magic bars without graham crackers

(I just want you to know that I can hear your collective “Duh.” and I really don’t appreciate it.). In short, she is in the thick of it. Store them covered, in the refrigerator until ready to serve. These Hello Dolly bars—also known as seven-layer bars, coconut dream bars, or magic cookie bars—are made with a combination of semisweet chocolate and butterscotch chips.

If you are looking for more chocolate covered cherry goodness, check out these Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies From Center Cut Cook, these Chocolate Covered Cherry Sugar Cookie Cups From Eazy Peazy Meals, and these Chocolate Covered Cherry French Macarons from Taste and Tell.

? I like this for a quick meal. You might want to cut down on the sweetened condensed milk if you use those. Sprinkle crust with chocolate chips, then butterscotch chips, chopped heath bars, nuts and coconut. The other issue could be inadvertently buying evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed. I made two pans this morning- one with the 3/4c sweetened condensed milk and the other with just under 1/2c Bc that’s what was left in the can. She is making all of her wants and needs very clear. Melt together the butter and the chocolate chips in the microwave on 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until smooth. Of all the magic bar variations, this one might be the most decadent.

Quinn, thinking all is safe, climbs down from the stool, and gives her little sister a kiss, only to then be smacked again with the sword, but harder now because they are on the same level. All rights reserved.Part of the Whirlpool Corp. family of brands, Auto-renews at $4.99/mo. These Chocolate Covered Cherry Magic Bars and their brownie base are the delicious candy made into a decadent dessert! pinterest

Thanks so much for sharing–I’m really happy you liked them! But this time?

If you are looking for other great magic bars, make sure you try these S’mores Magic Bars, these Milky Way Magic Bars and these Strawberries and Cream Magic Bars. You could definitely give it a try, but it might add too much liquid to this. You may hear them called, hello dolly bars, magic cookie bars, coconut dream bars, or 7 layer bars. Use the form below to submit your question or comment. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and spray a 9 by 13 inch baking dish with cooking spray. If you are looking for other great magic bars, make sure you try these S’mores Magic Bars, these Milky Way Magic Bars and these Strawberries and Cream Magic Bars. This will add too much flour to the recipe.

I didn’t think anything so simple could be so good! This post may contain affiliate links. These didn’t quite turn out for me. Just wondered since I don’t like coconut and don’t really want to just add more chocolate/nuts…, I haven’t tried it but I think it could work , This recipe is SOOO good! These need to cool and set before you cut into them.


Here you’ll find easy recipes and weeknight meal ideas made with real ingredients, with step-by-step photos and videos. Pour sweetened condensed evenly over the top. Will definitely make again. Do not tap down the cup to make sure the measuring cup is full. She’s like a for real kid. Bake for 28 to 30 minutes until the edges are golden brown. I have made them once before but we ate it all!! Have a question? It will be my go to recipe. I cut them into 16 bars. Each name means basically the same thing; a delicious cookie bar made without eggs or flour, and with layers of cookie, chocolate, coconut bliss. These 7 layer magic bars are made without graham crackers and without coconut for a different twist on a classic recipe. Do you think this could be made using fresh sliced strawberries? Or you could try baking for a little bit and then taking out the brownies and add everything else. 1. ", Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies From Center Cut Cook, Chocolate Covered Cherry Sugar Cookie Cups From Eazy Peazy Meals. Hi Kami, you could just leave the coconut out…add extra chopped nuts if you want. RATE and COMMENT below! download my free top 10 easy dinner ebook!

Have you ever tried using more of the sweetened condensed milk than the recipe calls for? Magic Bars (also called 7 layer bars) are simple cookie bars made from a graham cracker crust, three different types of chocolate chips, coconut and nuts. It’s easy & quick to prepare.

Allow to cool before serving. Hi! 2. Mix with melted butter and pout mixture into a greased 8’’ square baking dish. These magic bars go by many names depending on your location. Make sure you don’t use extra sweetened condensed milk. These 7 layer magic bars are made without graham crackers and without coconut for a different twist on a classic recipe. When Quinn started to whine and cry, Piper did her very familiar pucker up move, letting Quinn know she wanted to give her a kiss. facebook Pour sweetened condensed evenly over the top. Variations: Chocolate crust: use chocolate graham crackers instead of honey graham crackers. It has come to my attention in the last week that Piper isn’t a baby anymore.

And I also love to shove a layer of sugar cookie in there. This is the EASIEST dessert, and always a party favorite. They will still be gooey, but delicious.

Just 6 ounces. ", "I have made this a couple or more times. Or, an altitude issue. Well then you make a huge tower of them and you top it with ice cream and fudge sauce. Updated September 2020. (Okay, see that collective “Duh” I feel good about.). (I like to refrigerate mine for a few hours before serving so they are easier to get out of the pan, to cut and hold the “layers” better.). Mix the melted chocolate/butter, eggs, and vanilla into the dry ingredients until fully combined. Thanks so much!

I would love to hear your experience. These Chocolate Covered Cherry Magic Bars and their brownie base are the delicious candy made into a decadent dessert! You could cut more or less depending on how large you like them. youtube, ©2020 Simple Joy | Design By Melissa Rose Design. They are on sale, super inexpensive right now. ... Monster Magic 7-Layer Bars Crazy For Crust. instagram Top with layers: Sprinkle crust with chocolate chips, then butterscotch chips, chopped heath bars, nuts and coconut. The Hello Dolly name is a reference to the Broadway musical, "Hello, Dolly!" You can also FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST for more great recipes!

Would replacing the coconut with quick oats be a bad idea or could it work? That was jut fun for the photos and is fudge sauce.

unless you cancel, Part of the Whirlpool Corp. family of brands, wafer crumbs, unsweetened shredded coconut, peanut butter chips and 4 more, butter, sweetened condensed milk, dried cranberries, egg, chopped pecans and 3 more, pitted dates, raw almonds, sea salt, water, sea salt, gluten-free rolled oats and 8 more, sweetened condensed milk, dried cranberries, butter, semisweet chocolate chips and 4 more, full fat coconut milk, hawaiian sea salt, white chocolate chips and 10 more, cookie, butter, chocolate chips, m&ms, pretzels, peanut butter chips and 2 more, vanilla, baking powder, large egg, unsweetened cocoa, granulated sugar and 10 more, unsalted butter, sweetened condensed milk, cake mix, sprinkles and 6 more, flaked coconut, chocolate, unsalted butter, toasted cashews, honey and 3 more, almond flour, nutmeg, nuts, coconut sugar, condensed milk, shredded coconut and 6 more, Nutella, vanilla extract, chocolate cookie crumbs, toffee bits and 5 more, pitted Medjool dates, pure vanilla extract, coconut butter, sea salt and 16 more, german chocolate cake mix, chocolate chips, caramels, butter and 2 more, whipping cream, chocolate wafer cookies, powdered sugar, coffee flavored liqueur and 6 more, salt, all purpose flour, sweetened condensed milk, peanuts, unsalted butter and 4 more, white vanilla baking chips, semisweet chocolate chips, egg, sugar cookies and 4 more, milk chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chip cookie mix and 5 more, shredded coconut, light brown sugar, canola oil, all-purpose flour and 13 more, chopped walnuts, shredded coconut, margarine, ground cinnamon and 4 more, sweetened condensed milk, semisweet chocolate chips, slivered almonds and 3 more, honey, egg, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, sugar, vanilla and 4 more, confectioners sugar, confectioners' sugar, pistachios, milk, butter and 7 more, sweetened condensed milk, chopped peanuts, chocolate chips, caramel sauce and 3 more, chopped nuts, white chocolate chips, sugar, unsweetened shredded coconut and 6 more, pumpkin purée, milk chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, sweetened condensed milk and 6 more, caramel bits, rolos, morsels, oil, chips, chocolate cake mix and 3 more, cream cheese, granulated sugar, heavy cream, butter, chocolate and 4 more, german chocolate cake mix, chopped pecans, evaporated milk, caramels and 2 more, condensed milk, slivered almonds, biscuits, dessicated coconut and 3 more, sprinkles, sweetened condensed milk, white chocolate chips, coconut flakes and 4 more, margarine, granulated sugar, almond extract, unsalted butter and 7 more, caramel topping, sugar cookies, flaked coconut, crushed pretzels and 3 more, eggs, granulated sugar, baking powder, semi-sweet chocolate morsels and 8 more, sugar, sweetened flaked coconut, butter, vanilla wafer crumbs and 9 more, butter, macadamia nuts, white chocolate chips, vanilla wafer crumbs and 5 more, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie 7 Layer Bars.

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