korean flower rice cake recipe

But the result is nice and chewy! In Korea, it’s usually ground using a huge commercial grinder at the tteok place and no one grinds it at home. Wrap with plastic wrap and rest for few minutes until ready to use. I tried to make this few hours ago but it didn’t turn out as white as the rice cake that i bought online or like the videos I have watched. Knead again. Thank you so much Nada!! If you want to make Korean Rice Tteok (not sweet rice), then this powder is what you need. Can you please attach a picture of what brand of rice flour you used?

This is Chinese rice flour and wont be as sticky as short grain rice. Combine the rice flour, kosher salt, and boiling water in a bowl. how to make fresh rice powder for rice cakes at home, How to Make Rice Flour for Rice Cakes (Maepssalgaru for Tteok), Korean Purple Rice or Black Rice (Heukmi Bap), 8 Korean Rice Bowl Recipes for Every Diet, Mini Kimbap (Mayak Kimbap) with Carrot or Cucumber, Bingsu 2 – Korean Shaved Ice Dessert with Watermelon, Easy Chicken Bulgogi (Dak Bulgogi) for BBQ, Yellow  – pumpkin powder (Danhobak Garu 단호박 가루), gardenia seed pods (Chija 치자) but sometimes the taste can be a bit strange after a while, Red – Cockscomb flower (Maendrami 맨드라미), Beets, Pink  – Youth berry or magnolia vine (Omija 오미자) aka Schisandra chinensisis is a red berry that has 5 flavors, raspberry juice, Purple – blueberry juice, purple grapes, purple sweet potato, Sweet Honey Sesame – crushed sesame seeds mixed with honey, Mungbeans – mungbeans are steamed then mixed with sugar, Chestnuts – use canned chestnuts with syrup or regular cooked chestnuts, Edamame – green edamame beans are cooked and salted, 2 cup frozen wet rice flour or fresh homemade rice cake flour, 4 Tbs + 2 tsp boiling water (less for homemade flour), 2 cup frozen wet rice flour or fresh homemade rice cake flour, 4 Tbs hot omija tea water or hibiscus tea, 1/2 to 1 tsp sugar (optional – if you like sweet), sea salt (1/8 tsp to 1/4 tsp per 1/2 cup cooked), TJ’s fine sea salt, If using frozen rice powder for rice cakes, thaw to room temperature. Repeat with different color dough and different filling. You don’t need to crush all seeds, just about half so that the flavor is released. Pine needles add a wonderful evergreen aroma and also act as a non-stick liner preventing Songpyeon from sticking to the steamer. Just double the songpyeon recipe you have posted?

In Korea, it is mostly made at special rice cake shops and hardly made at home because it’s difficult to do. Yes you can – for some rice cakes anyway. Ooh, I have questiin please. Toss to coat Songpyeon evenly with oil. Was there any answer if this is an okay flour? The video has been watched 6,436,040 times on YouTube & has been liked 103,308 times. Is the japanese short grain rice ised for sushis, the same when I pulvorized it and make rice flour for tteokbokki? Glad you enjoyed it. I’m cooking Dak Galbi and needed some rice cakes but not being able to go and get any, I thought I’d have a go. Yes, you will definitely get different results. A note about short grain rice flour: the flour you buy at your local store or the flour you make may have more or less moisture in it than the rice flour I use in this recipe. Yes, doubling the recipe should do it since my recipe makes 60 pieces. Just wondering do you have any tips for me in how to roll the Garaetteok?

Put in the steamer, line it with cheese cloth or pine needsle,lay the songpyeon, cover and steam for 12 minutes.

(5 min is good). Developing this recipe, I realized how much hard work it must have been for her. No, sorry that won’t work. Songpyeon fillings also come in several varieties. Both methods are described below. Crush sesame seeds using a mortar and pestle.

This recipe was originally posted on January 17, 2013 I know this is a dumb question Add to the blender about 1/2 of the soaked rice and 1/8 tsp salt. I know it’s kind of confusing but they all refer to the same thing; a rice flour or powder made from soaked short grain rice while it is still wet.

Thank you for responding! Hello can i use glutinous rice flour for tteok? Hi, I was wondering if I could use long grain rice, I couldn’t find any short grain. Repeat again. There are 2 types of tteok – one made with glutinous sweet rice flour and another with short grain rice flour. Hello maangchi! Prepare 2 bowls, tong and sesame oil. So, on this holiday, Koreans make Songypeon, rice, rice wine with new rice crop along with other dishes like fish jeon, meats, namul and fruits. Spread ½ ts toasted sesame oil on your cutting board. Add 2 cups rice flour into the bowl with the hot blueberry juice. This was really nice. Cut it into 8 equal pieces, then roll each piece out into a 4 inch long cylinder shaped rice cake. Only short grain rice could give u the texture of the tteok and mixing the rice flour and glutinous rice wont do coz it would just keep on sticking to your teeth. I LOVE hearing from you! I haven’t tasted yet and now I’m worried to waste food ingredients on making Tteokbokki if these rice cakes done taste good. I was working on my post for Songypeon recipe yesterday and I realized that if you live outside of Korea, you may have a hard time finding the right kind of rice flour to make the Korean Chuseok Tteok called Songpyeon. 9 Chuseok recipes with Jesa Table setting guide. Nutritional Facts in my recipe cards are provided as an estimate and may not be accurate. Too little or too much rice for your blender will not work as well. I tried making it with the flour I made according to your recipe, but it turned out too dry, grainy and hard… I think it may be because of the microwave… I made flour from round rice and another one from sushi rice, both weren’t good…. Well.. hmm. In a bowl, add 2 cup rice powder and 2 1/2 tsp matcha powder or mugwort powder. Thank you so much! Cut it into 2 equal pieces, then roll each piece out into two 10 inch long cylinder shaped rice cakes. If you can’t buy one, you can make at home, follow my recipe for. Put in a steamer basket or silicon steam liner to pot with songpyeon.

I used run of the mill short grain sushi rice to make the rice flour and then just followed all the steps carefully. Re-cover with the plastic wrap and cook for another 2 minutes. Setup a station with all the fillings and doughs together. You can just season with salt for the most traditional taste or add honey for a sweeter filling. Line a steamer rack with parchment paper. Shall we use the fresh pine needle collected from the park?

For each Songpyeon, make a 1 inch or slightly bigger little balls with your hand. I really enjoy that show too but haven’t seen the episode where he makes tteok. Due to different brands of ingredients having different nutritional values, the values I provide here may be different from your preparation. Made the flour with a hand robot! Use right away, or put in a plastic bag and freeze for later use. Blend 1/4 cup raspberries with 2 Tbs water. Join to get my FREE cookbook + monthly newsletters + recipe updates! Put the hot rice cake in the oily spot on the cutting board. Then lightly pinch edges to make a half moon shaped Songpyeon rice cake. Do NOT microwave when reheating – it will get rock hard right after! When mung beans are fully soaked, rub beans with hands to remove as much skin as possible. Put ½ ts toasted sesame oil onto your hands and gently rub the rice cakes to coat them in a thin sheen of oil.

I am sorry I was not clear – although they are all called “tteok”, there are different kinds of tteok. Combine the rice flour, kosher salt, and boiling water in a bowl. Thanks maangchi!

Add more for darker green color. and it was more yellow then yours, Hi, I’ve just made these and I’m so pleased with myself. Thank you so much for sharing!

What did you make with it? Required fields are marked *. It is very delicious. This is also harvest time for most crops, especially Korean rice. Fill one with cold water.

Get a steamer ready and steam the mung beans for 15 min until they are soft and crushes easily. Submit your question or recipe review here. Add the rice cake dough and steam for about 25 minutes over hight heat. Cook in the microwave covered with wet paper towel for 40 seconds until fully soft.

Drain top water away with the skins (as they will float to top). You will have to steam and then pound it for quite a bit and then shape. It should have the consistency of the mixture in this photo: Cover it with plastic wrap, leaving a small gap to let the steam release. Hwajeon 화전 – hwa 화 means flower and jeon 전 means a pan-fried in korean.

I’m keep trying to roll it to smoothen the Garaetteok surface but it’s just not working. You can season with salt only for the most traditional taste or add honey for a sweeter flavor.

Servings: 10 (60 pieces)     Prep Time: 6 hrs         Cooking Time: 20 min         Difficulty: Medium, *Note, to make 4 cups fresh rice cake flour, you need 2 cups of short grain rice (see my rice cake flour post for recipe), Yellow Rice Dough with Kabocha for Songpyeon_.

¾ cup of boiling water if using a microwave, 1 cup of boiling water if using a steamer (you may need more or less depending on how much moisture is in your short grain rice flour, see the note above), If you bought frozen rice flour from a Korean grocery store, put it in the fridge overnight until it thaws out and the flour becomes a powder.

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