golden open acrylics vs oil

Oil Cons: To work with thick paint you need to take into account the drying time of oils. Hi Beryl, nice to hear from you and so pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons. I just wanted to ask if there is a difference between dry pigments and liquid colors? I will be making a canvas painting for which I will be blending colours.

Great to hear you’ve been enjoying the tutorials, the background choices vary depending on the mood and feel you’re after.

I am painting the canvas a solid color with the acrylic then doing a melting crayon project over them. You think you’ve cracked the precise colour, turn around and the colour has changed. And what helps oil dry faster cold or hot air? Thinners will help get your brush clean, then use washing up liquid or brush cleaner. And I want professional, quality products that are known to stand up to the test of time. So I think I’ll choose one of my images and give it a go. Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind comments. I am a new painter and am painting something for a school project. I’m a beginner artist and i’ve always had the doubt of the differences between this two! Just start with a couple of colours and build from there.

Thanku for your reply, so how much water with about 12ml of paint? It seems that I would run into the same frustrations that encountered when I tried watercolors the lack of time to manipulate the paint on the canvas. What are good acryllic paint brands? make sure you leave the area of canvas of the face quite thin with acrylics though as you need a thin surface for the oil paint to ‘grab onto’. Hi Kylie, most acrylics have a satin/matte finish to them, high gloss is usually put on in the varnish stage. Just wanted to say hello and commend you on the feedback you give everyone who comments on your site…one of the greatest characteristics of a great teacher…honest and fast feedback!

I tried the samples I'd received on a piece of unprimed paper and then left it overnight near the night-storage heater. So if there is no visible difference, why do I mention it, I hear you cry! I’ve decided to stick with my medium ….I’m all about acrylics!

I’ve tried acrylics but just can’t live with the blending difficulties and fast dry times.

Hope this helps. I am new at this and enjoy using acrylics very much. However I am stuck on one area I believe i have what you refer to as ‘dead colouring layer’ in certain areas of my canvas. So i’m scared to start without knowing for a fact if I should or shouldn’t use the wet on wet with oil paint. I’m a Scot living in Michigan and I’ve never seen so much snow in all my life. If you like the idea of using a palette knife and creating thick, impasto paintings, acrylics could be the choice for you. I think it’s wonderful of you to help so many of us who are trying to learn to paint properly… your desire to help is very apparent. I’ve been starting to work with acrylic paints and have found your words to be very helpful. i want to paint a picture which was originally done by oil colors, so can i use acrylics instead? Any advice would be extremely helpful. Hi Gene, most artists work between the two depending on the subject/effect they’re after.

Okay, there’s a lot to take in but once you get to grips with which paint is best for your style, oils vs acrylics, so you can just get on and create masterpieces. I was using a relatively soft brush…. Good one Jim, really pleased you’ve been seeing some good results with your painting (and your tea consumption!)

This tutorial is a great starter. There are a few materials used in traditional oil painting that are derived from animal products, usually used in the preparation of the canvas, such as ‘Rabbit Skin Glue’ and ‘Gelatin’ which is sometimes used in Gesso.

It’s messy for me. Acrylic Cons: They dry quickly, I mean really quickly. Hi, thanks for the useful tips on your website; I’m a figurative artist specialising in urban landscapes and wildlife.

The surface you're working on has an impact too (paint dries faster on paper than on canvas because water is pulled from the paint into the paper as well as evaporating) as does the thickness of the paint (a thin layer or glaze will dry rapidly). You can still achieve some fantastic results with them you just have to be aware of the differences. Also, I need the piece to have a smooth, soft look. When working on board it can take a bit of getting used to compared with the ‘grab’ and absorbency of canvas. I wanted to ask you another question. My first painting and only acrylic work I’ve ever done must have been years ago,when i was still in highschool, i was the only kid using oil, everyone in my art majors class used acrylic, i dont know i just hated it.

Nadya. I am so used to the feel of acrylics that I seem to be really great at making expensive MUD! I am a total beginner, only having taken a very enjoyable watercolor class with an excellent teacher 30 years ago. (see: preparing a surface for painting). I use acrylic paint only and I love it! article goes through the basic palette I would use for acrylics and oils. I will try that -cheers.

I’m just getting into painting and found this articular very easy to understand and helpful. Hey Jack, pleased you enjoyed the article, as a total beginner to painting, acrylics are the quickest way so create a painting with the most limited materials. You put down your brushes, come back 10 minutes later and everything has dried!

Hi Hana, if you’re after a super photorealist finish it can be achieved with acrylics you might find Jason’s painting of interest to see the level of detail possible. Acrylic or oil paint? 2. I’m interested in doing Still art with shadows. I am trying to master a technique to replicate a sandstorm – so that you can still see what is behind the sandstorm (almost a see-through). Cheers, Will. You might be interested in Leah Mebane’s range of Natural Earth paints.

Im really struggling to string together bursts of thick painting with oils because of the drying time, however i am worried that with acrylic, is it still possible to scrape and clean the canvas as you can with oil? I have a question. Thanks for stopping by, yes, the first steps of picking up a brush again can be the most scary, but with your compositional skills from your photography, and understanding of light and drama I think you’ll get on really well. I am going to make the jump from acrylic to oil and am wondering if you can recommend a limited pallet for classical landscape painting? This will give you a good muted base you can add stronger pigmented colours too. Thanks again. Golden Open Acrylics are one of the new innovations from Golden. I am into landscape, cartoon, portrait & fantasy drawing…hopefully I can incorporate my skills into painting as well.

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