. She's a mermaid. Herbie does nothing to discourage Thorndyke from putting Irish Coffee in his gas tank. The Not Your Average Disney Trivia Quiz

The clam manages to turn around without turning Pluto, who is standing on its shell. Shouldn't there be only one? Ariel could simply write Eric a note explaining that she's the girl who rescued him. Judy's uncle was once affected by Night Howlers, and he had no serum or antidote. When he sees a kitten crawl out, he is first surprised, then disgusted. Toulouse comes to the piano with green and orange paint on his paws, but leaves spots of those colors plus blue, red, and purple on the keys. The Three Good Fairies might consider approaching Maleficent's castle shrunk to their tiny selves. According to the narrator, Flynn gives Casey the news about his girls' baseball team. The large patch on the knee of Goofy's pants is only visible in the close-ups. When Manchas goes savage, his injured eye is miraculously healed, at least partially. DISNEY GLITCHES INDEX Why does Baloo make reference to a basket of fruit? If they had told her the West Wing was his lair, she probably would've stayed far away. Baloo falls in a barren wasteland, but after the rain stops, it's lush and green. The Arictocats fall asleep in the parlor, but Madame later looks for them in her bedroom. When the Ringmaster dons his nightshirt, the silhouette of that garment is clearly visible in the first scene, then invisible, then visible again. Shouldn't it be an old woman living in the shoe?

Lilo opens door wrong way; you can tell by the crashbar, which is supposed to be pushed, not pulled. Did he just murder his own servants?

The blight that keeps the fish away from the island doesn't affect the mantas. When the Mauris climb the rope, the wires on the actors are visible.

But if it's a true reflection, it should show the sea witch with her birthmark on the other side. A second later, he's hanging three or four feet from the top. Frozone picks up Dash and saves him from the Omnidroid. Does Nora wonder what made the Gogans's boat explode? Is that the same rope that had his arms pinned earlier? There are no barefoot Indians, yet John finds naked footprints. It's no surprise that Dooley throws his wife's applesauce in the trash, but he also tosses out her Tupperware. While Edgar stands on the handlebars of his motorcycle, they spin completely around several times. The narrator states that the animals "learned to travel by night," though we see them travelling by day lots of times after this.

Why? The fairy-tale-character leads are Mary Quite Contrary and Tom the Piper's Son. But pence is abbreviated with a "d," not a "p." Furthermore, the price would normally be written in shillings and pennies in the 19th century. But no one else knows that. Thomas's paws are orange instead of white when he grabs the floating log.

Cliff's legs can be seen behind Peevy while the Rocketeer is supposed to be flying over the truck. Lilo's sandals fall off...and on when Pleakley rescues her from the house. Maybe all his clothes look alike. At the end, Pluto's front leg turns white.

Six Flavors of Quark When Bob Parr comes home with a brand new sports car, he turns around and there is suddenly a new car for Helen parked where you couldn't see anything before. The "bonk" sound effect comes noticeably later than the cannonball lands on the pirate's head.

while touching the scepter; shouldn't the Oracle answer that question? Pink Trombone by visualizes an interactive cross-section of the human vocal tract that users can manipulate to simulate speech and other vocal sounds. Kongo Killer's body is not shaded correctly. Koda sure makes it sound like the Salmon Run is an annual event, and that he's been there before. Building a Building But there's no way that cub is more than a year old.

Mickey's boat is suddenly right next to the shore when the cop comes around. Lanny's pile of Christmas lights are multicolored, but when they're hooked up to Wayne's beacon, they are all white lights. Why not allow the Sultan and Jasmine a few wishes of their own? Tipo tells his father Pacha that he swallowed a bug. When we see the Baduns's truck and the furniture van approaching the crossroads, they are both only a few seconds away, yet it takes an inordinate amount of time for the vehicles to actually get there. Jiminy puts his hand through his coat sleeve while holding an umbrella. If you read the sports announcer Pepper's lips, it looks like he's saying "five consecutive field goals" when it sounds like "nine." Most versions list Hood as an alias based on the word "hoodlum", although it could possibly be his true name. In Fire Chief Ever wondered how you made your first word? McLeach has a feather in his hat a few seconds before he is shown placing it there. Is there a second angel tree-topper in the castle? Why does Bellwether give her henchmen such specific targets? Ratty instantly counts twenty gold sovereigns while they're in a heap on top of Mole's head.

Judge Higgins's flower is in the wrong lapel. Mickey Cuts Up Aramis reads from Genesis 3, but his Bible is opened almost to the halfway point. Collectibles For Sale Surely Madame Bonfamille's money will be in francs. Did she use a spell to enhance them, too? By the time the three fairies go to look for the boy in question, Maleficent has already captured Prince Phillip. So it's understandable that he's so far off; there are more than thirty coins. One slat in Medusa's door changes color. You can see pretty clearly that Goofy's legs aren't coming through his shoes until he exits the sawdust. Mulan does a great job of disguising herself as a man.

From our vantage point high atop the North Mountain, it looks like the entire country of Arendelle consists of the castle and a tiny village.

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