how to make a twin duvet cover

Now, you could create two flat panels for either side of the duvet by piecing your fabric together, but I wanted to use as little as possible of my fancy fabric to get the most out of it.

Sew the sides and top together using a 3/4″ seam and a straight stitch (with the regular presser foot). grommet and ties.

If you’re using a flat sheet, you’ll only have one piece that you need to cut using the length and width you calculated. Love your blog!Sandra. The first will be cut to the length that you calculated above but the width will stay as it is. First we showed you How to Sew A Duvet Cover and gave you measurements for all different sizes. Wow, you DO love us readers to do such an in-depth tutorial! If you’re using a flat sheet, you’ll just have one piece that you need to cut using the length and width you calculated. This could not have come at a better time.

Thanks for the post. With the right sides facing each other, pin the two pieces of fabric along the long edge. I made my cover to be joined 4″ from each edge of the mattress. piping (optional) – if you want to edge the front of the duvet cover with piping, you’ll need 2 times the length of the duvet of 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick welting or purchased piping.

Also to keep the fabric a little cheaper I'm using a flat sheet for the bottom. IE nonetheless is the market chief and a big component Now we need to increase the width from 54″ to 66″ on both panels, plus seam allowances. So, I was thinking of making a custom sized quilt/duvet of approximately 50"x72". I had a spare king size duvet so I'm resizing it and sewing it up.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In which case, you will need to buy a longer length of fabric so you can join pieces together to create the right width. In my case that would be 83 1/2″ wide x 91″ long.

I modified mine a bit because my fabric was only 44″ wide and I wanted to make it reversible (different fabrics on front and back). This tutorial is for adding piping to a cushion but the same principles apply.

(You have just made a French seam.) Just a note… I always had a hard time with duvet covers bunching and the things that you can buy from bed bath and beyond never stayed put so what i did was bought some white elastic and created 4 small loops and sewed one into each of the inside corners of the duvet cover and then hand sewed a button that would fit into the loop onto each corner of my comforter so I could button them in. The cover in this post is for a twin size duvet which measures 64" x 86".

(The direction that it is pressed is important for future steps). So you may want to stick to solids, easy-to-match patterns (like stripes) or all-over patterns where matching isn’t as important. The width of the mattress – (4″ x 2).

Sew it to one of the side panels along the 90″ side. If you can find flat sheets in a color and pattern you like, the very easiest way to make a duvet cover is to buy two sheets the size of your duvet. This question is so hard to find an answer to out there on the Internets – so much conflicting info.

This is the example I will use. We're evolving into, I can't guarantee you'll have the home you've been, I used to teach high school language ‍(S, So my 7 year old has decided he no longer likes ch, A lightweight cotton fabric is great for making a duvet cover. Or use a flat sheet. I hopped on here just now specifically to see if you gals had any info on exactly how much fabric I would need to make a twin size duvet cover. So start with one of your 54″X2.5 yard panels. I appreciate it! Lift your opening open slightly and pin the hook side of your hook and loop piece along the inside of the finished seam. They know more about sewing than I do, so it’s likely best to do what they said rather […], […] many Youtube and blog tutorials will tell you, making a duvet cover is extremely easy. For this duvet cover, I used some beautiful (girly but modern!) Before you start, cut off the selvage edge of the fabric (that’s the strip that runs down both sides which doesn’t have the same pattern/color). This length will be used for both the front and back sides of the duvet cover. I actually used your toddler sized tutorial last night to whip up a duvet. Divide by two (since we’ll be making two panels – one for each side). I find it very hard to find modern fabrics for boys especially with animals, trains or airplanes. Your email address will not be published. I would not even have known where to begin without your blog, so a big thank you! Another option is to use two different fabrics – you could use a pattern for the center panel and a solid to go down the sides (which is what I decided to do). You can also head over to our original duvet cover tutorial here, and look at the pics from step 3. Great tutorial! Lay it flat and sew from the corner 17″ in and back stitch. Would also work great with a contrast fabric for the smaller panels. Clean finish the seam edges with a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying. Or, alternatively, what do you do with the extra bedding on your standard twin size?Thanks,Darcey, Thanks for this tutorial. . Using the piping foot attachment on the sewing machine, and right side of the material facing up, machine baste (with a large stitch size) the piping to both side edges of the center panel. It has worked pretty well for me… also for my king size comforter i put loops and buttons halfway between each corner as well. Sigh, I tried! Simply make the side panels as large as they need to be to reach the desired width of your duvet cover, adding 1” to the width of each panel to allow for seam allowance. , Today I want to tell you why I started sticking to, I read this morning that you are the culmination o, Today I woke up and felt filled to the brim with g, My whys right there . I bought a cheapo comforter from IKEA and created a duvet cover for it, then sewed it in place (closed) with some haphazard quilting-style action. Well, Scarlet outgrow the crib size duvet I made, so it was time for a … […], Your email address will not be published.

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