jobs for 18 year olds in high school near me

Do you love fitness or yoga? Plus, you gain extra money from tips and learn the basics of the restaurant business. When I was a teen, I had grand dreams of becoming a famous movie star/singer/writer/trapeze artist. This should really be called Professional Kid Wrangler. There’s also a chance you’ll get to sit in some sweet rides.

Before you apply, check the places you’re hoping to work to make sure you're qualified. It gives you the opportunity to become a coffee snob, should you so desire. Okay, you’re qualified! Working at the rink lets you help others love the ice as much as you do. You also get a sweet discount on food. But, think of all the free popcorn! Or maybe it has and you and the ice are so close you can’t imagine spending a day without. Schedule: Make sure the job you’re applying for fits your schedule. You’re right in the action of scooping the delicious frozen treats for children and families alike. While some pools offer the training, others don’t. Apply to Tax Preparer, Logistics Manager, Teaching Assistant and more! This is the job where you’ll learn to hate everyone and gain respect for every retail worker you interact with for the rest of your life. Some of the jobs from the list can also be perfect jobs for 18 year olds with high school diploma, but they can suit those who are still students as well.

While some swim-related establishments offer CPR training, not all do. The beginning. Food Delivery Driver . Oh!

Are you centered?

Whether it’s a wedding or fancy gala, you’ll get to mingle with the fanciest dressed. You learn how to save lives and keep people having fun at your local pool or water park. Working at a bowling alley is a great way to do this! Wanting to work as a receptionist means you’re also ready to meet the demands of the patrons. You get to chat with the busser occasionally, but it’s usually a job where you get to be with your thoughts and the dishes. Amazon Warehouse Worker - Flexible Scheduling for College St... Join Amazon and become part of the dedicated team that gets orders ready for people relying on Amazon’s service. Localwise is the local hiring community. 67,988 Teen jobs hiring near me. As long as you’re capable of not getting into a car accident at 10 mph, this is a job for you. Armed with a hose and sink, this is a solo position that is great if you can handle washing hundreds of dirty dishes per shift.

The only thing you need to know going into this job is how NOT to stick your hand into a blender. But unlike Robin, after you save the day you’re rewarded in sweet, sweet tips! Tip: Enter your city or zip code in the "where" box to show results in your area. White shirt/black slacks will most likely be your uniform.

You get to chat it up with people and gain respect for the staff you interact with each shift. Terms, Front Desk Receptionist (At a Spa, Salon or Hotel), Front Desk Associate at a Fitness or Yoga Studio.

This position is best for someone who is organized and can handle a busy environment while staying cheerful. Some great perks are playing music in the background and usually free meals each shift. It’s kind of like applying to be a waitress without ever trying the restaurant's food. If you want to be in two places at once without defying physics, try standing on a state border with one foot in each state. By Team Localwise ... many camps are held during the summer, so it won’t take away homework time during the year! As a camp counselor, you get to let your inner kid out while also directing little ones in the right direction (literally and figuratively). Explore career as Administrative Assistant: Hilke and Weng Optometric Physicians, LLC, By creating a job alert, you agree to our, Order Picker/Packer - Earn $630 a week - Immediate Hire, Minority Tax Pros Association jobs in Remote. Every Jiffy Lube service center employee is required to complete Jiffy Lube University™, an award-winning training program so extensive that Jiffy Lube earned the distinction of being an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Accredited Training Provider. Some perks are the delicious discounted food, returned smiles, and tips. For more information, see the, Material Moving & Warehousing Occupations, Easily apply to this job without a resume. If you love kids and are good at playing with them and generally making sure they don’t hurt themselves, you’re already more than qualified. This is as close to “Super Hero” as it gets as a young person. Here it is. Even if it means giving someone a wake-up call at 3 in the afternoon. Must be able to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions and procedure manuals, as well as be able to speak effectively with customers and fellow employees. Driver Jobs 20.

The target is to ensure excellent service standards, respond…. You’ll get discounts on trendy outfits while also walking away with some interesting tales about customers. The movie-esque quality of being part of a wait staff is fact. Now that you’re an expert, you get to blend fruit to make somebody’s breakfast or snack time drink. For example, becoming a lifeguard requires CPR training. With every hire, we help to build local companies, careers, and communities. At Localwise, we are on a mission to match local employers with great local talent. Maybe the whole figure skater thing hasn’t panned out. © Localwise 2020 | You just need to have a driver’s license and be over 18 to be qualified. Pretty good at a certain subject in school or just plain good at explaining things? At Jiffy Lube, our Lube Technicians are the best in the business, and the reason why we’re a leader in the industry! Your first step closer to stardom (probably not). Also, think of all the potential discounts you’ll receive on the services that your business has to offer! Along with competitive pay and outstanding advancement potential, employees also enjoy the following benefits: Should be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. You’ll man the skate rental areas, help the instructors, and assist minorly injured skaters with band-aids and ice packs. You’re definitely going to need one of those. That’s a pretty sweet return gift for helping someone out. Should be able to bend and reach comfortably, climb steps, lift heavy objects occasionally and other physical activities in both the lower and upper bay areas. If you don’t mind the tedious work of lining goods upon goods down grocery store shelves, you have the perfect skillset to work at a grocery store. Also, you’ll probably get a discount on classes or maybe even free use of the facilities. Perks are the free leftover food and the chance to experience new places. Amazon Seasonal Package Sorter - 4 days/10 hours - Early Mor... Amazon Part-time Picker Packer - Immediate Hire. But ye be warned, this job comes with some VERY early morning shifts. Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Commission. What could they do without you? So now that you’re a job-hunting expert, here are 21 jobs for anyone under 21! You’re the Robin of the restaurant, partnering to fight negative restaurant experiences with the waiter (Batman). As a Lube Technician, you will be an integral part of the team servicing vehicles, changing oil and filters, adding fluids, checking tire pressure, washing windows and vacuuming floorboards, as well as other duties within the shop. Experience: Make sure to note what kind of experience is needed for the job before you apply. Before I dive into all 21 possible jobs, here are some things to take into consideration when you’re looking for one of your first jobs. Breathe out. You’ll have to remember where all of the theaters are, stock the candy shelves without eating all of the candy, and be ready to prepare and serve snacks. Prepare to have a sore forearm through training, but it’ll be worth it when you get to eat all of the ice cream you want! Working as a barista will hone your skills at making the perfect cup.

But considering I couldn’t afford anything that wasn’t free, I (my parents) decided I should get a part-time job until the whole trapeze artist thing panned out. There are a lot of options out there so it’s a good idea to choose one that doesn’t make you want to hurl every time you think about it. Who knows, you may even find something you're truly passionate about! Helping someone else learn something strengthens your understanding of that skill. Also, you get all of the delicious caffeine nectar your heart can handle (literally).

If you think stocking shelves is the absolute worst thing you could do, you’re probably not going to want to be a grocery store clerk. Do you like to help people enjoy games?

Need to be able to walk or stand for several hours at times in both hot and cold temperatures. 21 Best Part-Time Jobs for Teens and High School Students. Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma.

Do you enjoy loud and energetic crowds? Browse Teen jobs and apply online. Jiffy Lube University combines state-of-the-art computer-based instruction, supervised on-the-job training and proficiency testing to help Jiffy Lube technicians become skilled in providing comprehensive preventive maintenance. Ah, the sweet smell of coffee. For the last two years of school I had a retail job… I would have put this under the “Extreme Sports” category if we had one. During my first two years of high school I was a paper delivery boy, leaving at 4 am every morning to deliver newspapers.

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