how to pronounce siobhan funny

The one that does make me bristle though is pronouncing Padraig as PAA-DRIG. Roisín, normally your name is written with an accent (fada) on the second “i”. Edit: a few people are mentioning it’s more of a shuh-Von or she-Von. But we have no boys names at all! muintir na hEireann -people of Ireland. We are an adoptive family and I know her birth grandmother (deceased) was also Gathel. i am from australia, my name is michelle and as a nickname i use mickei like mickey, but people constantly call me shelly, they dont even bother asking me and even if i say i dont like it people still tend to continue if theyve started it. I also go by Araea, as it’s a lovely name, and that gets some people confused too. If that was me, pronouncing or mispronouncing Irish or any other foreign names and that includes some English, American or Canadian, please do not humiliate me in front of other people telling me it is the wrong name. she is black.

Do whatever you think your ideal player would prefer.

But i don’t really care.. she had to explain how to pronounce it each time she had a new teacher, just like any other unique name. When they don’t make a v-sound, it’s a w-sound. Céire pronounced care re hard growing up with this name but love it because theres not many with it but everyone just says ciara which is kirrah.

It’s really annoying when she gets Fiona or fion and when they don’t use the capital F as it’s part of her name. Dónal – doe-nal That little accent makes the same name in spelling VERY different in pronunciation. It’s important to remember parents give names (most often) with meaning, and of course everyone should be proud of their heritage, if one’s name reflects their heritage I think it is something to be proud of. We named our daughter Aislinn (pronounced Ash-lin). @Daniela – I think it depends on the dialect. Could anyone please tell me how would “Sabhaoi” be pronounced? The sadest thing though, there being plenty of Sians out here in Australia, the poor thing was always “un-correcting” people. Something along those lines, anyway.

Cady – Bronagh is pronounced Brone-ah with Bron being pronouced to rhyme with “crone” if that makes sense, followed by “ah” How do you correctly pronounce Rhiannon? Hope this helps anyone trying to make sense of our language and if anyone has any better descriptions for how to pronounce the fadas, I’d love to hear it.

Faolan – fay lawn.

A little help with the original Irish of my family’s surname from Galway: Good luck in finding your answer!

Fearghal – fer-gul One is Phaedra and the other is Iarlaith. There are many letter combinations in Gaelic that when pronounced sound out an entirely diferent sound. Another woman pronounces it Lee-uh-dawn. Why so different in the Irish and Scottish?

I agree with all of the people on here who recommend flexibility with pronunciation and acceptance. Most people can get my name once I explain it the first time, but my sister’s name is Eilis, and everyone gets it wrong. I have spoken to my mother about these names that are becoming so popular here in the US and she said she didn’t know anyone growing up with names like Orla or Cian. I get Rachelle (French) and Raquel (Spanish), and some people spell it Rachelle or Racheal/Rachael. Cobhlaith is another name that is new to me!! I’ve always pronounced Siobhan as Shi-vorn, I didn’t realise there were other ways! Which name do you prefer, Padraig or Rory?

How do you pronounce Alex James in irish. Neve is Portuguese for “snow” and is pronounced “nevvy.” My granddaughter-in-law is Brazilian. I live in the north of Ireland.

Does anyone know either the origin or pronunciation of this name? sometimes an accent can simply change the sound, and it really isn’t their fault, they think they’re making the same sound and a native speaking person would pick up on the wrong sound. I find my name boring sometimes; wish I had something interesting :), so i was looking how to say aoife but im a sad case ive seen every type of how pronounce it but until i hear someone say it to me the closest i get is like ava srry if that angers any on the aoifes on here and i read someone elses post that has a leigh in their name but has ppl missing how to say it…my dad had originally wanted to spell my name ashleigh but forgot how to spell it so i got the most normal way of spelling and it took me forever watching tv and reading books that aislinn is ashlyn (using english spelling cuz thats all i can understand) cian has a k sound and that niall with or without an e was neal i still mess up sometimes so i need to find an aoife in my area and have them say their name, My sister is Shivahn like Siobhán and it is NOT like chiffon. To the other Eimear- whereabouts in Ireland are you from? Please interpret it as a suggestion, not an insult/attack. Many names are largely pronounced phonetically here but some have the slightest extra pronounciation within them. Thank you, Deirdre! Pronounced “Kweeva”, not “Cam-he”. I think it’s something like eer-luh or air-luh. Was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on my last name “Keogh”.

We did similar, ordering personalised things for both Ciaran and Niamh.

It probably isn’t that complicated, but I’d like to know how to pronounce it correctly. BTW the official title of the Irish police force is “Garda Síocháin” = Guardians of the Peace.

Jodi Ann.

Can anyone help with the correct pronunciation of Faiion please? Caitlín should be pronounced something like “Cothleen”.

I am partly Irish but there’s no Irish family left to ask and I’m struggling! The difference between the pronunciation of the name in the northern counties of Ireland has more to do with the Derry and Belfast accents than a deliberate difference in pronunciation. Lee-a-din for one, in whose family this name is common. What?! I will never dumb down a name for anyone just to make it easy, because people will mess names up no matter what. Another woman, who studies Gaelic, named her daughter this and convinced it’s Lee-an (an ancient name/pronunciation). I really only wanted to make sure she had a unique name and wasn’t one of 3 Emmas, Ellas, or Emilys her class. Being called Eimear, and now living on the contintent, I have a constant battle with the pronounciation of my Irish name! not Neeem!” and make the teacher look rather silly! How do you pronounce “Maolshachlan?” Thanks bunches! People do have problems pronouncing it when they see it written down but I don’t mind correcting them, my name is rarely ever pronouced right either. Conaire Names evolve.

Hi all, can you please tell me how to spell ‘Shenay’ in Gaelic. My Orlaith gets so frustrated because since we moved to the states every one calls her OR lith or even worse OR lathe.

Why do you people assume everyone should know how to pronounce a name that is not even close to what they’re used to? So while my birth certificate says “Erin”, I’ve generally gone by Éireann. Ellise – el-ise. The second syllable should not be emphasized.

Why can’t they jut pronounce it the right way (Beth-n)

Both my parents sadly passed. I first encountered Ciannait as a masculine name, but most places I’ve looked list it as feminine, though some say unisex. So the name you are inquiring about would be pronounced “Ban va” The correct pronunciation for Áine is “Awn-ya”. not eefa or eefe or anything like that. Kristin – never heard of that one. As for others mispronouncing Irish/Celtic/Gaelic names, the polite thing to do, and common courtesy dictates, that one should simply ASK how to pronounce it rather than butchering it with a guess. Its “shay-mus”! I know Bridie is common, are Bride with a fada or Bridhe alternative spellings?

all of the versions,though, are from the same origin. Gruffydd – Griff-ith (Th as in THE not as in THROW) I like Eithne, and I’m considering changing my name to it (for many reasons, including those someone mentioned why their daughter changed her name. Thanks! I was born in the 80s & raised in London and people constantly were baffled by my name & pronounced it key-o-me (still do) however it makes me laugh when i read on baby blogs that a child would be scarred for life with an unusual name etc.. First of all you must establish whether you're looking at English or Welsh. Your name and mine are not that different in age of use, yours is simply more widely known and used.

Thank you in advance :). Moira (emphasis OY) is generally, in my experience, how that name / similarly emphasized names are pronounced in American English, English English is a whole other ballgame, I’m trying to find a middle name I am hearing impaired and wouldn’t know how to pronounce them correctly. How does anybody not know how to say “Megan”? The confusion I think is some people think it is the female form of Aidan and others think it’s just another way of spelling Eithne. am looking for opinions on the pronunciation of Cormac.

I’m not sure on its origin either.

With a baby girl on the way, my wife and I are leaning towards Aine. ?

Is it that difficult to work out someones name or they could at least google how to pronounce them Because we are sick of people saying this it’ll confuse Aoife she’s only 4 they will confuse her. Does anyone know how to pronounce the name Ciadhra? Copyright © 2006-2020 Nancy's Baby Names. Cassidy – exactly how it is in english “cass-i-dee” Thank you Grace! I recently read it in a book, but have no idea on its pronounciation! Strangely Catlin is usually pronounced right, & I have yet to hear anyone slaughter Briana (Brian’s feminine version). My cousin’s name is Ceilidh, which is pronounced similarly to the English Kayleigh (Kay-lee), but it’s more “Kayl-ee.”, I know my name is pretty common but I’ve had a few mishaps ……… Pa-tri-Kia, Patrick, (when shortened to Trish) trash, Tony (where that came from I dont know lol). I’ve always pronounced it as “Key-oh” but I’ve been told it’s wrong. I’m irish and that’s how we pronounce it!

Siobhan, Hi everyone! We all know the embarrassing feeling of discovering we've been mispronouncing a word for years. My name is Aisling (Ash-ling) and my sisters are Sinead (Shin-ade) and Caitlín (Cat-lin). However, English speakers have great difficulty in making these sounds. I googled it and my guess is based on that, with the Líadan = Lee-din being what I read.

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