fear of hot oil

Did any one else hear about it? January 2016 May 2017

It’s definitely an interesting way to overcome the fear of frying. I'm pretty competent in the kitchen. Any thoughts? March 2016 You’ll still need to keep an eye on them but I haven’t had any dangerous incidents with this technique, I enjoyed your recipe and the other comments. cold oil potato chips serves 2 as a snack I find that floury potatoes are the best chippers because they give that perfect combo of light, crisp outsides and lovely fluffy interior texture. Best to choose a saucepan that is large enough so the potatoes and oil only come about half way up the sides to avoid any risk of overflow. Maybe I'm just a wimp about it then my hands are super sensitive heat so I always jump and drop stuff when I feel it hit my skin. May 2015 Urgh. Unfortunately my chips browned well (more brown than in your picture) but never became crispy except on some edges… it was actually rather limp =(. The photos look amazing. ross of course it was chips that kept you irish alive – love it, sueh I missed this on the cook and the chef – love their work and not surprised maggie and simon are onto this before me ;), Hi, is this with a gas stove, or an electric element? June 2018 Just that mist of oil that happens real close to the pan. I have long eyelashes though. June 2016 Continue to cook until they’re a good chip colour. Not to mention, the shrieking that happens and startles the whole family. Wow! The secret to really good fries is to braise the chips first. September 2015 Never passed up a free meal, which has led me to become the #36 ranked eater in Major League Eating. Phew. I’m definitely getting less so the more I do it. But a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new technique for deep frying that sounded so simple, the minimalist in me just had to give it a go. My 21 year old sister is (& always has been ever since about 3 years of age) afraid of oil on her skin. She is in the wary deep frying camp like yourself. Thank god for Dads, I was only in my teens and still at home so Dad flicked the off on the exhaust grabbed the lid of the pot, closed the steam vent and slammed it on the saucepan…. Typically frugal, but I'll pay top dollar for an amazing/unique dining experience. How often can you reuse the oil I wonder, more than once? I think I followed the recipe to a T… no steps were skipped. I’m another that has been scared of deep frying, can’t wait to try this. This was an AMAZING technique! March 2019 However, oil is a constant struggle.

I have been disappointed with my own frying results with french fries. January 2017 Good morning! Great chips or on the bbq. Have updated my now reading list. Haven’t tried it but certainly will now! These look absolutely splendid though. Water and oil do not mix at low temperatures, the same is true at high temperatures. I'm two weeks late posting this, but better late than never, right? Dry them completely.

Excessive fear/anxiety of almost anything can trigger a phobia. Everything I’ve heard about deep frying points to specific temperature to avoid soggy results, but even when I’ve made fries the traditional way I never bothered watching the temperature, so perhaps it’s not a big deal?

Oh dear – I really don’t need chips to be more feasible.. potatoes will be my downfall (if by downfall I mean an inability to fit into my jeans..). oh wow these look great!

But I’d really like to hear that confirmed by an active cook (not afraid of frying pots) ;-). Hopefully I will forget about it ;), bullwinkle yes they’re kinda dangerous.. but so good. Hooray for chips! Your email address will not be published. Pure genious. Cutting Yourself With a Knife. The other thing I learned at that time was to be careful using the overhead exhaust when frying as the flames were nearly drawn up into it and of course that could have been much worse! Apparently, in the eyes of Socaí, without fries he couldn’t award a ten, no matter how delicious the food. By Jim Oetinger, Paratherm. I recently tried frying with this new oil.

My arsenal consisted of triclosan-laden Clearasil, alcoholic Sea Breeze (so potent that nail salons use it as a disinfectant), and the benzoyl peroxide-heavy Oxy 10. Post anything related to cooking here, within reason. they sound good though I have always believed a fear of deep frying (which I share with you) is healthy in more ways than one – I knew an Irishman a few years ago who actually burnt down his kitchen while frying chips, Thankyou for sharing this post! You now have fresh donuts.

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