electric wok vs stove top

Read on to know more. The spatula conforms to the wok's rounded shape, making stirring and flipping the food quick and simple.

Aluminum and stainless-steel woks are considered inferior to the carbon-steel variety, and many cooks recommend avoiding them because of their poor heating distribution.

The electric stove offers the same amount of heat as the gas stove. That is the main shortcoming of an electric wok.

The hot spot at the bottom of the stove-top wok is where the actual cooking takes place. Electric woks are simply incapable of heating to as high a temperature as a stove-top version. Standard vs. electric woks. There are a variety of materials that can make up a stove top wok, which include cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Another benefit of using an electric wok is you do not have to worry about choosing between a round-bottom or flat-bottom stove-top wok. Woks are very similar to a deep, large bowl in terms of their shape. Go for the higher wattage to increase the heating capabilities.

With more than 25 years of writing, he has also written numerous articles for publications, including the "Los Angeles Times" and "Los Angeles Magazine. When thinking of Asian cooking, many people envision the traditional wok. Some are comprised of cast iron, while others are in the categories of stainless steel, ceramic-coated, light weight, non-stick surface, pre-seasoned, or enamel. If you are using an electric coil stovetop, a wok ring won’t sit very well on top of the coils, so I would not recommend the use of a wok ring on an electric coil stove. This creates a patina to avoid food sticking. The benefits of a traditional wok are its capacity to absorb high heat from a gas range and quickly cook the ingredients. Since you need to use woks to cook food at high temperatures, t is always best to go for those made of carbon steel or stainless steel. And here’s visual proof: this photo shows you the beautiful patina that comes with age and use, that gives a wok a natural nonstick surface. Yes it is possible, especially in some cases. Present, and does not need additional seasoning, Absent, requires extra seasoning (unless using some types), Can go higher than that, about a maximum of 800 to 1000, Mostly flat, and comes with individual stand, Copyright © 2020 wokguides — Primer WordPress theme by, Saves on cooking space, as it has its own stand, Cannot handle high temperatures as stove-top woks can, Can be useful on a variety of gas-top surfaces, It is easy to move the cooked materials to the side while cooking others, You will need a coil to use them on electric stove tops, Washing them will erase the seasoning layer when you. Aluminum ones have a lot of problems with heat distribution. On an electric stove, a round-bottomed wok will probably need a coil. These woks may be similar in pricing and other features, so your choice will depend on what you want to cook as well as the efficiency levels you want.

The wok was originally designed for pit cooking in China and was usually made of cast iron. You CAN use a wok ring on an electric stove. A continuing debate has ensued over the merits of each type of wok and the benefits or disadvantages of each. If you're not well-versed in electric woks, you might be wondering what the difference is between a standard wok and an electric wok. Some years back, however, a competitor arrived in the form of an electric wok.

An excellent piece of cookware for stir-frying, the wok has a long history of use in Asian countries, as well as being utilized by cooks throughout the world. If you would like to eliminate the exposure to toxic non-stick elements, you can consider getting a stainless steel electric wok.

A stove-top wok is basically a modification of the traditional wok, still retaining the distinct wok shape but allowing use on western-style gas stoves. The main difference is quite obvious: a standard wok is just a pan you use on your existing stovetop, whereas an electric wok comes with a built-in heating element.

Things you need to Consider When Choosing Wok for Electric Glass Top Stove. Some of these woks include an in-built heating element, while others have a removable element that you can detach when cleaning them. Some most important points need to be considered while choosing a wok for glass top stove or electric stove. Click on the Electric wok vs. Stove top wok review for more. The difference between them and traditional woks is the use of a wok ring, which replaces the burner cover and serves to concentrate heat and improve stability. Instead of pre-heating or pre-seasoning them as you would do with a stove-top or traditional wok, you do not need to do so in this case – especially with non-stick electric woks. Stove-top woks need to be seasoned, which means the wok is heated over low heat with a small amount of cooking oil. A continuing debate has ensued over the merits of each type of wok and the benefits or disadvantages of each. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Charles Fredeen is a writer with a love of politics and journalism living in Los Angeles. However, an electric wok does not need to conform to any of these as it comes with its own stand, allowing you to save on your stove top space. The cooking process in a stove top wok occurs at the hot spot, which is at the bottom. Click on the Electric wok vs. Stove top wok review for more The evolution of the traditional wok has been under development, and now there are plenty of woks available in different styles. Your email address will not be published. Some people prefer a round bottom wok, which is in the traditional style – but the flat-bottom type is fine in many cases if you are not a purist. If you are thinking about Asian dishes and cooking, then you are probably thinking of a traditional wok. The stove top wok needs to have a flat or rounded bottom in order to heat ingredients efficiently and give you space to move cooked ones to the side, regardless of the fire source you use. With all these choices, the price ranges of everything are also large. Heat, heat, heat. This attachment raises the wok above the element and balances the pan. Some years back, however, a competitor arrived in the form of an electric wok. The traditional wok usually sits atop a gas stove top for heating. This spot will then absorb the heat from the stove, and cook the ingredients, while you can move any cooked ingredients to the sides of the wok to keep them warm.

Electrics can be washed using dish soap, which might erase all that seasoning you might have done with the stove-top wok. Without a good cooking base you will rarely manage to get the food ready but even better is that your cooking base should match your glass top stove, and that is the reason she decided to come up with this extensive guide to help you take the guesswork out of acquiring the best wok for your glass top stove. Before using the stove top wok, it is very important to season and pre-heat it, in order to achieve greater cooking efficiency. Traditional woks come either with two short, usually wooden, handles on opposite sides or with one long handle. So why dont't you just drop me a line and I will get back to you. If made from magnetic material like carbon steel, and they have flat bottoms, these will work best in this setting. Cleaning these stove top woks is tricky, especially when they have an in-built heating element. These are quite easy to adjust their heat settings, allowing you control over the cooking. At the end of the day, it is better if your wok can go to high temperatures – especially around 400OF for electric woks.

I was happy to sound off on the virtues and merits of the carbon-steel wok. The main argument that centers on them though is the type of wok that is better for which cooking jobs.

This is a great part of cooking utensils that help in stir-frying, and it has a long history from thousands of years In Asian cooking techniques – even spreading to other areas of the world.

The evolution of the traditional wok has been under development, and now there are plenty of woks available in different styles. Both electric and stove-top woks are used for stir-frying, sauteing, braising and deep frying, among other cooking techniques. Vegetables do not crisp as well, nor does meat. The traditional wok usually sits atop a gas stove top for heating. The seasoning process involves heating the wok over low heat, and spreading a small amount of cooking oil on its cooking surface. The handles – there are two kinds of handles in a wok. Both stove and electric woks are used when deep frying, sautéing, stir frying, and braising, as well as other techniques. The stove you use – most woks work well on electric and gas stoves, though you will need to also consider whether you want a flat-bottom or a rounded bottom one. Posted on May 13, 2014 October 6, 2014 by grace. The electric version comes with its own stand. Realizing the needs of some consumers, companies have recently made woks using a flat bottom to eliminate the need for a coil. If you would like a higher-temperature cooking experience, go for a stove-top one; if you want a more portable option, choose an electric type. Using a wide wok spatula, cooking vegetables, meat or other ingredients at very high heat is simple. Material; Woks come in different kinds of materials including carbon steel and cast iron. Woks are similar in shape to large, deep bowls. The electric stove takes a couple of extra minutes to bring the wok to desired temperature, and it also takes a couple of extra minutes to cool down. Some have 2 short ones, while others have a long and short one. Ingredients are moved to the rounded sides of the wok to keep warm while finishing the dish. Yes and No. On the other hand, electric woks do the cooking job at a faster rate. Cleaning an electric wok is also easier than a traditional one. He has written four published books, including a biography of the journalist Nellie Bly. This underheating often results in a dish that is more boiled than fried. Required fields are marked *. Note that when a non-stick wok coating starts to peel, you will need to replace the wok itself. The only difference is that gas stoves give you an instant heat, thus better control of heat and cooling time.

The wok rings can be in conical or cylindrical shapes, and you can adjust them to move them as close as possible to the heat source. While an electric is easy to clean when you use dish soap because of their non-stick nature, a stove top wok is challenging because it erases all the seasoning that is already present. The traditional wok has its beginnings in ancient China and used in pit cooking activities, with its build including cast iron material, alongside one long wooden handle or two opposite-side handles. ".

A traditional wok needs to go through a somewhat elaborate process of seasoning its metal to avoid future sticking problems.

Since these two wok types have a lot of similarities, it leaves the question of what makes them better than each other – which is what we will discuss in each of their features. I would love to hear from you! If you were wondering whether you should buy an electric wok or a traditional wok check out Bill Daley’s piece in today’s Chicago Tribune, “The Daley Question:” Which Wok Stovetop or Electric? It also can be used independently, thus avoiding taking stove-top space. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. Electric woks have an almost immediate advantage over stove-top woks--they do not need to be seasoned. Majority of these woks have non-stick surfaces, though there are some exceptions.

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