key stage 3 maths curriculum

We're excited to use our new basketball hoops next term! We're extremely proud of our alumni who are now doing exciting media and production courses at university! Though it may seem hard to know where to start with KS3 Maths revision, or even how to go about revising a subject that is essentially numbers used in a number of ways for a variety of functions, then revision materials should help to guide you through the revision process. 1. Key Stage 3 maths resources Build your students' mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence with our key stage 3 maths resources. ), Explanatory Notes to Senior Secondary Mathematics Curriculum (with updates in August 2018), (The Curriculum Development Council recommends schools to implement the revised senior secondary Mathematics curriculum for Extended Part progressively from S4 with effect from the school year 2019/20.

Maths lessons at KS3 will get more and more challenging as you progress, so it’s important to keep up as much as you can and try to do some extra work at home if possible as well to help you get your head around things. It gives pupils a wider understanding of how the world around them works and prepares them for making decisions, solving problems and processing everyday information. Our thoughts are with all victims of conflict.

Why are our times tables important? The key elements that underpin the curriculum objectives are key issues for modern society.

In addition, many libraries now offer modern digital platforms, whereby online data and journals can be accessed and viewed. The statutory requirements for this Area of Learning make these key elements explicit.

For children, being put on the spot can be quite overwhelming and for adults, it can be embarrassing when we can't work out our times tables instantly as we feel we are expected to know how to do this by now! National curriculum in England: mathematics programme of study - key stage 3 Ref: DFE-00179-2013 PDF , 205KB , 9 pages National curriculum in England: mathematics programme of study - key stage 4 Parents and carers may contact their child's personal tutor and access resources on Firefly. Many students find that with large class sizes and the pressure to learn a lot of topics in a relatively short period of time, it can be really easy to feel lost. It enables to make sense of the world around us.

The truth is, however, that multiplication is a tricky concept and unless you have a very good memory, it takes a lot of practice to keep on top of the trickier ones. Discover how useful maths can be in life and why you should consider studying it. Great to meet parents and carers via Zoom today for progress review meetings with tutors. Or perhaps you’re half way through year nine and it’s all getting a bit too complicated? For instance, the 2, 4 and 8 times tables become a whole lot easier if you realise and understand that you can simply double the answer from a simpler times table. All of the work covered will rely on basic maths knowledge, and knowing your multiplications will help you no end when it comes to the trickier stuff. Key Stage 3 (commonly abbreviated to KS3) consists of years seven, eight and nine – so students from ages eleven to fourteen in secondary school in the UK.. KS3 school maths is a pretty big and sometimes challenging journey, starting from year seven and ending in year nine before you embark upon maths GCSE, which is one of the mandatory subjects to take at GCSE in the UK. ), Explanatory Notes to Senior Secondary Mathematics Curriculum, Recommended implementation timeline for the revised Mathematics curriculum, Syllabuses for Secondary Schools - Mathematics (Secondary 1 - 5) (1999), Consultation on the Revised Mathematics Curriculum (P1-S6), Comparison of the Content of the Revised Mathematics Curriculum and Current Mathematics Curriculum, Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 - Secondary 6) (2017), Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 - Secondary 3) (2002), Supplement to Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide: Learning Content of Junior Secondary Mathematics (2017), Explanatory Notes to Junior Secondary Mathematics Curriculum (2020), Supplement to Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide: Learning Content of Senior Secondary Mathematics (2017), Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 - 6) (with updates in December 2017), Recommended implementation timeline for the revised senior secondary Mathematics curriculum, Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 - 6) (with updates in November 2015).

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