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[5] The employees threaten to unionize when Cheyenne is unable to get paid maternity leave, leading to Glenn being fired for suspending her six weeks with pay, resulting in a strike. Sandra holds the tablet with Dina so she can rebuke. So she took acting classes and started to hunt for her position in the entertainment industry. [34], Portrayed by Nichole Sakura, Cheyenne Tyler Thompson (née Lee) is a Cloud 9 associate who is a pregnant, 17-year old high school student at the start of the series.

Cheyenne becomes engaged to her boyfriend, Bo Derek Thompson.

[19], Glenn reveals in the Season 2 episode "Super Hot Store" that he is 57 years old. America Ferrera and husband Ryan Piers Williams have welcomed their first child. Due to the fact that Cloud 9 doesn't provide paid maternity leave, Glenn faked anger with Cheyenne and suspended her for six weeks with pay, and a person from corporate overheard this and got Glenn fired. In the beginning, Kaliko had no intention to pursue a career in acting though she loved acting.

He is an employee who wants to climb the ladder at Cloud 9 as quickly as possible. Portrayed by Nico Santos, Mateo Fernando Aquino Liwanag is a Filipino (mistaken as Mexican[17][18]) Cloud 9 associate. [12] It was later revealed that they decided to divorce.[13]. Credited as “Nichole Bloom” for the first five seasons. [40], The Season 3 episode "Viral Video" reveals that Jonah has begun dating new employee Kelly, much to Amy's disappointment.[45]. She was raised by her parents in a loving and caring environment with her siblings.

Born on the 26th of February in the year 1993, Taylor is a famous actress.

She's annoyed that.

She is from Hawaii, is shy and suffers from low self-esteem and lack of confidence. [71], Portrayed by Kaliko Kauahi, Sandra Kaluiokalani is a Cloud 9 employee of Native Hawaiian descent[37] who has trouble bringing up legitimate concerns and being heard. Big Finish Announces Relaunch of ‘Doctor Who’ Range, Goo Goo Dolls, Andy Grammer, DNCE & More Announced for Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival. [27], Sandra has lots of talents, despite her low self-esteem. https://superstore-nbc.fandom.com/wiki/Sandra_Kaluiokalani?oldid=24228. [30] When Garrett and Dina are alone in Glenn's office during the episode "Super Hot Store", they wind up having sex two more times.[32]. Jonah makes a terrible impression on his first day and immediately clashes with Amy,[3] but their relationship has since improved. Her sister Kaina is the owner and agent of Kaina Kauahi Insurance and Financial Services Inc. As of now, her family lives in Hawaii, USA. [39] She also has superior autobiographical memory in which she can remember every single day of her life.

[25] His parents were Arthur and Marion Sturgis. Early in season 2, she blackmails the district manager, Jeff, into shredding his report to corporate which could have resulted in Amy's termination. [4], In 2014, Gardner joined the Sunday Company, and a year later she was promoted to the Main Company resulting in her quitting her job as a hairstylist to focus on acting. [6] Amy appears somewhat jaded, admitting she did not see herself still working at Cloud 9 more than ten years after starting her employment there.

He joined Saturday Night Live as a writer in its 39th season, became a featured player in its 42nd, and was promoted to a repertory player beginning with its 44th. Justina Milagros Machado is an American actress, known for her roles as Penelope Alvarez on the Netflix and Pop TV sitcom One Day at a Time, Darci Factor in The CW dramedy Jane the Virgin, Vanessa Diaz on the HBO drama Six Feet Under, and Brenda on the USA drama Queen of the South. When stacking soda bottles, a crock pot box falls and just misses her. He frequently works the customer service counter and is often heard making announcements over the store public address system.

[4], At the age of 21, Gardner dropped out of college and left Kansas to move to Los Angeles, where she worked at a salon for nine years. ... Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra Kaluiokalani; Throughout a persevering with time period (or throughout the time interval)

[3] Jonah is anti-guns and refuses to work the gun counter. In season 2, Mateo accuses Sandra of being Jeff's lover when the employees feel someone close to him is passing off sensitive information. [23] Mateo later confesses to Cheyenne as well. [12] Dina reveals in the episode "Ladies Lunch" that there was more than a kiss, and she and Garrett had a sexual encounter that day. [61] However, Sandra later realizes that she and Jerry miss each other, and the two make out in Glenn's office. Jerry was supposed to be the front end but he's in Florida with Carol. "Superstore Premiere Recap: Amy and Jonah Kissed — So Now What? [28] His family owned a hardware store, Sturgis and Sons, before Cloud 9 put them out of business after 59 years.

He has mentioned that he lives with his cousins. Jonah can sometimes come off as being "tough," snobby, critical, and like he has everything together. [30] When Garrett and Dina are alone in Glenn's office during the episode "Super Hot Store", they wind up having sex two more times.[32]. Up next in our continuing coverage from San Diego Comic-Con is our interview with Superstore‘s Kaliko Kauahi! The actress celebrates her birthday on 11th January. [28], He came out as gay to Glenn, while helping a gay couple find lights for their wedding. [12] It was later revealed that they decided to divorce.[13]. [33] After Mateo and Jeff's relationship becomes public, Mateo must transfer out of Jeff's district, however when told to present his social security card as is necessary for the transfer, he breaks up with Jeff rather than admitting his documents are fake.

After Amy admits to spray-painting the store, Sandra calls her a monster and thinks that Amy also trashed the Break Room. Michaela Suzanne Watkins is an American actress and comedian. This article is about the most recent history of Saturday Night Live from 2015 through 2020.

Despite sometimes coming off snobby, he forms working relationships with the other staff. [25], Until Season 4, Glenn and his wife, Jerusha, had no children of their own,[8] but they had been foster parents to eleven kids. Jonah is from a well-to-do background and came to Cloud 9 because he dropped out of business school in Chicago and ran up debt. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Jonah prides himself on being worldly and well-read, and makes every effort to inject this into conversations with coworkers. [37], Glenn and his wife Jerusha hire Dina to be their surrogate in Season 4. Marilyn decides to divorce him at the end of the episode. In the Break Room, Sandra is with several staff who make fun of Jonah for keeping the truth from his parents and she says Jonah is eventually going to have to tell them the truth. America Ferrera, star and executive producer of the NBC sitcom Superstore, will be leaving the show following the season five finale on April 16. Coming to this day, she has performed in several TV series and movies. On the scissor lift, Sandra is crowding Amy and writing down every small mistake she makes. Dina agrees to be a surrogate mother for Glenn and his wife Jerusha in the season 3 episode "High Volume Store". So her net worth is unwrapped until today though she has possibly garnered a remarkable sum. Sandra grabs Amy, cries out in terror and the lift crashes into a display. She and Jonah also begin dating.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. © After a tweet critical of the store results in corporate giving the store more hours, Amy and Jonah secretly make more tweets. That's it.

In the season 5 episode "California Part 1", Amy gets offered a corporate job that would require her to move to California. [3] Prior to dating Bo, Cheyenne dated her sophomore English teacher, Cole. Sandra's health issue include asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome and gout. The forty-fifth season of the NBC comedy series Saturday Night Live premiered on September 28, 2019, during the 2019–20 television season with host Woody Harrelson and musical guest Billie Eilish, and concluded on May 9, 2020 with host Kristen Wiig and musical guest Boyz II Men featuring Babyface. As Sandra unsuccessfully tries to get, Sandra listens to Amy announce "Employee Appreciation Day." She currently co-stars in the Hulu series Shrill and the Showtime series Work in Progress. Julia Anne Sweeney is an American actress, comedian and author. At a going away party for Jeff, Sandra relates intimate details about her fake relationship with Jeff. [9] In 2019, Gardner made her stage debut in Michael Frayn's Noises Off at The Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts. [22] Glenn met Jerusha while she was working at Sturgis and Sons, and although he asked her out every day, she repeatedly said no, until Glenn's father threatened to fire her if she didn't agree to go out with him.

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