maplestory dark knight link skill

Try not to get the ones that are the from same job. Good on small maps but otherwise not really that good. His Link Skill is % All Stats as listed above. Global MapleStory have those coupons that can be purchased from Cash Shop, and these coupons help expand the total number of character slots you can have. ***Kaiser’s level 2 link skill when Kaiser is level 120: +15% HP in total*** (required skill: level 20 Gathering) (max level: 25). Level 2: Activates when moving a certain distance, stacks up to 6 times. 5) Cannon Shooter hi i’m kind of new playing maple.. yes i know this game has been there for years.. but i would like to ask.. does it matter which class i play in what order to apply the link skills and blessings to my characters? There are numerous link skills in Maplestory, but you can only use 12 at once. IE: One(1) of each Cygnus job class will stack, but not multiples of the same class. If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, you can share them with us in the comment section below. The rest will have only link skill level 1. Idk which one to use..... future update 1 hey someone told me dark knights will be able to hold their weapon held down instead of across your chest in a future update. Playing demon avenger and wondering if I make a another DA can I link that to main? Max number of stacks: #x times, Duration: #time sec, Damage per stack: +#y%, Activated when moving a certain distance. so each cygnus knight gets cygnus blessing, should put in the other KoC jobs too then cause ur guide makes me believe only thunder striker has a link skill other than mihile out of KoC, and at what levels does Rhinne’s Blessing level up since theres 5 n she starts at 100? Good Bossing? It does not follow Tempest Job Advancement (Level 60 nor Level 100). When you are linking attributes, the clone will appear and attack using an attribute you were not using, completing the link. But i found some outdated onces, and a spreadsheet that is now closed? 11) Phantom’s level 2 link skill when Phantom is level 120: +15% to critical rate in total. Eunwol / Shade (Close Call) I have removed it now :-), Beast Tamer link skills have a 4% right before the crit rate which should be removed :). Can be stacked a max of 5 times. Luminous (Light Wash / Permeate) 11) Phantom Level 3: Boss damage +10%, Critical rate +10% and MaxHP MaxMP +5%. 1. Hello Ayumi, if i delete the character after i linked the skill, does the linked skill still to the other character? Level 2: Combo Kill Marble EXP: +650% (permanently) It’s a really important link skill for some classes, so it might be beneficial to make it a little clearer. 6. @Rowena: You do not need to create another Kanna to provide Kanna’s link skill to another Kanna.

In the link skills limitations aren’t #5 and #11 saying the same thing? Attacks against weaker opponents deal +6% damage. I will try to attempt to answer your question, but this is based on MapleStorySEA (Please Ctrl+F “LINK SKILLS TO USE”), and based on the prediction that Kinesis and Blaster will eventually come to MapleStorySEA. I’m on my Xenon and it says Current level 2 and doesn’t have a “Next level 3”. Hayato + Dark Knight + Demon Avenger, When the ZERO class is released will you post the link skill here? If the ricocheted bullets hit an enemy using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. @Nick: You can’t grab another Link skill that your character already possess. :P. Just wanted to mention that Mihile’s link skill is different for him,but remains the same (100% stance for x time) for characters you linked it to.

Level 3 is given when character is at Level 210, keep in mind not all link skills can reach up to 3. The power of the spirit of Resistance; the power of freedom! If other Resistance job classes exist on this account, can be stacked up to 4 times for each character who grants the link skill. Sage Teachings: Heaven Earth Human Apparition: Master your tactical arts, creating a special clone that links attributes. Abnormal Status Resistance: +5, Elemental Resistance: +5%. will they get longer duration if i gt mechanic character card.

It will be level 2 if your Aran is level 200, until u reach level 210 on Aran it will become level 3 link skill. i need help.. i have no idea about link skill… when i click link skill icon on my Zero lvl 110 i cant do anything with it.. it say “apprentice unchangeable”.. can someone teach me how to do it? Passively increases EXP Rate. This guide will show you the ways to improve your Dark Knight experience. The character card provides the EXP bonus. Some MapleStory region such as KMS, MSEA, ThaiMS does not have Beast Tamer job. hayato only has 1 link skill in sea and gms. We’ve created the following list ranking the 12 best link skills in Maplestory. @Nevin: Yes, you will need to reach a certain character level to automatically level up the Link Skill. Here you’ll find the best spots to train or quest by level range so you can level up quickly and unlock more Link Skills!. The changing link skill means that if you accidentally link characterA skill to characterB but you wanted to link to characterC, you need to wait for 24 hours before you can re-link characterA skill to characterC. Hello, I just made my demon slayer to get the skill it transfer is lvl 72 and it says unavaliable… what should i do to be able to use the transfer skill?

– Yes, since it is more of a passive skill you will be doing more damage and hitting more mobs while training. = Do bishops and explorer classes not give any link skills?? Having both of them increases your ignore enemy defense, great for bosses with high weapon/magic defenses. Good Bossing? Also, i recommend u put what version of Maplestory they are currently released in because i notice many people wondering why their link skill doesn’t level up, n it’s simply cause it isn’t here yet, n only in KMS or something for now. Level 1: +5% Damage. If Ego Weapon hits an enemy using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. ***Kaiser’s level 2 link skill when Kaiser is level 120: +15% HP in total*** (max level: 25). 1) level 100 to level 199 Ice/Lightning Archmage has the same character card boost (at Rank S of the character card) as level 100 to level 199 Flame Wizard, but Ice/Lightning Archmage’s card is of the explorer type, while Flame Wizard’s card is of the knights of cygnus type. is it possible to have them all? Good Bossing? +6% Damage for 10 seconds after inflicting an Abnormal Status.

(max level: 25). If Eternally Hungry Beast hits an enemy using Damage Cancel or Damage Reflect, enemies will still take damage. But this link skills guide mentioned that there are 12 best characters for link skills. From the original team of Resistance: Battle Mage, Wild Hunter and Mechanic, as well as the newly born Blaster. It should be 900% instead of 650% at max level.

Example: Soul Warrior Dawn Warrior + Blaze Wizard Flame Wizard + Wind Breaker Wind Archer + Striker Thunder Breaker + Night Walker. If Darkness Aura’s attacks hit an enemy using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. While Dragon Blaze is on cooldown, when your own attacking skills hit an enemy, create Flame Orbs that cause additional attacks. 1 sec cooldown between stacks. Level 2: Incoming damage reduced: 6%, defense ignored: 4% (Required Level 128)

Level 1: All Stats: +5% To link a character to raise the mp of my hayato, i need to use the Cannoneer?

), 3) level 2 link skill from level 120 Demon Avenger, 4) level 2 link skill from level 120 Xenon, 5) level 1 link skill from level 70+ Hayato (Not sure if level 2 link skill at level 120 will be released in the future for MapleStorySEA.

4) Hayato – No, since it takes a long time to aim and shot, this skill isn’t very good when you want to kill mobs as quickly as possible.

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