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Hong Kong is in a tropical area, and has monsoon winds. https://wikimania2013.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Climate/diq&oldid=10566, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A tropical cyclone is centred within 800 kilometres of Hong Kong and may later Hong Kong's climate is subtropical and monsoonal with cool dry winters and hot and wet summers. The territory's 2,755 km2 (1,064 sq mi) area consists of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, Lantau Island, and over 200 other islands. This page was last edited on 31 May 2020, at 12:30.

Autumn is also the sunniest season in Hong Kong, with October and November both averaging close to 200 hours of bright sunshine.

Hong Kong has one of the world’s lowest birth rates—1.11 per woman at an age of being capable to give birth as of 2012. The lowest elevation in Hong Kong is in South China Sea (0 m) while the highest elevation is at Tai Mo Shan (957 m (3,140 ft)) in Tsuen Wan, the New Territories.

The rainy season is from May until September. Summer weather is hot, humid and unstable. Hong Kong has 263 islands over 500 m2 (5,400 sq ft),[14] including Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, Cheung Chau, Lamma Island, Peng Chau and Tsing Yi Island. Gale or storm force winds are increasing. 60 islands are dispersed around Hong Kong, the largest of which by area is Lantau Island, located Southwest of the main peninsula. The RED and BLACK signals warn the public of heavy rain which is likely to bring about serious road flooding and traffic congestion.

Coins from the Chinese Han period were used in Hong Kong, A Portuguese named Jorge Álvares was the first European to reach Hong Kong, Lin Zexu was appointed Special Commissioner, Hong Kong was given to the British and became a, Lord Palmerston wrote that Hong Kong was a barren island with only a few houses on it, The British flag was raised at Possession Point, on Hong Kong Island, Sir Henry Pottinger became Hong Kong's first governor, The Treaty of Nanjing was signed, ending the First Opium War, China was defeated in the Second Opium War.

August has the highest average rainfall in the year.

Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical, tending towards temperate for nearly half the year. Coordinates: 22°15′N 114°10′E / 22.250°N 114.167°E / 22.250; 114.167. Hong Kong has its own constitution that is different from that of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

As of 2006, its annual average rainfall is 2,214 mm (87.2 in), though about 80% of the rain falls between May and September. Climate Edit. The Hong Kong Observatory issues the warning signal if a tropical cyclone is centred within 800 km (500 miles) of Hong Kong and may affect Hong Kong later. The mean temperature of Hong Kong ranges from 16 °C (60.8 °F) in January and February to 28 °C (82.4 °F) in July and August. Hong Kong Island is separated from Kowloon by Victoria Harbour, a natural landform harbour. Access to television is not affected by Chinese regulations, such as the Great Firewall, which filters and blocks certain programs.

Hong Kong is 60 km (37 mi) east of Macau, on the opposite side of the Pearl River estuary. The population of Hong Kong reached 7 million (7,496,98) in 2020. Although it is usually sunny, thunderstorms and scattered showers are common. Hurricane force winds. Nevertheless, most public services operate across the territory, and travel between the districts is not restricted. With the fourth highest population density of countries and dependencies in the world at 6,300 people per square kilometer, Hong Kong is known for its shortage of residential space.

gale or storm force winds-(烈風或暴風風力增強), 88–117, increasing (55–73, Beaufort Force 10–11), https://wikimania2013.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Climate&oldid=12459, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A tropical cyclone is centred within 800 kilometres of Hong Kong and may later 17 days of the year are public holidays in Hong Kong: There are coins from 10 cents to 10 Hong Kong Dollars; and bank-notes (paper money bills) from $10 to $1000. After the handover, Hong Kong became under Chinese control but with a lot of autonomy.

The economy has rapidly grown from a trading port to a very rich city. The AMBER signal gives alert about potential heavy rain that may develop into RED or BLACK signal situations. After the handover, Hong Kong became under Chinese control but with a lot of autonomy. This also occurs before a typhoon hits Hong Kong or nearby regions in the northeast, e.g. Buses and other forms of public transport may be halted after a while to allow commuters to go home, depending on demand and the level of risk along the route. All students are to remain at school unless there is a visible risk to staying in the building. Ever since Hong Kong became a part of China, the number of people who speak Mandarin has increased because Mandarin is the official language of the PRC. Fog and drizzle are common on high ground which is exposed to the southeast. Hong Kong was a British colony from 1842 to 1997 because China lost the Second Opium War. In November and December there are pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. In the winter, temperatures hover between 15 °C and 20 °C.

It is one of the richest and most highly developed part of China. Very heavy rain has fallen or is expected to fall generally over Hong Kong, exceeding 70 millimeters in an hour, and is likely to continue. Metalliferous mineral occurrences are grouped into four broad categories: tin-tungsten-molybdenum mineralisation, copper-lead-zinc mineralisation, iron mineralisation and placer deposits of tin and gold.

As Hong Kong is located nearly at the centre of the Eurasian Plate, there are sometimes tsunamis and earthquakes. Permanent crops: 0.95% During August, Hong Kong can come under the threat of a typhoon and rainstorm. January and February are cloudier, with occasional cold fronts followed by dry northerly winds. The climate of Hong Kong is a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cwa), just short of being a tropical wet-and-dry climate. Students are required to learn English at school. As with other subtropical areas, Hong Kong has long summers and winters, and comparatively short springs and autumns. However, northeast winter monsoons bring frequent cold fronts which can cause the temperature to dip below 10 °C, despite Hong Kong's tropical latitude and coastal location.

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