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Our more than 1,500 employees are dedicated to providing the best delivery service within the region and beyond. The most informative business resource for the logistics, air cargo, supply chain and sea freight industries. We have developed a great product mix for B2C, B2B and C2C clients and differentiate from traditional logistics companies by offering flexible cash solutions among other incentives. Flexibility is part of our business culture. USD 26Bn in 2020) larger than its domestic e-Commerce market (est.

Will we lose our treasured memories to cloud policies?

The Transformation Team would also like to thank investors who are committed to our new vision that creates more value based on syncing new technology with the needs of the emerging digital economy in our region. In a region with high smartphone and Internet access, e-Commerce is yet to reach its potential as it will only garner an expected share of 12 per cent of total retail by 2020. It’s about what the market wants, not what you want.”. USD 26Bn in 2020) larger than its domestic e-Commerce market (est. We are now looking at a much more nimble and agile operation that is geared up to challenge for industry leadership.

Learn about services keyboard_arrow_right. This email address doesn’t appear to be valid. We will remain engaged to support the company in a more strategic and consultative role as we proceed with our US, China, EU and UK expansions.”, Hussein Wehbe, new CEO of Fetchr concludes: “Retail, e-Commerce and individual customers can expect to see a competitively efficient and speedy operation that translates into lower costs and higher end consumer happiness. Fast, efficient and customer-focused. With the right hardware and software, you can support... AMD, Nvidia and Intel raised the competitive heat in the chip industry with all three making strategic acquisitions to run AI ... Honeywell rolled out a quantum computer with a quantum volume of 128, accompanied by the company's first subscription program ... AWS Glue DataBrew is a new feature that will enable users to extract, transmit and load data to get it ready for analysis without... Databricks is building out its lakehouse platform with a new SQL Analytics service that will make it easier to run SQL queries ... Google Cloud's top database executive details the tech giant's new tool for enterprises to move databases to the cloud, as the ... All Rights Reserved, The company is also exploring strategic partnerships with global service providers and large retailers and is implementing a unique asset-light business model for accelerated growth. It’s a decision we made really early on in the process.

Fetchr, the MENA region’s leading logistics-on-demand company, has announced that it has received a fresh capital infusion of USD 15Mn as part of its Series-C round of funding.

We blend human touchpoints with advanced technology to offer unrivalled customer experience. Fetchr understands that every business has different shipping requirements. Agility, flexibility, reliability and service customization are part of the Fetchr DNA. How service mesh enables microservices networking, Differences between network engineers vs. software engineers, How to use ChatOps to automate network tasks, Transform your infrastructure to support parallel processing, AMD, Nvidia chip acquisitions target Intel's dominance, Honeywell's quantum computer makes a quantum volume leap, AWS Glue DataBrew a new no-code data preparation tool, Databricks builds out SQL Analytics for data lakehouse, Google brings wizard approach to cloud database migration, Cyber security and risk management will see the biggest increase in spending, but, Gulf countries must invest in quantum computing research to ensure they, How Tableau is riding on its Salesforce synergy, How Malaysia’s industries are tapping IoT.

Investors including BECO Capital, Tamer Group, CMA CGM and its logistics arm CEVA Logistics, are committed to support the company over the long term. After approval of the new funding at its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 20th August 2020, the company is confident of raising a further USD 10Mn before the end of 2020 as start-up funding has begun to look up in the region.

Investors are confident of Fetchr’s credible plan to reach break-even EBITDA by the latter part of 2020, after a 77 per cent improvement in group EBITDA that has been achieved already. They have backed the company during its painstaking transformation period and will be key partners in the company’s future. Fetchr’s investment for the future will continue to focus on sustainability, the world we ship around, and of course you, the people that we serve. Joining the Fetchr logistics family ensures a seamless brand experience throughout the customer journey. Founded in 2012, with a cloud technology platform and digital-only approach, Fetchr was born to disrupt the traditional supply chain model. They see value in its revenue diversification strategy for different product lines. Fetchr is currently operating in the UAE, KSA, and Egypt. That’s why our positioning, predictive and machine learning technologies are so uniquely equipped to meet the transport and shipping demands of the generations. Tamer Group was an early investor in Fetchr when it took part in the 2018 round of funding and CMA CGM joined in early 2019. Fetchr is a new app that gets packages and letters to people in Dubai without the need of a physical address.

Your brand is our brand. He says he will use the new round of funding to splash out on expansion into three as-yet undisclosed emerging markets in the next year. There are two main parts to the app’s technology infrastructure, says Al Rifai. In this guide, we look at how hybrid cloud is providing a way forward for some enterprises in APAC, why Lenovo is moving away from hardware, and how mainframe migration to cloud is driving growth for Micro Focus. We look forward to announcing new strategic partnerships with global service providers and large retailers, unveil our re-branding initiatives and to solidify our corporate culture by the end of this year.”. Its lean and asset-light operations and network expansion by partnering with local service providers are well positioned to address the retail industry’s urgent needs. Speaking about creating the new Fetchr, Interim CEO Mazen Mamlouk said: “I’m pleased to note that the work done by Fetchr’s Transformation Team has placed it in a great position to take advantage of new opportunities as well as to meet new challenges. Expand into new, high growth markets. You can rely on our professional team of Fetchers for all your shipping needs. Al Rifai says about 98% of his firm’s orders come from the region’s online retail websites. “And secondly, there’s the app and anything that is customer-facing or e-commerce client-facing – we built that from the ground up too.”. Al Rifai says customer experience, lead time and performance remain top of mind for Fetchr as it expands into emerging markets, but he points out that startups rarely think about scaling up at the beginning. We don’t see clients.

“We only thought about scale when we had to think about scale,” he says. Fetchr understands what it takes to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world we operate in today. For media inquiries, please reach out to Fetchr Media Relations at media@fetchr.us. You have exceeded the maximum character limit. He says his team built Fetchr’s technology from scratch. Pickup, delivery and return services.

Reach millions of new customers across the Middle East and beyond with Fetchr. This financing success with renewed investor confidence comes on the back of a significant technology, leadership and strategy overhaul that has seen operations streamlined and the adoption of a new direction that will culminate in a complete re-brand by the end of the year. Do Not Sell My Personal Info. fetchr - Middle East's largest Logistics News portal. Founded in 2012, with a cloud technology platform and digital-only approach, Fetchr was born to disrupt the traditional supply chain model. A region full of opportunity that`s open for business. It controls the entire package journey end-to-end with a proximity to consumers via hyper-local, cost-effective solutions and an enhanced network of pick-up and drop-off points and mini sortation hubs.

The Gulf consumer is among the most connected and digital savvy in the world. Let’s make it happen. Copyright 2000 - 2020, TechTarget Fetchr has now raised $52m from four rounds of funding, and Al Rifai is preparing to close the firm’s C-Series funding round within the next few months. Fetchr secures Series-C funding on back of technology, leadership and strategy overhaul, Revitalised investor confidence helps the company raise USD 15Mn; aims for an additional USD 10Mn by the end of this year. It closed non-performing country offices, improved efficiencies and reduced costs by diversifying revenues and streamlining call centre operations. Providing smart, reliable and sustainable logistic solutions. You sell. Please login. One of our sales representative managers will contact you within 24 hours for the next details for your business. “If you’re not ashamed of your product when you launch it, then you’ve launched it too late,” he says. The Transformation Team not only secured a USD 10Mn bridge loan from key investors but also appointed a new management team with Hussein Wehbe, former UPS and Aramex Managing Director (Middle East), as the new CEO in addition to key seasoned talents in executive positions. Hence it is essential for delivery players to develop strong global e-Commerce relationships to take advantage of this trend. Today, Fetchr is a logistics solution provider enabling global and domestic e-commerce partners by fulfilling the end-to-end journey to their customers. “A lot of the large regional startups are on AWS,” he says. The whole technology platform is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), says Al Rifai, who decided to move from Microsoft Azure to AWS in the early stages of the business because he says it is easier to find AWS developers in the region.

Fetchr’s fortunes have been fuelled by the rise of e-commerce in the Middle East. Despite the numerous advantages, organisations with a lot of legacy workloads can't or won't move everything to the cloud.

They live and work by our core values, which are the driving force behind all current and future services and solutions we provide: transformation, innovation, customer-centricity, agility, flexibility, and approachability.

One size certainly doesn’t fit all. Fetchr has you covered for all of your domestic or cross border shipments.

Speed to market is a lot more important than making the perfect product at the first attempt, he says. “You should launch the product, start talking with your customers, take feedback, and then start making some alterations – that is a lot more important than having the perfect product straight away. Middle East & Africa is the only region forecasted to have a cross-border e-Commerce market (est. One of our sales representative managers will contact you within 24 hours for the next details for your business. That creates a lot of difficulties, along with the high salaries required.”. We see strategic, long-term partners.

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