marching band arrangement

makes the listener visual the rain forest. Winds and Percussion by Jordan SternGrade: 4Contains America the Beautiful, Chester, My Country tis of Thee, Schuman's New England Triptych, and Shostakovich's 5th Symphony. The movement builds into a strong drum corps-style ending for punctuation. Momentum builds up in the first big hit and the judged timing begins here.

9 by Dvorak, In Bloom by Nirvana, Thais Meditation by Massenet, Symphony No. Featuring Mackey's Wine Dark Sea, Daughtery's Niagara Falls, Hillsong United's Oceans, Beethoven's Symphony No. Drills, machine presses, and factory sounds frame the aggressive, angular music. Winds and Percussion arranged by Manny Maldonado

All shows can be customized to highlight your ensemble's strengths and shadow weaknesses. The show starts out with the theme, but then they quickly travel back to the 50's. Part 3 finishes the show with dark harmonies The women of Shakespeare's most popular plays come to life throughout the show to give her advice on love and life.


100, Andante con Moto, and Dvorak's Water Goblin.

During Part 4, the ship begins to creak under the stress of the water as the drumline plays a feature that builds into a reprise of Wine Dark Sea. "Manny" MaldonadoGrade: 3Extensive drum solo at the top of closer (not represented correctly here) "Manny" Maldonado Featuring the music of Mackey's, Carol Brittin Chambers, Manuel J. Stephen Vaughan and Manny Maldonado; Winds and Percussion arranged by Manuel J.

The band then transitions into Harmonium by John Adams.

Peter Tchaikovsky , Modeste Mussorgsky, and Jair Klarfeld; Winds arranged by Jair Klarfeld; Percussion arranged by Manny Maldonado Featuring the music of Peter Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet.

In the third movement, a quick transition sets the band up for the Habanera, a must-play for all Carmen shows!

Winds by Shane Kelbley; Percussion by Manuel J. (Please note: Copyright permission is required by all parties before this marching band show may be resold. Winds by Carol Brittin Chambers; Percussion by MJM WorksGrade: 4Featuring the music of Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King, James Newton Howard's Hand of Fate from the Signs soundtrack, Armstrong's PM's Love Theme, and Carol Chamber's Rise!, Ascend, and Escape, Sergi Prokofiev, Albert Rousso, Peter TchaikovskyGrade: 5.

Although the technical aspect of the show is a grade 3, the tempos make it a challenge for any marching ensemble! The show can be done with or without narration.

This creative show concept takes the music of Percy Grainger to an entirely new Many visual elements that depict fall can take place here�whether it be falling leaves, golden browns and yellows that saturate the field, or tree props with the colors of fall. Winds by Manuel J. Maldonado Winds and Percussion by Jordan SternGrade: 4Featuring the music of Survive's Opening Theme from the Stranger Things soundtrack, Philip Glass' opening to Mishima, Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, John Adams' Wild Nights, Eden Ahbez' Nature Boy, and Samuel Barber's Medea's Meditation and Dance of Vengeance. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and taking trips to Port Aransas, Texas. The show title pre-show opening in the first movement help to paint many visual pictures as to what "Hell" might be.

He holds professional memberships in the Music Educators National Conference (M.E.N.C.

You Are He reflects on his travels and the beautiful woman, but soon realizes the severity of the situation. The work starts out with a big, block "organ" sound that is dissonant like the original Broadway musical. Movement 3: Mozart "Dies Irae" from Requiem and Symphony #5 Finale by Beethoven. Winds and Percussion by Manuel J. Maldonado

We can write as much or as little of your show as you want.

5 and 7 by Beethoven, and Poor Unfortunate Souls from the Little Mermaid soundtrack. Grade: 4Featuring Feeling Good by Buble, Play it Up by Maldonado, Groovin' Hard by Menza, Roxanne by Sting, and Zoot Suit Riot by Steve Perry. Featuring the music of Imogen Heap and Mark Isham's Life as a House soundtrack.

Difficult trombone trio in the closer Christopher Drake, Evanescence, and David Holsinger, Winds, Percussion and Samples by MJM Works Featuring the music of Robert W. Smith's.

experience their bold harmonies and strong melodies throughout the show. 1, Giacchino's Moving On from the Lost soundtrack, Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home, and To the Summit by Robert W. Smith, Robert W. Smith and Jair Klarfeld; Winds arranged by Jair Klarfeld; Percussion arranged by Manny MaldonadoGrade: 3used by permission. A Soldier’s Journey Featuring the music of David Holsinger’s “American Faces.” Winds Arranged by Manuel J. MaldonadoUsed by permission (Only the wind score is currently available. 3 and H. Owen Reed's La Fiesta Mexicana, two tremendous band works that express the tonal colors of Mexican folk music. Sinfonica is a symphonic marching show that takes the listeners through various Mexican and Cuban songs and influences.

used by permission She currently teaches percussion private lessons in NEISD and the San Antonio area.

While this sister dreams of troubled events, the other sister's dreams are quite Predator Requiem, this movement has a dark turn that could go either way as to who wins the final outcome. 1. "Manny" Maldonado Many visual elements that depict fall can take place here…whether it be falling leaves, golden browns and yellows that saturate the field, or tree props with the colors of fall. 6 (mvts.

He was able to hone in his craft, emulating what traits he liked from them, and adding his own flavor of creativity to produce an arrangement style all his own. The music is based off the turn-of-the-century favorite by Gus Edwards and Will Cobb. Who will win in the end?

The Women of Shakespeare

9, Robert W. Smith and Jair Klarfeld; Winds arranged by Jair Klarfeld; Percussion arranged by Manny Maldonado, Winds by Evan VanDoren. Then, he sees the real criminal through the jail-bar window.

Winds by Eric Rath; Percussion and Samples by MJM WorksGrade: 4Featuring the music of Anton Dvorak's New World Symphony, Mackey's Foundry, Larry Daehn's With Quiet Courage, Samuel Barber's Symphony No. Winds by Carol Brittin Chambers; Percussion by MJM WorksGrade: 5Featuring the music of Shostakovich's Ballet Suite No. that eventually end with the flute soloist, vanishing into the softening percussion Winds by Luke McMillan; Percussion by Manuel J. 9 by Dvorak, In Bloom by Nirvana, Thais Meditation by Massenet, Symphony No.

While there, she begins to come across relics of years past. Here is where the first celebration of the hero takes place. Marching Monk. At the party he meets a beautiful woman and the scene is played out through the music of Malaguena Salerosa. Pay especially close attention to the mallet work in  Venus and the recapitulation in the final minutes of Jupiter.

Featuring Shostakovich's Symphony No. 4, movement 5 by Bartok, Symphony No.

The beginning of the fourth movement begins with the prince fighting to find out the truth of Aurora's sleep. The ending is a reprise of the Silvestri to bring the time traveler back home.?

East Meets West

A marching band is a group of instrumental musicians who perform while marching, often for entertainment or competition.Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.Most marching bands wear a uniform, often of a military-style, that includes an associated organization's colors, name or symbol.

"Manny" Maldonado

Part One portrays the excitement that the adventurer must have experienced with interjections of Far East musical and percussive concepts intermingled.

Winds arranged by Evan VanDoren; Percussion arranged by Manuel J. 9 (Dvorak), America the Beautiful, Shenandoah, and original work by Maldonado. As one listens throughout the show, the music becomes more and more progressive, ultimately ending up with a dub-step version of the Bach in the closer and a solid, marching band style ending! Bach Bach and Beyond is based from Bach's Toccata and Fugue. 5, along with Evanescence's Going Under, My Immortal, and Bring Me to Life.

Toward the end, the true criminal is caught, and the man becomes a hero for his valor. Winds and Percussion by Manuel J. Maldonado visual level. He has arranged for groups of all sizes and understands how to score parts so that projection, pacing, and show design come to the forefront. The pieces are paired with Malaguena Salerosa, a traditional folk tune which features mariachi players in the front ensemble. Petar Lyondev, Pat Metheny, Lyle MaysGrade: 4. The music can have multiple visual interpretations to suit the program's needs.

Shane Kelbley, Manuel J. In Part 2, the flute soloist leads the band

Used by Permission, What if the "bad guy" hijacked your marching show and you had to spend the entire time trying to get him? An unsettling ostinato layers into the front ensemble while an oboe soloist tempts Eve away from what she holds as truth. 9 and Christina Perri's Tragedy

Is this life of people being half-human, half-machine the new beauty? H. Owen Reed, Los Lobos, Nana Mouskouri, Ernesto LecuonaGrade: 3. The madness builds to a climatic ending!? different.

As more and more ghosts are summoned, a fight for her escape ensues to a dramatic ending!?

Visual concepts revolve around these parts of our planet.

Jordan Stern

Our hero dies in the attack. Manuel J. You Are

"Manny" Maldonado

Winds and Percussion by MJM WorksGrade: 4Featuring Bizet's Carmen, the Carmen San Diego theme song, Mission Impossible theme song, The Glory Days from The Incredibles soundtrack, Adele's Skyfall, and the James Bond theme song.

5 and 7 by Beethoven, and Poor Unfortunate Souls from the Little Mermaid soundtrack, H. Owen Reed, Los Lobos, Nana Mouskouri, Ernesto Lecuona, Winds by Daniel Montoya Jr.; Percussion by Manuel J.

After the Schumann pre-show that lays out a dark mood, the music starts driving and the craziness begins!

"Manny" Maldonado

Music includes It's Not Easy Being Green, Lincolnshire Posy: A Brisk Young Sailor, Greensleeves, and the music of Aaron Copland. Grade: 5composer: John Adams and Sting Part 3 is a powerful percussion feature based off of the dance sequence from the This show is a great crowd pleaser and is attainable by most groups. Based from the music of Sergi Prokofiev, Albert Rousso, and Peter Tchaikovsky.

Part One: The people of Earth realize that “other beings” have arrived. Winds by Evan Vandoren; Percussion by Rick Rodriguez and MJM WorksGrade: 5Featuring the music of Christopher Nelson's Wayfaring Stranger, Michael Markowsi's Instinctive Travels, Michael Giacchino's There's No Place Like Home, and David Sampson's Moving Parts, Jair KlarfeldGrade: 3The Forgotten People. Manuel J. Michael Klesch, Manny MaldonadoGrade: 5Grade 5

The concept of Dichotomy/Duality explores the differences and similarities we see in life. This program was purely symphonic in nature. A minor woodwind ostinato over a drum break shadows a war scene on the field, but our hero endures and triumphs, and the show finishes boldly and celebrates the hero once more for his duty, loyalty and commitment to us. He also learned orchestration tricks and nuances that help make successful schools sound "better", as well as what the appropriate level of difficulty is for different levels of performers.

Good, Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are, and Huey Lewis' The Power of Love

The closer start out with a three drum set trio, as they travel back to the 80's to Power of Love. Winds arranged by Carol Chambers.

Can you hear hints of other songs that might remind you of your childhood? 10, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, Beethoven's Symphony No. 2, and Harold Arlen's Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Welcome to Marching Monk, a full-service design company for the pageantry arts.

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