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Ingrid la Reine des Glaces | Malgré son fils, il a essayé de tuer Belle et Baelfire. ("Le Grand Méchant Loup"), Or le soir venu, c'est Scarlett qui se transforme à la pleine lune, et se dirige vers son petit ami en grognant. Il a abandonné son fils Rumplestiltskin pour la jeunesse qu'il convoitait (en taquinant cruellement ce dernier à ce sujet à certains moments) et n'a montré aucun remord pour avoir sacrifié son arrière-petit-fils Henry juste pour le garder, tuant presque le garçon par désespoir.

Zelena is rescued and Pan is not happy, confronting his son back at the shop and coming to realize just how painful it is to be abandoned, thereby receiving a little taste of his own medicine. Hadès |

Comme son manque de valeur dans la famille, il ne se souciait pas non plus des Garçons Perdus, qu'il emmenait de force au Pays Imaginaire et qu'il punissait cruellement s'ils pensaient tant à quitter le Pays Imaginaire, et il sommait son Ombre de les assassiner de façon macabre en supprimant leurs ombres s'ils essayaient de s'échapper. This inspired him to begin his grand search for the heart of the truest believer, so that he could fully gain immortality. The Walrus & the Carpenter | Pan shows up to the desolate Killian and lets him know of a spring with magic healing waters that could save his brother, but warns him that magic always comes with a price, and he should be prepared to pay it. Cruella De Vil |

Peter is the son of a blacksmith and grows up in the same village as Red.

("Nasty Habits"), Peter Pan's shadow is sent to collect a boy from the Darling house, and Wendy Darling and her brothers are fascinated by its magic. Malcolm points out that all they need now is the perfect name, but the scene is interrupted by a pair of fairies, known as Tiger Lily and the Blue Fairy, with the former claiming to be this child's fairy godmother. Mais comme toute magie, cela a eu un prix : la jeunesse et la force vitale de Pan ont été contenues dans un sablier, et si celui-ci venait à s'épuiser, Malcolm mourrait.

Ursula | Rumple reminds his father in turn that, while he may have lost his shadow. She questions Snow White about where Red is, and after admitting Red is with Peter, Widow Lucas shows alarm and concern for his safety. He is an actor, known for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), Once Upon a Time (2011) and Fugitive Pieces (2007). ("Going Home"), After the death of Captain Hook, Rumple is blackmailed by Emma to lead a crusade into the Underworld in order to find and resurrect him. After Henry assures Pan that he does, Pan announces to the camp of Lost Boys that Henry is ready to fulfill his destiny. Henry then swordfights the other kid using an actual sword, and winds up cutting him on the cheek, leading the other Lost Boys to cheer him on, and Henry himself to join them in the cheers. Peter Pan and Rumplestiltskin are now both dead. She tells Bae that the children the shadow takes to Neverland never come home, and that the only reason she was returned is because it wanted a boy; Bae assures her that this won't happen. They are all thrown into the well by Pan, who gloats his victory, but the final ingredient must still be collected: the heart of the thing he loves most. Il a même réussi à figer plusieurs personnes, dont Regina et Emma (la méchante reine et le sauveur) sur place, et a peut-être réussi à retirer le coeur de Zelena malgré le puissant sort de protection que la sorcière lui a jeté. Décès Quasi-immortalitéQuasi-omnipotenceVol (avec la Poussière de Fée)Contrôle total sur le Pays ImaginaireMagie extrêmement puissanteContrôle élémentaireTéléportationTélékinésieImmobilisationArrachement de coeursVol d'ombresIntelligence exceptionnelleManipulateur de géniePlanificateur de maîtreCharismeLeadershipContrôle sur les Enfants Perdus. Son: Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Pan and his army leave, and later, Mary Margaret comes to have a talk with Emma, as she tries to make the map reveal itself, and asks about the boy and why she let him go. Instead, all Widow Lucas can do is shoot wolf Red with a silver arrow to immobilize her temporarily. Pan points out that it's not for eating, but rather for a game, a game he calls "target practice" - something he says as he points a crossbow at Henry's face. However, they reach a dead end: a gorge. https://onceuponatime.fandom.com/wiki/Peter?oldid=894850, Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships, Dashed lines denote marriage and adoption relationships. Physical Description Under the full moon, it is not Peter who transforms, but Red.

1979 ("Le Grand Méchant Loup"), Mais le lendemain, les cadavres des chasseurs sortis à la recherche d'un loup sanguinaire la veille sont découverts, et le maire du village organise une réunion à laquelle Peter assiste, rejoint par Scarlett récemment devenue amie avec une dénommée Mary, et les deux amoureux passent le temps en se lançant des regards peu discrets. Sidney Glass | However, the blank parchment remains blank. there is one thing he is forgetting: Rumple has also lost his shadow. Henry feels sympathy for the girl, especially after learning that she was friends with his father Baelfire, and his faith in Pan is reaffirmed, much to the demon child's satisfaction; he commends Wendy on her performance. With that, he summons it and regains the magical dagger he previously gave it, using this to stab Pan in the back. When the shadow comes that night, it wants to take Wendy to Neverland, but Bae doesn't like this. Later, while Charming is lecturing Hook again, the prince finds part of Hook's brother's old satchel. Pan then decides to play Henry a tune from his pipe (the music from which can only be heard by those who feel abandoned or unloved), but Henry is unable to hear anything, much to Pan's dismay. Henry recounts that his mother is the savior, but Pan counter-argues that maybe what makes her the savior is having given birth to him. Pan later offers his trusty Lost Boy Felix some food as Henry, before admitting who he really is; he states that he never fails, and Pan and his sidekick begin plotting on their way back to Storybrooke. État ("Nasty Habits"), At Pan's compound, Henry is again seen sitting by himself, distancing himself from the activities of the other Lost Boys, until one of them, Devin, comes in and starts poking him with his weapon and asking if he's the boy Peter has been looking for all this time. Now reassured that his family is coming for him, Henry starts to question Pan, who assures him that he's not been lying to him. Henry then theorizes that Pan has his family prisoner, and so decides to sneak out of the camp to investigate.

Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. (Unofficial) Granddaughter-in-law: Emma Swan 7. In the meantime, David saves Mary Margaret from getting hit with an arrow and it hits him instead, apparently grazing his jacket.

Henry takes it but says he doesn't believe him, to which Pan replies that Henry reminds him of his father.

Gallery of photographic stills used to promote the character. He says that he meant what he said before he died, that he and Rumple can be happy together, and goes on to tell him that the people he came down with are not his friends. Apprenti forgeron He disappears, and Emma is left to try and solve the riddle, so she accepts things that she had a hard time accepting in the past, like being the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and being the "savior". However Rumple comes to the bar looking for his father and finds Malcolm up to the usual, drinking and running con games.

After expressing his annoyance at never being able to get free of the son he never loved and only burdened him, he reveals that as the one who designed the cuff, it doesn't effect on him.

PIPER REESE! As this is happening, Pan transfers his consciousness into his great-grandson with magic, causing the two of them to switch minds. After being met with a warm welcome, he attempts to gain the others' trust by getting Felix sent to jail, but Emma notices something is up with the child when she gives him back his book of fairytales and he reacts indifferently. Henry asks what the poison is for, if they're shooting at the apple, and Pan replies that it's for motivation. Peter is a character on ABC 's Once Upon a Time.

Later, Henry looks at the parchment and sees an old drawing of himself... the one Pan and his Lost Boys used as reference when they were searching for him. Sign up Log in. With the hunting party approaching to capture the wolf, Red is forced to flee with Snow White. The father claims to have been taking a break in his quest of looking for a job, but Rumple doesn't believe him and presents to his father a magical bean that the spinsters gave him. During the attack, Emma pins down a Lost Boy and forcefully demands to know where Henry is, but when she sees the look on the scared boy's face, she backs off.

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