most funny bollywood movie characters

This movie was released in 2010. In this movie, Lallan, a security guard, loves Saroja, who is supposed to get married to an older man for money. It can be said that the toughest job in this game is to give a movie name to the opponent team to guess it. If you’re a big fan of bhai, we request you to leave this piece of content right here because we’re about to thrash the living hell out of his character--the beloved Chulbul Pandey. In this movie, two best friends Kuku Mathur and Ronnie spend most of their time together. The movie was released in 1971 and in this movie, a rich girl named Alaknanda, runs away from her father’s house and joins an entertainment troupe to pursue her singing and dancing passion. Advertisements. Especially in India, people are very fond of this game as it brings great joy while playing. He went from 82 kilos to 102 kilos for the role. He also did many leg exercises to look like a decent runner.

16.8k views. That’s what I call devotion! With a complicated family background, he struggles to find meaning in his life. The movie was released in 1985. So the hardest thing in this game is to give a movie name that cannot be guessed easily. Not just his name, everything from his moustache to his boisterous behaviour pisses us off! Albert Pinto (Naseeruddin Shah- Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyoon Aata Hai) The movie was released in 1991. However, he makes enemies with the wrong people who abduct his girlfriend in exchange for ransom. The movie which turned Telugu actor Prabhas into a nationwide celebrity, Bahubali, made Prabhas work very hard to look like a perfect warrior. In this movie, A son is taught by his father to accept bribes in order to live a better lifestyle. In this movie, two petty thieves decide to rob a house from where kidnappers are about to abduct a child. The movie was released in 2008. Do you ever watch a character in a Bollywood movie just so unnecessary and dumb, it makes you question your own existence? As he had to look very bulky, Prabhas spent hours in the gym improving his physique. At 6 ft 2 in, this blue eyed superhero is the longest-running Indian action comic superhero. Aamir Khan is well-known for being a perfectionist. The movie was released in 1986. In this movie there is a guy called Laddoo, a middle-class ambitious man, falls in love with beautiful Laali. The movie was released in 2003. Reports state that Farhan whose shape is quite good in real life trained rigorously with the help of top coaches, including a well-known trainer Samir Jaura, for a bit more than a year. The movie is very well known for its double meaning dialogue. However, while convincing her to change her mind, he finds out another shocking fact about her. Wrong! Kriti Sanon has a naturally slim body type, yet for her latest role as a surrogate mother, she had to gain 15 kilograms. She’s the epitome of manipulative and clingy--has zero respect for personal space and a person’s individuality. Even though such changes are not a new concept, watching celebrities do it healthily is probably the most exciting part. It also required him to eat as many as forty egg whites combined with protein powder every day! Lead, social, and thumbnail images credit: Panorama Studios and Mehboob Studio. Oh wait, that’s just how most Sallu bhai characters are. Every single character he’s played in movies like. Kriti chose to do this by herself, even though that implied testing her metabolism and stamina levels. The movie was released in 1978. Sometimes they make no sense, and by any chance they do, they leave your imagination running wild! The transformations, including gaining or losing weight, can give us a lot of valuable information.

Not that the whole entourage of misogynists in the movies aren’t annoying enough, Neha or Ruchika played by Nushrat Bharucha are simply unbearable. This is a very recently released movie. India's largest women's lifestyle network. Rajkummar Rao went all in to play two of his roles: a ‘trapped’ resident and the one in ‘Bose’. This movie was released recently in 2014. A part of his everyday training routine we know about involved 2500-3000 crunches, side bends, leg raises, and push-ups, of course, to get the eight pack.

The team who guesses the highest number of movies correct wins the game. The movie revolves around daughters-in-law who are being abandoned by their husbands and mothers-in-law for dowry. He couldn’t move as fast as before and had problems with breathing. The Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe: What Was Her Life Like Before She Got Famous? John Wick Stuntman on What It’s Like to Work with Keanu Reeves On One Set, Celebrities’ Remarkable Weight Loss Journeys, Bollywood: 6 Incredible Facts About the Indian Film Industry, Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents, These Are the Most Crushed-On Movie Characters in Hollywood History, These Hollywood Couples Aged Gracefully Together (Inspiring True Love Stories), Top-5 Most Unexpected Kissing Scenes in Movies and TV Series. However, the child ends up with the thieves and chaos ensues as both the criminal parties demand a ransom. Movies . Since the first of the roles required him to be weak and starving, all that Rajkummar had for an entire month was just a cup of coffee and two carrots. Not just his name, everything from his moustache to his boisterous behaviour pisses us off! Not only is this plot twist extremely lame and poorly executed, we’re surprised dim Lovely even falls for this vain trap. Hopefully, you found these stories inspiring, but still – don’t try this at home! The movie was released in 1981. The movie was released in 1984. Farhan Akhtar’s role as an athlete Milkha Singh is recognized by many as his best. 569. 1. Now that person has to act in such a way that he has to make his teammates guess the name of the movie. So don’t worry, we are here with the 20 most difficult and funny Hindi movie names for Dumb Charades. ‘Paatal Lok’ & ‘Kai Po Che’ Actor Asif Basra Dies By Alleged Suicide; Found In Himachal, 15 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Things Bollywood Celebrities Have Said During Interviews, Bebo Fans, Match The Kareena Kapoor Dialogue To The Bollywood Movie, 13 Horror & Thriller Films From The 2000s That Prove Bipasha Was Indeed The Scream Queen. However, problems start to arise when Ronnie gets busy managing his family business and Kuku is left on his own. In this movie. It is a multi starrer movie which has actors likeDharmendra, Govinda, Shakti Kappoor, Anupam Kher and many more. This movie was released in 1989. Generally, people give Bollywood movie names for dumb charades. And the second role he had to look plump and strong, so he regained 11 kilos by following a high-fat and high-carb diet. He went as far as building himself a personal gym! These are characters that have grown much bigger than the worlds they inhabited.

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