maplestory item ids

By default in-game, the item window is opened with the I key. Items cannot be transferred unless there is available space in your Item Inventory. MapleStory is copyright ©2003-2009 by Nexon corporation. The Cash Shop is divided into multiple categories: Click the “BUY” button below an item to purchase it. 1452041    Golden Hinkel    Internet Cafe, this hybrid bow is powered by an extradimensional essence. 's custom weapons, this crossbow is composed of a weightless material said to have originated from Versal. I Need A List Of All The Items From V63-V75 With the item Id's next to them..if anyone can provide such a list it would be very helpful..due to a few reasons...i wont insert my reason for such a list..but cooperation would help thanks a lot ^^ you want to make your Top equip transparent, still using all of the stats your Top equip possesses, still using all of the stats your Gloves possess, s Suit    Suits that guest males can wear to attend a wedding. 's Justice    Internet Cafe-only item. After all, CS:GO's market and Valve, the company that runs the Steam Community Market where CS:GO items are traded, operate very differently from MapleStory and Nexon. › The Beauty tab contains items that allow you to modify your Hair, Face, Expressions and other aspects of your appearance.

You may obtain information from MapleTip for your own usage, however you should give credit to us. Purchasing items in the Cash Shop can be rewarding! (2019) - Duration: 14:51. Is there any difference between NOVA 3 Premium Edition & Freedom Edition? Items cannot be transferred unless there is available space in your Item Inventory. Now, I don't know if this has been suggested before, and I don't know how Nexon would feel about making such internal information about the game public. 't be slipping around regardless of snow or ice. you can probably get from nexon's website.

(2019) - Duration: 14:51. Copyright © 2020 PixelMarket  |  All rights reserved  |, Legendary Virtues Medallion /Boss 65, STR 9, ATT 9, 230 DB Mid-end Game Gear Lots Of Perm NX And Untradeables, [Reboot] LVL 27X Wind Archer 54K DEX | OZ RINGS | 8K LEGION, Reboot|52k Int|Lumi|Lv25X - Oz Rings - 8k Legion, REBOOT NA 50k+ Evan/arkanna/ New Main Ready, NA Reboot LVL 25x 42k Stat Warrior & 24x Arkanna Farmer, Breath Of Divinity 49% STR Primed 17 STars, Legandry Pirate Gear - Looking For Offers Or All For 5k, Lv. 1072171    Black Snowshoes    Put this on, 1072239    Yellow Snowshoes    Put this on, this powerful blade is said to harness the very power of the stars, 1322049    The Judgement    Internet Cafe. Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person', Hugh Grant talks 'embarrassing' COVID-19 symptom, Virus isn't the only thing keeping people from theaters, Le Batard rehires laid-off ESPN producer after 'hurtful' cuts, ‘Borat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene, There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country, Can dead people vote? Maple Reward Points have an expiration date, so be sure to use your reward points before they disappear! s Veil    Flowing veil that brides wear on their Wedding Day, 1001043    Royal Tiara    Hand crafted Tiara that brides wear on their Wedding Day, 1002676    Infinity Circlet    An ancient, Awarded to those who achieved perfect union of mind, still using all of the stats the Cape possesses, 1102040    Yellow Adventurer Cape    A yellow cape, 1102041    Pink Adventurer Cape    A pink cape, 1102042    Purple Adventurer Cape    A purple cape, 1102043    Brown Adventurer Cape    A brown cape, s Cape    This proves that you are a Beginner Magician from Alcadno, 's Cape    The proud owner of this cape signifies the fact that the person'. When you purchase an item, you will earn some Maple Reward Points! Disappears after exiting the game. IDK Netflix costs the same and so do other services! You can check your status in each ranking system by clicking on the Claim button on the bottom-left corner of the Cash Shop screen. 2100017    Alien Sack    Various Omega Sector Aliens, 2100002    Monster Sack 2    Various Monsters Lvl 10, 2100003    Monster Sack 3    Various Monsters Lvl 20, 2100004    Monster Sack 4    Various Monsters Lvl 30, 2100005    Monster Sack 5    Various Monsters Lvl 40, 2100006    Monster Sack 6    Various Monsters Lvl 50, 2100007    Monster Sack 7    Various Monsters Lvl 60, 2101013    Summon Showa Boss    Male Boss, 5090000    Note    Sends note to offline character, s Congrats    20 minute long buff to say thanks to player, 's 100yrOld Ancient Bellflower    60    17,500, these shining earrings are infused with magical qualities, 1032049    Dark Shards    This unique item combines Power Crystal. MapleStory and any related images and content are copyrighted by Nexon. s Bow    An Angel Bow that masks over an equipped bow. Items in the Cash Shop are purchasable with NX, Nexon's universal currency. In MapleStory Just enter the text "moneymoneyohgreatsweetmoney" and you will get five thousand coins.

here all the id's of all jobs: beginner(0), warrior(100), fighter(110), crusader(111), hero(112), page(120), whiteknight(121), paladin(122), spearman(130), dragonknight(131), darkknight(132), magician(200), fp_wizard(210), fp_mage(211), fp_archmage(212), il_wizard(220), il_mage(221), il_archmage(222), cleric(230), priest(231), bishop(232), bowman(300), hunter(310), Simply double-click the item in your Cash Inventory to automatically move it into your Item Inventory. Answered: how to retrieve email via the character in the game? How can I Charge NX through the launcher or Web page? Items that do not have a checkbox cannot be added to the Cart. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website. The Cash Shop is the one-stop-spot for fashion, cosmetics, pets and much, much more. What is the best item use for MAplestory? For other sections such as Maps, Quests, NPCs, etc, we've yet to complete their main pages, but if you know their names, you should be able to search for them in the database and they should turn up. One-Handed Sword • One-Handed Axe • One-Handed Blunt Weapon • Desperado • Bladecaster • Wand • Staff • Shining Rod • Scepter • Psy-limiter • Lucent Gauntlet • Dagger • Cane • Chain • Ritual Fan • Whip Blade • Soul Shooter, Two-Handed Sword • Two-Handed Axe • Two-Handed Blunt Weapon • Spear • Polearm • Katana • Arm Cannon • Fan • Bow • Crossbow • Dual Bowguns • Ancient Bow • Claw • Knuckle • Gun • Hand Cannon, Shield • Magic Arrow • Soul Ring • Magic Book • Charm • Mass • Arrowhead • Jewel • Fist • Soul Shield • Card • Medallion • Arrow Fletching • Wrist Band • Document • Kodachi • Core Controller • Demon Aegis • Orb • Rosary • Bow Thimble • Far Sight • Magic Marble • Martial Fist • Fox Marble • Katara • Dragon Essence • Iron Chain • Dagger Scabbard • Powder Keg • Whistle • Chess Piece • Charge • Warp Forge • Lucent Wings • Magnum • Abyssal Path • Relic • Fan Tassel • Bladebinder. How to make a MapleStory Item Filter! LoL - Accounts; Boosting; … Right now, you may access a full listing of items only for: - Class - Items - Equipment - Monsters.

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