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Upon close inspection one could count 48 total hits from Deathstroke and only 19 from Deadpool. Then the two regrouped at a bar, where they had an argument and Deadpool stormed off to do the job himself. Boomstick: You'd think these guys would've learned by now. Both combatants stagger. Deadpool: (normal voice) *gasps* Deadpool wins! Deathstroke: 9 Heroes That He Defeated With Ease (And 8 That Humiliated Him). YAY! Deadpool continues fighting Deathstroke, but Deathstroke gains the advantage, and he continually hits and beats up Deadpool. Slade is a non-entity to the point of it being a gag. Because of the many factors that Deathstroke has from his backstory, there’s no doubt that he has much more general experience than Deadpool. Bad idea as Deadpool is a Master Martial Artist, Seasoned Assassin, and a Raging Sex Machine- what? Years ago, Deadpool was working for a scientist named Butler. While their swords are locked Deadpool points his pistol against his arm and right at Deathstroke's face. That’s not to say that Slade isn’t an interesting character by any means, but there are several other characters in comics and other media that bear a similar personality. Liefeld was — is — a self-professed fan of DC's teenage sidekick superteam. Cullen Bunn is a guy who writes a gazillion Deadpool miniseries and will probably write a gazillion more. Wiz: Though in real life, it's a chemical used in atomic batteries to power guided missiles and spacecrafts. The two characters are so similar that even their names, Slade and Wade Wilson, play off of each other. Wiz: Facing the inevitability of death, Wade gave up. Deathstroke gets kicked in the stomach, and lands on the ground, pulling out his energy lance. And now it's Deathstroke that might suffer on the big screen because of that. So, does like his zipper try and close itself when he wants to take a leak? Please continue talking about how great I am. Deadpool: Oh, is it swordfight time? Wiz: With his impressive skills and arsenal, Deathstroke has defeated dozens of ninjas at once, survived an exploding nuclear submarine, and took down most of the Justice League by himself. Even if Deadpool was a straight-up rip-off at the time of his creation, he has since gone onto become his own thing, with the box office prowess to prove it. Deadpool teleports on top of truck again. He had the same word bubbles, an appearance that merged Deadpool with any given Liefeldian X-character, and the name Wade. Deadpool shows them his naked frame from the comic, scarring them from the disturbance. It’s fucking great. Deathstroke: (deep voice) And the moral of the story is... Deadpool reveals himself puppeteering Deathstroke's head. He is also much more calculated with his moves than Deadpool, who typically runs in swinging without a plan. ), (*Cues: Strongest Iron Arena- Tekken Tag Tournament 2*). Oh, you're a badass? Deathstroke prefers his sweet Thundercat-style sword and laser-shooting energy lance. ...Get it? Deadpool: Yeah, I noticed that you left a few things in the script, so I made some changes. Wade, while canny, is an insane person. I mean, turnabout is fair play (this is how Street Fighter got Dan Hibiki, after all), but at least OG Deadpool wasn’t a total carbon copy. At this time, the actor behind Deathstroke's mask has not been revealed. Honestly, this is where the story reaches its wackiest point. Here are five such instances. Really, Deadpool finally accomplished his dream of becoming the next great superhero. Wiz: Apparently, this impressed her so much, they were married with a kid on the way in mere months. One indication: Warner Bros., which owns DC Films, is, according to multiple reports, looking for a director for a Deathstroke solo film. Deadpool drops his machine guns Deathstroke pulls out two ammo clips from his armor to reload, only to realize that Deadpool has disappeared, wondering where he has gone to. It isn't known how big or small a role Deathstroke may play in Justice League. Seriously, what makes this chump worth 10 bucks more than me? Now, a decade later, Wilson's family is threatened once again. *clears throat* This was a surprisingly even match. They injected Wade with Wolvie's healing factor. did the match-up first before BatintheSun. ", Deadpool says it directly at the viewers. He used these skills to kill Ajax and make a dramatic escape. Deadpool teleports behind him and kicks him. Ponytail Punisher. (*Cues: Deadpool's Old Theme (Le Scar Remix) - Marvel vs Capcom 3*). Deadpool teleports just as a car flies towards both him and Deathstroke while Deathstroke dodges it. 1. Which begs the question: what on Earth does the U.S. military think is in truth serums? The same five heroes in a sillier, stupider, and far more successful series where everyone is a piece of shit and nothing matters. Deadpool: *laughs* It's a Deathstroke kabob! Wiz: Basically, he's a pro at shattering the fourth wall. © Watchr Media • All rights reserved, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Take Their Feud to Sam's Club. Both characters are hyper-violent mercenaries who enjoy a brutal killi. Ah well. Then Teen Titans Go happened. 2. Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson may exist under different publishers, but that doesn't stop them from referencing each other now and then. Ten years before Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld created Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) at Marvel Comics, DC Comics had created Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson). Hang on, give me a sec. So, Nicieza wasn't insinuating that Liefeld may not have known about a similar character at a competing company — it was patently impossible for Liefeld to not have been aware of Deathstroke. But unlike Wade, whose brain damage has turned him into a fun-loving, albeit dangerous, hitman, Slade is a super serious supervillain. Wiz and Boomstick themselves make a reference to. Guess who that's for? Of course, Deadpool’s healing factor makes him the more durable of the two. Even when Deathstroke appeared in Marvel vs. DC, it was a one-panel showdown with the Punisher. If the Welsh Evans does direct, don't expect the hilarious raunch of Deadpool. Deadpool: Bingo! In comics, Slade Wison, alias Deathstroke the Terminator, is a primary antagonist to the Teen Titans. OW! Don't let me slow you down! The place is Marvel Comics (this is not really a place, but pretend it is for dramatic cadence). Shows the footage of Deathstroke in his cell room doing some push-ups. Marvel's Wade Wilson is an anti-hero assassin, as is DC Comics Deathstroke. I don’t know. Deadpool was first introduced in February 1991, in a similar title to The New Teen Titans: Marvel’s The New Mutants issue 98. From the start, Liefield wasn’t trying to pretend that his idea for a new Marvel Comics character wasn’t inspired by Deathstroke. I'M PREDICTABLE!? Deadpool and Deathstroke's 3D models were taken from the 2013 video games. When Deadpool was first introduced in 1991, it was pretty evident that the character was a blatant ripoff of the popular DC villain, Deathstroke. MY OTHER LUNG! Boomstick: So back to the weapons. Deathstroke: Let's see what kind of mark this leaves on you. Likewise, the two of them are almost always armed to the teeth and great at using their environment to their advantage. His favorite characters are Batman, Swamp Thing, Blue Beetle, Spider-Man, and the X-Men. Scott Koblish would attempt to make the art look like it was straight out of a specific decade. Throughout the whole episode, Deadpool pops out 11 times in total interloping before and after the fight. While Deadpool is driving a sweet ride, on that hood, it has Deathstroke's dismembered head as a hood ornament. Even though he was wearing the same color scheme as Deathstroke, the Earth-3 version had the physical appearance and behavior of one Deadpool. While he was pointing at Deathstroke mockingly, he just realized that he putted in his leg on the upper arm and his arm attached to the thigh by mistake. Many believe that Deadpool is just a 'curbed' version of Deathstroke, but Liefeld thinks that is utter nonsense. Deadpool lands on the ground. Boomstick: Deadpool is just a cut above the rest. Yet another fictional alloy that's stronger and lighter than titanium! In fact, many of Deadpool’s shenanigans have started or ended with him actually trying to do the right thing. 2. So they named Deadpool "Wade Wilson.". In the battle, Deadpool managed to kill Deathstroke with the use of a Carbonadium sword which nullifies Slade's healing factor. 5 Ronin Deadpool is there, there’s a cameo by Ultimate Deadpool, and hell, the whole miniseries is practically an excuse to kill off the mooks from Deadpool Corps like Headpool and Lady Deadpool. He does have people close to him who have worked alongside him for years, though none of them would be able to hold their own against the likes of Deadpool’s allies. While neither is known for their incredible strength, Deathstroke is still the stronger of the two, making him the victor of this category. As Deadpool keeps on dancing, an annoyed Deathstroke shoots the bus' tires with his pistol, causing it to skid and cause hundreds of car crashes. Boomstick: Partially thanks to his favorite gear. Deadpool: (faking) Oh! The long-awaited Deadpool movie hits theaters quite soon, but as we're bombarded by ironic ads and reframed trailers, let's take a moment to remember one of the nuttier aspects of a very nutty character's creation. While it’s mainly about mainstream Deadpool vs. nihilist Deadpool, there are still plenty of appearances by other established Deadpools of the multiverse. While he is typically associated with being a Teen Titans villain, he has taken on far greater challenges, and lived to fulfill many of them.

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