mips instruction set code

0000001568 00000 n add Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Addition (with overflow), addi Rdest, Rsrc1, Imm: Addition immediate (with overflow), addu Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Addition (without overflow), addiu Rdest, Rsrc1, Imm: Addition immediate (without overflow), divu Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Divide(without overflow), sll Rdest, Rsrc1, Src2: Shift Left Logical, sllv Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Shift Left Logical Variable, sra Rdest, Rsrc1, Src2: Shift Right Arithmetic, srav Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Shift Right Arithmetic Variable, srl Rdest, Rsrc1, Src2: Shift Right Logical, srlv Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Shift Right Logical Variable, sub Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Subtract (with overflow), subu Rdest, Rsrc1, Rsrc2: Subtract (without overflow), slti Rdest, Rsrc2, Imm: Set Less Than Immediate, sltu Rdest, Rsrc1, Src2: Set Less Than Unsigned, sltiu Rdest, Rsrc1, Imm: Set Less Than Unsigned Immediate, beq Rsrc1, Rsrc2, offset: Branch on Equal, bgez Rsrc, offset: Branch on Greater Than Equal Zero, bgezal Rsrc, offset: Branch on Greater Than Equal Zero And Link, bgtz Rsrc, offset: Branch on Greater Than Zero, blez Rsrc, offset: Branch on Less Than Equal Zero, bltzal Rsrc, offset: Branch on Less Than And Link, bltz Rsrc, offset: Branch on Less Than Zero, bne Rsrc1, Src2, offset: Branch on Not Equal, lhu Rdest, imm(Rsrc): Load Unsigned Halfword, mfcz Rdest, CPsrc: Move From Coprocessor z. into register Rdest. Courier fixed-width font is used for text that is displayed on the screen, and for examples of code and instruction pseudocode. Conditionally branch to the instruction at the label if the contents of 0000006393 00000 n trailer 0000000968 00000 n Each register in this architecture is preceded by ‘$’ in the assembly language instruction. 0000147357 00000 n Rsrc are greater than or equal to 0. For example: beq $t0, $t1, equal. startxref They are initiated by the syscall instruction. This code is for instructions to multiply the two numbers provided. register Rdest. The SPIM simulator provides a number of useful system calls. An assembler directive allows you to request the assembler to do something when converting your source code to binary code. 0000002751 00000 n Remainder stored in special register hiQuotient stored in special register lo. “Deadpool”). Move the contents of the register Rdest to the hi(lo) register. of the product in register lo and the high-word in register hi. $rs, $rt: registers containing two variables to be compared; Jump unconditionally to a certain labeled statement: Jump unconditionally to a certain statement whose address is 0000034496 00000 n the top item of a stack in the memory; $ra (31) always holds the return address from a subroutine.

these registers and the CPU's registers.

Print statements to ask the user to enter the two different numbers 0 0000112826 00000 n

0000081688 00000 n #1. beq, bne: extend the displacement CSE 420 Chapter 2 — Instructions: Language of the Computer — 20 Representing Instructions ! 0000138498 00000 n of register Rdest. Load the word at memory address Rsrc + imm into register Rdest

0000111924 00000 n Recursion: This is a **partial list** of the available MIPS32 instructions, system calls, and assembler directives. x�b```b``�e`c`�Y� Ā B�@Q��k����FCV��~�mQ����8��qjl�Jst@@T����jhDG�P$�������BF���c\�W�1F1�u��0����+G �[[;�56�E>��3�243|`H����Τ�X-��a"�_�J�%�LٗA� �3 /I-� lw $t2, 4($t0). 10/7/2012 GC03 Mips Code Examples What about comparing 2 registers for < and >=? Each character used in the MIPS architecture requires 1 byte of storage. It is placed in the section of the program identified with the assembler directive .text. the remainder is nspecified by the MIPS architecture and depends on the conventions of the machine on which the simulator is run. A byte in the MIPS architecture represents 8 bits; a halfword represents 2 bytes (16 bits) and a word represents 4 bytes (32 bits). © Divide the contents of the two registers. 0000043210 00000 n The most common arithmetic operations implemented in the MIPS assembly language are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. He hopes to specialize in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity to enable him to create systems to help safeguard and improve the African continent. The following lines of code determine what should take place depending on the integer value # that was provided by the user.

Returns the address to a block of memory containing n additional bytes. Comparison Instructions %%EOF 0000044642 00000 n For example, use the following MIPS assembly language syntax to copy an integer value stored in the Random-Access Memory address of register $t0 into register $t2, In the concept of indexed addressing, the Random-Access Memory address of a register can be offset by a specified value to obtain a value stored in another Random-Access Memory address. CPU Instruction Set MIPS IV Instruction Set. into memory address Rsrc2 + imm. program (e.g., functions, loops, etc.) shift), the operations are specified by the function field (6 least Rsrc2 + imm. Consult the Resources for further instructions, particularly H&P Appendix A. x�Լy|T��?~ιw������{g�L23�d"��E�l �S�"��$QTJ\��Z7��VZܢںP�Sk��J��uKK[��d��9g�>��y�����������s>��Y�����+.DFԇ8���tY��v��g�����K��*k�B��Wu��t��E�� ��_}��U�z����"�׹��e+_Z5S@������5�qy��gj����K.Y�b�]��Szv/��t�Uݻ�~B�u��tٲK/����8�C(sE���ׯD� All of these except nor also have immediate counterparts where the 16-bit immediate value is treated as unsigned (not sign-extended) when the operation is performed. Opcode can be: add, sub, mult, div, and, or, etc. The label "equal" should be defined somewhere else in the code.

This table omits special-purpose registers that will not be used in ECPE 170.

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