mini dexter cow for sale

If you need help making up your mind, come spend an afternoon with our diverse herd of Dexter Cattle. The Dexter cattle breed are a versatile bred cattle which has allowed the breed to be used as oxen by many breeders in several countries today such as North America, Australia, Europe and South Africa. On the contrary, we have experienced a breed full of the most positive traits. Originating from Ireland Dexter cattle breed are often seen as the smallest of the European bred cattle. Although the Dexter breed cattle are generally horned, breeders using the dominant polled gene developed a polled variation of the breed in the 1990’s. The Dexter bred cattle as a smaller breed will generally observe a mature Dexter cow weighing anywhere between 600 to 700 pounds and a fully mature bull as having a weight of no more than 1000 pounds. We can arrange for the sale and affordable delivery to all surrounding states including Kentucky. Sexes. For Sale: 1 Belted Galloway Bulls. Weighing in at 40 pounds and measuring 22" tall, we expect that Rosa will likely be right around 42" tall at age 3 and will classify as a 0 to +1 full mini. Has a calf currently on her so buyer would have to start milking right away (does not come with her calf). 2019 Prices: Pet Steers: $1,500 . Dexter cattle breeds which are typically between 6 to 8 inches have been found to carry a form of dwarfism known as Chondrodysplasia which results in the legs appearing much shorter than the non-affected breeds. We offer Dexter cows, bulls, heifers, and calves for sale in Kentucky and many surrounding states - we have affordable options for delivery which make us an option for most anyone! Many have claimed that due to the smaller sized fat anti bubbles the milk produced by the Dexter breed cows are naturally more homogenized than the milk produced by other breeds. There's always plenty to see.

Chondro and PHA Negative, A2A2, Dam is TB/Brucellosis, BLV, and Johnes Neg. Even though we have heard rumors of things like terrible Dexter feet, we have really never experienced these things for ourselves. At Darling Range Dexter Cattle we have developed a Paddock to plate philosophy, selling quality registered animals for stud use and maintain a grass fed only beef component.

Asking 1000 each obo. Finding just the thing you're looking for can be hard. Jersey 1. Though we don't personally see every Dexter as a true "tri-purpose" or "dual-purpose" animal,  a good percentage of these lovable creatures produce a very gentle and approachable animal. They’re considered a dual-purpose breed, ideally suited to producing rich flavorful milk and a high percentage of meat, and some owners even use their docile cattle as oxen. Listing # 32135833. FOR SALE: 1 year old heifer out of a registered Jersey cow by a Dexter X mini Hereford bull. We feel that Dexters are a great option for the Kentucky family farm or homestead. All Rights Reserved. From Dexter cows and registered speckle park bull. The Dexter Cattle Society founded within the United Kingdom registered over 4,100 cows in 2007 which was almost twice the number registered seven years earlier. We think you will love the Irish Dexter breed as much as we do. ... Panda is a very nice cow that carries both a great disposition and coloration as well. Due to their small size, their bodies tend to be quite wide and having a deep form occasionally with an adequately rounded hindquarter. Wanted: Now, with that said, let me qualify that statement. Post your classified or want ad in Alberta Livestock. They are found to be almost half in size to the established Hereford bred cattle and no more than a third of the size of the traditional Friesian or Holstein dairy cow. The ideal three year old Dexter cow measures between 36 to 42 inches at the shoulder, and weighs less than 750 pounds. I often think of what a blessing Dexter cattle are! The dairy milk produced by the Dexter breed is often highly rich in nutritional content having a high percentage of butterfat similar in value when compared to the milk produced by the Jersey cows. $700. Register with SellMyLivestock to see breeders and farmers with Dexter Cattle to sell. Excellent all-purpose breed. Cookie is Chonro Negative. She was put in with the bull in May. For Sale. Here on “That One Farm”, we like to look at cattle from the perspective of function more that even that of form or fad (even when it comes to taking a financial hit if necessary when marketing our herd). Breed her to a Mini Jersey or Dexter and offspring would be great for milk or meat, while keeping the small stature and fast weight gain of a Lowline. Dexter Butcher Cow, Miniature Jersey crossed Dexter Heifer -available, purebread dexter bull and bread cow,both 2 years old. Due the small size of the breed, the Dexter cattle are renowned for their ease in calving. Nice cow. They are one of the ONLY animals that I know of that can thrive on 100% grass/pasture (no grain). White Dexter Cattle have all the qualities of the Dexter Breed – beef, milk and oxen – in a brand new package. ... 1 TB Res Dexter In-Calf Breeding Cow with Calf at Foot £ Login for pricing 60 mo Manchester, Clackmannanshire. Ace is following in his Sire’s Dexter Down Vincent de Paul steps...he has has fantastic confirmation and gentle disposition. That One Farm offers a variety of Dexters for sale in following cities: Our personal Dexter cattle "grass farm" is located in the heart of Kentucky. Bergen. Increasing food prices across the United States and Great Britain has resulted in several ranchers taking an interest in raising Dexter cattle for their own food consumption. ), easiness of calving, mothering ability and attentiveness to calf, level of docility (if any sign of aggression is shown, we choose to not select a bull from that animal), what is the quality and condition of the steers previously raised out of this dam… we also consider things like a cow that is 20+ years old and still producing a beautiful calf. We have witnessed Dexter cows that have never been worked with, but because of their temperament could be basically lead trained in under an hour.

We are committed to helping you find the Dexter cattle for sale that will be the very best addition to your Dexter herd. Born June 12, 2017, Rosa is out of Hailey, sired by Hank. They are mainly found to have a black single layered coat; however there are instances where the breed will be found to display a dun or slightly dark red colored coat. The Dexter cattle are typically bred with a dual purpose as herders and cattle men have often found the breed to produce not only an excellent quality of beef but also rich dairy milk. Get an alert with the newest ads for "dexter cows" in Alberta. Text ☎ 316-208-0814. For Sale: 4 Dexter Cow/Calf Pairs.

Species. Born June 12, 2017, Rosa is out of Hailey, sired by Hank. When selecting a Dexter bull (whether for sale of for our own use), we consider first-hand the dam, grand-dam, great grand-dam, and even the 4th, and 5th generations where possible. Small herders and cattle men within the United States and the United Kingdom who have decided to explore this attractive option can find available Dexter cattle for sale online at a number of farms and associations including The American Dexter Cattle Association, Dexter Cattle, Freedom Farms located in Philadelphia, Tennessee and Grandma’s Dexter Farm located in Toddville, Iowa.

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