fun jobs that pay well

Braille Proofreader. Number of Open Jobs: 44,453. List RulesThe best jobs that are fun and pay over 40k a year.

Private Island Caretaker. 1. Psychiatrist. Average salary: $91,196... 2. Here are the 25 most meaningful jobs that pay well. Be... 3. Some of the top-paying gigs on this list are easy jobs that pay well, such as a medical test subject or a. To be paid to drive a Ferrari while others save so hard just to do so. Median salary: $92,780. Biologists with PhDs and teaching at universities: up to $50,000. Americans spend much of their adult life at work – usually they spend more time at work than with family or friends.

How fun is it? Some people think that the best jobs in the world are those that require a lot of office time, while others prefer high-paying flexible jobs. What are fun careers to have that also pay well? Professional gamers participate in eSport competitions. How fun is it? Details: According to … Ferrari Driving Instructor. O*NET Stress Tolerance Rating: 69. While the best job for you depends on your skills, interests, goals, core values and education, you might consider these 15 high-pay, entry-level jobs as you begin your job search: . If quality of life is important to you, it may be a good idea to find a career that is actually fun for you most of the time. Experienced secret shoppers can earn up to $25/hour, Varies greatly; can be anywhere from $40,000 a year to well over $1 million annually, Government agencies and private security firms pay an average of $64,000 to hired hackers, On the high end, this can pay up to $100,000 or more a year. Since different people have different ideas of "fun," the careers on this list are diverse. Average annual: $31,500. Many voice actors do the work from the comfort of their own home studios. The Fun Jobs You Dream About — That Pay Well, Too! Marketing Associate National Average Salary: $45,664 per year Primary Duties: A marketing specialist is responsible for helping brainstorm, develop, launch and measure inbound and outbound marketing … Voice actor. The 25 Most Meaningful Jobs That Pay Well Maybe your job pays really well, but you don’t necessarily feel good about the work you do. Fun factors —Soak up the sun, go on adventures, and pretend that it's your …

Median annual wage: $40,630. Median hourly wage: $19.54. The written word … To play video games for a living as if we are having our leisure time 24/7.

1. The best jobs that are fun and pay over 40k a year. How... 2.

No job will be fun every day, but if you generally like what you do for work then "you will never work a day in your life" (according to an old saying). Projected growth between … Median Base Salary: $200,000. Professional video gamer. Art Director. 20 Most Fun Jobs in the World (That Also Pay Well) 1. … Video Game Player.

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