how to play northumbrian pipes

The winners of the Smallpipes Intermediate and Advanced, and the Border Pipes Open Classes will each receive a bronze medal. Now I pride myself on the fact that I can pick up my pipes and know they will be in good playing condition; the drones stable and the chanter in tune. A manuscript of the tune must be submitted to the competition organiser by 30th September. Melody on pipes, with rhythmic accompaniment by one other instrument is not appropriate. One tune with at least three variations (see note in general rules), plus two other tunes of contrasting rhythms. All tunes entered will become part of a collection of tunes for use by, particularly, young pipers. Preference will be given to pipes entirely made, reeded, and tuned by the entrant. How to ‘practise’ and improve your playing. All classes are open to both members and non-members of the NPS. The entries should be able to be played on the Northumbrian small pipes with the standard seven keys by a piper of lower intermediate level in the key of G. The heart of Northumbria is the country of the river Tyne.To an unusual degree, the repertory of Northumbrian song has in its make-up seemingly conflicting characteristics of feudal loftiness, rustic tranquillity, and proletarian gusto; Hopefully, you will be able to absorb some of them to improve your playing technique. AND MORE!

Northumbrian Smallpipe lessons in Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, The Northumbrian Smallpipes (NSP) are unique amongst British bagpipes having a closed chanter which gives rise to its characteristic staccato sound. NSP come in a variety of pitches, and have a rich and unique repertoire as well as a pleasing tone which makes them particularly suitable for indoor/home practise and playing in duets with other instruments. In the interim, you may also find my Handbook for the Northumbrian Small Pipes a useful reference source. Winners in three successive years are barred from entry in the following year (only). Any player winning the class three times (whether in successive years or not) is thereafter barred from further entry. I live in Norwich but have a camper van and also suggested Skype, Your email address will not be published. Submitting a tune grants the Society the unrestricted right to publish it in any of its publications and on its website, and for it to be performed at the online presentation of the competitions.

If so, you may need to attend my on-line maintenance course. The winner of the Small pipes Open will receive a silver medal. Pipes will be judged on both performance and appearance. Wherever small pipes are mentioned, this refers to Northumbrian Small Pipes within the description contained in the Society Rules. Entries in this class will be judged in such a manner as the Judge considers appropriate in order to enable due comparison of the sets entered. Previous winners of this class may not re-enter. For smaller children, NPS have a fleet of plastic school pipes which sound tremendous and are easy to start with. Thank you. Video recordings can be made on any device including mobile phones and the quality of the video will not affect your entry. For further information on hiring a set of our pipes please contact Nick Leeming. Why do my drone reeds keep falling into the bag? The class is open to composers of any age or ability and will be judged on the tune being played by the composer or their nominee on the Northumbrian small pipes. They are personal to me. Three tunes of contrasting rhythms, with at least one key change. If interested please contact me and it will prompt me to arrange another. Atlas Bridge live festival events cancelled or postponed. Heatherland and bentland, And valleys rich with corn. The Northumbrian Smallpipes (NSP) are unique amongst British bagpipes having a closed chanter which gives rise to its characteristic staccato sound. An interesting and well-balanced performance will be looked for. Required fields are marked *.

However, competitors will be placed. Happy International Uilleann Piping Day 2020!

NSP come in a variety of pitches, and have a rich and unique repertoire as well as a pleasing tone which makes them particularly suitable for indoor/home practise and playing in duets with other instruments. For Pen Bal Crag Trophy. Seeing the tasks performed by you gives me the confidence to do them myself. For tunes having only one theme, a minimum of six strains in total is required. The competition is to find an original tune or arrangement of an existing tune in a style which reflects contemporary musical styles and genres outside of the standard Northumbrian pipe repertoire. Land of singing waters, And winds from off the sea.

Northumbrian Small Pipes’ Maintenance Course - Richard Butler - get them into peak condition! Scottish small pipes with open chanters are not accepted. Two tune of own choice.

The best way to learn is to find a good and experienced teacher, and you should be able to find someone on our Piping Teachers page. William Dixon’s manuscript from the 1730s was mostly written to be played on Half-Long or Border pipes, but about half the tunes have a single octave range and were probably intended to be played on a simple, keyless Northumbrian pipe chanter. The Northumbrian Smallpipes (NSP) are unique amongst British bagpipes having a closed chanter which gives rise to its characteristic staccato sound. Pipe fettling! possible lessons. Pipe fettling! Heatherland and bentland, Black land and white. Learn how your comment data is processed.

It was informative as always. We have a number of resources available for those learning to play pipes. Judges may not compete in classes that they are judging (but may enter other classes). Celtic Music Lessons on Other Instruments, Debut CD ‘Becky Taylor’ Free MP3 Audio Track & Sampler. Up next Northumbrian Piping Basics with Nick Leeming No.2 - handling and positioning. The use of music is not prohibited in playing classes, but the judge may consider that this detracts from the performance, particularly in the more advanced classes. For Billy Pigg Trophy. Visit our Online Shop to find useful books to help your learning. Competitors must have previously won an Intermediate class., at any venue. Many thanks for yesterday's installment of your NSP Pipe Maintenance Course. The start can be trimmed – but your submission should start from before the beginning of the melody. Becky will help get you off to a good start aiming to get you playing your first tune within a month of getting going.Lessons are offered at the following stages of piping:-, Beginners:Beginners lessons focus on establishing the basics of good piping technique:-, This will help you make quick progress and establish a solid basis when you move ahead to Intermediate/Improvers and Advanced levels:–, Contact for further details and to arrange your lesson.

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