how to clean live crabs before cooking

Freezing live crab will kill them and as we have said before....Dead crab is BAD crab! Let me expound... freezing live crab will cause them to die and DEAD crab are BAD crab. Otherwise cook them first ASAP and then freeze them...cleaned or not. I am assuming you cooked them first before you froze them, right? Just put them in a vacuum sealer or gallon sized zip lock bag and squeeze the air out and you're done! And, Enjoy your crab catch! Storage Live brown crabs can stay alive for three to four days if they are kept cold and damp, ideally in the bottom if your fridge covered with a damp cloth.

This is especially good news for those who are catching crab, recreational, and would like to fill their freezers. I like to kill and clean before cooking my crab, but always wondered how long I could keep the cleaned crab on ice before cooking? Replies-Technically speaking, if you were to add fresh ice and drain the melted water on a daily basis, I would guess that this could be done for several months.

When freezing crab whole, do you pot (clean) the crab first or after thawing them out to eat?Jimmy Replies-BOTH! Keep in mind that because you have boiled and frozen them whole the crabs still have their innards. You don't go salmon or halibut fishing, make a catch and put them in the freezer without gutting them, do you? This kills the crab instantly. The blue crab is one of the most abundant crustaceans in the western Atlantic Ocean. Set a steamer basket in the pot and the crabs in the basket or, if you have a lot of crabs, simply pile them in. What are some indicators of it being good and bad? Replies-Granted that you processed the crab properly before freezing them, there should be nothing wrong with them except that you forgot them!

Can you freeze raw crab claws? Replies-Yes, you can freeze raw crab claws.

IF this really is not an option then you will need to clean your crab "live" first! Re-heating is the same and by freezing them you enjoy more of a fresh cooked flavor.

Crab, when processed properly and packaged to the freezer, especially if they are vacuumed packed, can keep for 8 months, no problem!

We would recommend cooking them thoroughly, at least 20-30 minutes before consuming. We have and do freeze crab this way all the time. This way just makes things a little simpler when planning for a certain dish and it also helps with space in the freezer if there isn't just bags of whole crabs.How To Freeze CrabCheck out some delicious Crab Meat RecipesGo to Home.

Since this will kill the crab, it is imperative to inspect the crabs individually before icing them to be sure they are alive. This way we can bust our butts crabbing while the season is on (kinda short here) and still ENJOY the fruits of our labors year-round!With that said, you never ever want to freeze whole crab unless you have boiled it, first and foremost.

And, yes!, there is absolutely no reason not to make some crab cakes with the crab meat. Do not eat them. I don't think the problem of having tuff, chewy, dryed out, and tasteless crab is in the bags you are using. The most important part is BOILING THE CRAB!

Using the same motion, peel off the two pieces of shell on either side of the apron. Is it still ok to boil them the next morning with out poisoning myself? Enjoy those whole crabs! If it's "ify" (abnormal coloring of the meat, green/black, or sour smell at all) consider discarding.

This happens to us, too. by Sielna Enjoy!

by Ralph Replies-Cooking crabs, stone or any other types of crab should be handled pretty much in the same like manner...carefully! Can I freeze snow crab raw? Replies-I will say yes BUT....only under this condition: They MUST BE CLEANED "LIVE" FIRST! Can I freeze the entire boiled crab? You can keep them freezer-burn-free for over a year!

It has been through educating ourselves and tips and tricks from other blue crabbers that we share our knowledge. Freezing the crabs before you cook them is more humane and makes it easier to place them in the pot … (Molalla, Oregon), I caught 8 crabs Saturday (all day long) got ice for cooler for 2.5 hour long drive home.I didn't cook them when I got home, instead I put them in the freezer. Then, remove the crab from the freezer and drop it in a pot of boiling water. Will they stay as fresh as if I cooked them right away?

It is vital to ensure that they are handled carefully and treated humanely at all times to … We will take the crabs home and boil up a big pot of water and cook them. Then they can either be cleaned and frozen or they can be frozen whole and cleaned later when you intend to serve them!Either way, if it possible, we recommend vacuum sealing your to maintain their freshness for as long as possible. Crabs need to be refrigerated well below the 40 degree range temperature and into the lower 30's, just above freezing points. If you don't want to boil them after catching them, at the very least, you should clean the crabs before freezing. (Martinsburg, WV). Live crab is increasingly being sent away or sold over the counter, as freshness is then guaranteed. We always cut off the pointy tips on our Dungeness Crab before wrapping them for the freezer. Enjoy!Go back to How To Freeze CrabCheck out some of our favorite Crab Meat RecipesGo to Crab Homepage. This will stun the crab and prevent nasty pinches during the cleaning process. The for this is because if you freeze a live crab it will effectively die and dead crab is BAD crab. Why? Of course not! Return to Ask a Question About Freezing Crab.

Can I freeze whole uncleaned crab then clean and boil next morning without harming myself or family? Like lobster and shrimp, crab can end up tough and tasteless if cooked too long, perhaps crab all the more. Cooked,clean then freeze? you cannot freeze it in the shell without cooking it first.

If killed, then cooked, you will have a succulent meal to serve to your family or guests. So, like, this process could have been eliminated if we had just cleaned them first!Honestly, this answer of whether it's best or not to freeze crab whole or clean them first before freezing them is totally up to you.

We recently caught some crab at Westport, WA and boiled them until they turned red, then cooled them, then put them in freezer bags and put in our freezer. Using the tongs, pick up a crab and place it in the bucket of ice water.

This discoloring of the liquid is discolored from them being intact as well as still having their crab butter inside the shells.This, again, is normal after boiling and freezing before cleaning the crab. (Washington,DC), Is it healthy to freeze live crabs then cook the crabs the next day?Unfortunately it is not. It should come off in one piece. I bought some live Dungeness crab a few days ago and had them clean and then put in the freezer right away without precooking them.

So, with this all said, your frozen whole crabs should be safe in the freezer for at least 4-6 months.

Enjoy!Go back to How To Freeze CrabGet the whole scoop on How To Boil CrabCheck out more about crab, go to Homepage.

Cover the pot and steam until the crabs are cooked through, 10 minutes for small blue crabs and 15 for larger Dungeness and up to 20 minutes for even bigger crabs. We also want to cook our live crabs in the most humane way possible. We appreciate your patronage! Can you freeze live crabs in a zip lock bag? Replies-NO! As crazy as this sounds, crabs will not survive in a bucket of water. A large male blue paw crab can deliver a nasty pinch. Treat Blue Crab just like you would any other type of crab.

Ice the crabs live for a couple hours before you boil to make them dormant. Replies- Boiling them first is the most important step to reassuring freshness while they are being frozen for future use. Many of my friends who love eating crabs at the restaurants, don't know how to clean and cook the crab. We HIGHLY recommend cooking them right away OR cleaning them while they are alive (not for the sqeamish).... That way (cooked or "live cleaned") they can be safely frozen for your enjoyment later!

Best... by Crab-O-Licious To freeze it uncooked would be to kill it and as we stress here....Dead crab is BAD crab.

Crabs breathe air and if they are kept in a bucket, cooler, or anything else where they are submerged, the crabs will take up all the oxygen in the water and die. I recommend a wooden bushel basket and a burlap sack to keep the crabs in the ideal environment. so the answer to #2 is YES! If so, they should be tossed out.

Dunk the crab in ice water to stop cooking. But as said, yes, if you cooked it and wanted it set aside and not having to thaw it out as you are expecting company the next day, there is absolutely nothing wrong with storing it in the refrigerator for a few days.Enjoy your crab! In hard shell stage you can boil them. Help me Replies-We would treat Jersey Blue Crab the same as any other type of crab.

Got home to Austin on Monday afternoon and put it in a frig that runs about 34 degrees.

Store live blue crabs in a pot in the refrigerator or in a cooler with ice. But we have yet to find the best way to freeze our crab for later enjoyment.

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