hogaak bridgevine decklist

Bridgevine is a fringe playable deck we’ve seen in the past.

You generally want to follow Surgical Extraction with some strong pressure to end the game before they can rebuild. At Grand Prix Minneapolis, more than half of the Top 8 was on Hogaak, and the finals was a Hogaak mirror.This happened even though a majority of the Top 16 players ran 4 Leyline of the Void. As a blisteringly fast aggro-combo deck that could also grind out games with Gravecrawler loops and Greater Gargadon or steal games out of nowhere with Goblin Bushwhacker, its best draws looked very impressive. Either builds of the Arclight Phoenix deck are great at executing this plan. Follow me on twitch at.

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Is it just a passing fad deck, or is it here to stay? White removal like Path to Exile can help handle Hogaak and friends to buy you enough time to cast a sweeper. Dredge was already a problem by this standard, and Hogaak is the thickest exclamation point possible. These aren’t the most effective cards on their own, but combining them with other disruption like Thoughtseize plus ways to answer Hogaak and Altar or Dementia will give you a fighting chance in game one. What you see here is the deck’s performance—still a solid one by all metrics—in a format that is contorting itself beyond belief to hate out Hogaak. To the untrained eye, Altar of Dementia is a strange but seemingly harmless card that marries the two greatest loves of many casual players: large creatures and mill. Not only that, but Hogaak dodges massive amounts of removal and wraths. However, Hogaak instead shocked everyone by scoring multiple 5-0’s on Magic Online very quickly. When decks this powerful come around, a lot of players shout into the void for a ban. Mono Red Phoenix is another deck that largely gets to ignore Hogaak and try to drop them from twenty to zero as fast as they can. Snapcaster Mage decks like Azorius Control tend to favor Surgical Extraction because they can get multiple uses out of the same copy, which buys a lot of time.

If you draw too many redundant pieces of hate, you could lose to a pile of 2/1s. On the other hand, if your opponent tries to interact with it, you’ll still get the whole graveyard at that time. Savvy control players should have all the cards they need to navigate the match to a win. Bridgevine is a fringe playable deck we’ve seen in the past. But its brief reign of terror has instructive lessons for the format and deckbuilding in general. And then you need a motley crew of 1/1s and 2/1s to finish the job. Any deck too fundamentally weak to Hogaak is forced out of the format.

It’s a bad look to ban cards (re)printed just months ago in a set meant to shake up Modern. You needed a strong draw to outrace them before they could lock up the ground. Leyline of the Void continues to be the most powerful choice, but it remains unreliable. To the experienced player, Altar is a bizarre choice to reprint: either it does nothing or enables some degenerate combo. If one of those becomes too good, it effectively drives out the others as graveyard hate has to intensify massively as a response. Hogaak is quite good at adding power to the board as early as turn two. Deck breakdown. before it was good), I couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of history.

Good decks for this strategy are Devoted Druid Combo, Mono Red Phoenix, and Tron. Druid Devastation, particularly this build of the deck, is very focused on assembling Devoted Druid, Vizier of Remedies, and a tutor to produce infinite mana and win the game. Like the rest of the decks on this list Azorius Control adds additional hate after sideboarding with Rest in Peace and Celestial Purge. Bloodghast was highly underwhelming and the first “normal” card boarded out; working them out of the deck altogether would open up valuable space in the 75. In my semifinals match against my new teammate Harlan Firer, I got to cast turn two Hogaak on the play through Tormod’s Crypt , and that didn’t feel unlikely or special.

This choice largely relies on whether your deck has artifact- or spell-based synergies to favor one or the other. In addition, in the late game, he easily keeps coming back. Hogaak Bridgevine uses a handful of new cards like Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis, Altar of Dementia, and Carrion Feeder to power out explosive starts. Outside of Path to Exile, Hogaak is immune to Modern’s common removal and can come back for more if it does die somehow. Michael Rapp is a Boston-area grinder who started playing competitively in 2014. As a Zombie, Carrion Feeder sets up Gravecrawler loops much more easily, not just for Vengevine, but for itself as you could pay B to put a counter on Feeder and balloon it to a ridiculous size. Not having a real clock makes finding your hate early in the game quite important, so be prepared to take disciplined mulligans in order to do so. It then takes advantage of Bridge from Below, Vengevine, Gravecrawler, and other graveyard creatures to quickly swarm the battlefield. However, the deck had issues with consistency.

And before we can figure out how to beat Hogaak, we have to know what Hogaak does.

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