edo beef yakisoba recipe

Can you please list a few options to use for the noodles? All in one convenient location. Sorry, I just realised that you basically answered one question in your recipe already! Serve immediately. Longer if you want the vegetables cooked softer. Did I need to run more water over them before separating them? . <3, Hi Amanda! Additionally, is there a trick to thinly sliced pork belly? Greetings ! , Thanks for the lovely recipe..I love your new Product page…In the past I’ve purchased many of your utensils etc. If you have Tonkatsu sauce, I recommend that instead of Worcestershire sauce because it’s sweeter than Worcestershire sauce. Hi Midori! The big pan made all the difference in cooking it and making sure everything touched the heat. the ginger added a nice touch , Hi Artemis! I love your recipes and can’t wait to try more of them.

Now as for the noodles, have you checked Japanese grocery stores online like Mitsuwa? I am honored to know your family use my blog to make recipes. I have access to a big Lotte supermarket that has at least a hundred types of dried and frozen noodles, but not Myojo. (You have to be careful to make sure the broccoli pieces are small though, otherwise they take took long to cook!) Thank u sooo much!!! Thinner than Myojo (https://www.justonecookbook.com/yakisoba-noodles/). Thank you for taking your time to write your kind feedback. Hey Nami, We use your recipes. The yakisoba noodle package comes with 3 packets of noodles (for 3 servings). Hi A.C.!

They all became 1 cm (1/2 inch) pieces!!! Hi Pablo! I really enjoy your website.

I must say though I liked yaki udon more. I hope you enjoy(ed) Yakisoba at home! We would have dinner there together after she got off. I hope you enjoy making it at home! The pork should be between 1/2 lb to 3/4 lb. xo, Thank you for your kind feedback, Paul!

Hi Skott! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! Can you pls tell me how to rinse & separate noodles? It’s true behind the scene story. Love your recipes. I will try for sure!!! I had the same issue before with Myojo brand… you know, we NEVER freeze yakisoba noodles in Japan, but here they sell frozen or “defrosted” yakisoba (sold in refrigerator section but once it was frozen). Beef Yakisoba is very quick and easy to make, yet satisfying as a side or a main meal. Stir fry “noodles/soba”. although it seems to come out dry? I made the sauce according to your directions and we loved it.. I’m so happy to hear you and your husband enjoy this recipe and thank you very much for your kind feedback.

I am happy to hear you enjoy it. My mom often changes up ingredients used in the recipe. If you have a question about this recipe, ask it here to get a reply from the cookpad community. ), (Full disclosure: I fried up my pork in ginger and garlic, after marinating it a tiny amount in some soy sauce. I’m a beginner cook and busy with school and this is great when I want something tasty to bring to school that doesn’t take too long to make.

I have been begging for this recipe!!!!! Each family puts different kinds of meat and veggies, but it’s pretty much the same. I like my vegetables to have some nice crisp texture and not all wilted.

Just what I’ve been looking for. and I wish I know how Okinawan Yakisoba tastes like!

These soba noodles are made of buckwheat noodles, and different from Yakisoba noodles (soba means noodles in Japanese)… So it might be better off using fresh Chinese stir fry noodles. I see… I did not know Worcestershire sauce has anchovies! Did you use Maruchan brand of Yakisoba Noodles? Was looking for something quick and easy for a fast supper. Hi Kay! The same ones you have on that picture. I often have to substitute them with the Chinese ones. Add the cabbage, carrot and ginger and cook until cabbage is softened, about 3-5 minutes. They freeze noodles and when you try to use it (whether you run water or not), the noodles break into 1 cm pieces! I’m sure all of them came from your website. I think so people (especially watching on carb) do that.

I stopped using MSG packed sauce that comes with the yakisoba noodles… I think it’s more fun to create your own sauce – free to adjust my recipe. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe as well as the homemade sauce! That happened to me a long time ago, too! If the Army only did a few things right their Yakisoba recipe was one that they got right. I am more and more becoming convinced that the correct sauce is the key to Asian dishes.. I also made the sauce. I have found some great recipes here. – My mom always adds bean sprouts! so I guess that is ok. Even though the color of noodles is yellow-ish, they are not egg noodles, and the color is the result of using kansui. Add spaghetti noodles and green onions and combine thoroughly. Nice char will add fantastic flavors and give it more “street food” character. 2) Yes, we do have Bulldog brand Worcestershire sauce. It was delicious! We absolutely love it! I'm Nami, a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco. Hi Vicki! It was good. I feel like the noodles will break into small pieces…. Hi Sid! all i could find is a dry soba noodles, can i use it for the same recipe and how ? Have you tried this company’s noodles? , Hi Nami! Without seeing the actual product, I’m not 100% sure, but I assume you have to boil it first to make the noodles tender, and then you can stir fry. You can definitely adjust the timing to put veggies depending on a different type of the meat. It is important to start to stir-frying hard vegetables that take takes longer to cook first, before adding the softer ingredients. . Hi Peter! Not napa cabbage (although you can). Depending on the amount of ingredients, adjust the amount of sauce to use.

Thank you! For meat I grilled skirt steak seasoned with fish sauce, lime, soy brown sugar and ground up hot chili’s. Often times pork belly comes with big white fat at the end and she cuts off too. I bought your ebook to get me started and plan on going through many many of your recipes. Was the noodle refrigerated or frozen?

Place on low once desired thickness is obtained. Thanks for your help and all the amazing recipes!!! . ???? I did stir-fry them in the end… Turned out perfectly fine. We’ll be making this again. Hope you enjoy the sauce recipe. Aww thank you for your sweet comment! Many people use soba (buckwheat noodles) for stir frying but in Japan we never use it. Instead of pork belly slices, she sometimes used Japanese sausages and ground pork, and my favorite was the combination of ground pork and squid/calamari. Wow, that looks yummy.

Hi LayLee! Maybe it’s not the most outer layers so the color of cabbage is fairly light color. I don’t know what would happen after boiling it or heating up. Hi Todd!

I’m so happy to hear your coworkers also like it. And we’re lucky to live in the bay area where we can get all the ingredients. I made bold to my recipe text so whoever tries this recipe will TASTE FIRST and make sure the sauce is good BEFORE adding to the noodles. Two popular yakisoba noodle brands Myojo (明星) and Maruchan (マルちゃん), both come with three packets of yakisoba noodles in each package. I wanted to use this recipe for Yakisoba, but I was unsure of one of the amounts. I made some, tasted it. Hi Nami! , Hi Yousef! Their names were Michiko San and Sachiko San. Seems I forgot the ginger. Teriyaki sauce in a bottle is quite different from authentic Teriyaki sauce we make in Japan. I was so annoyed by it. My husband and I are Japanese cuisine fanatics and for the longest time every attempt to make anything has been a disaster I made your yakisoba tonight (had to use the homemade sauce too since our local grocery doesn’t have yakisoba sauce) and it was absolutely delicious! I didn’t learn that Okazu meant “side dish” until much later… so the name wasn’t quite as helpful as “Yakisoba”. I was able to find Myojo brand yakisoba noodles in the East Bay at KP (Korean Plaza) on Telegraph in Oakland. Shio Koji just adds additional umami and it’s very subtle compared to Yakisoba Sauce. Hi Raven! This turned out so good I took the leftovers for a late snack. And I love making this. This is different from buckwheat “soba” noodles.

Cover the mixture with noodles and pour the sauce over all. Two brands are different but they are about 16 to 17 oz (454 to 480 g). This type of dried noodles is not meant for stir fry. Should I use Worcestershire sauce or I could sub with Japanese ウスターソース?Thank you. I am going to keep this recipe in my front pocket for the forseeable future. Ralph Zaehringer, USAF, RETIRED. I also put some grated ginger in the mix, on a second batch, and it gave the dish a tasty twist. I tried to do it as you described but no chance… What could be the reason? It’s best to use tongs to combine the noodles with ingredients. This was our first time making yakisoba, though we love to do our own stir fry. Required fields are marked *. )… I hope the sauce tastes okay for you! I was always eating yakisoba every chance that I made a trip to see Ieko san on my days off of work. Thank you for trying this recipe!.

I’ve been waiting to get Shin shoga (young ginger root) to make it. The yakisoba sauce is very different as I have never used so much Worcestershire sauce at one time. I would definitely mention if I ever have a chance to talk to the company. The sauce tastes just like my mom makes , Hi Mihane! Hope he will find some Japanese recipes that he enjoys eating on my site. Definite cook again. Hi Harry!

We were thrilled to see how easy and yummy it was to make the sauce from scratch. Thanks for any suggestions or recipes! Hi, i wouold like to have, a recepi of yakisoba sauce, to make or a list try how to make my own, its looks wonderfull the way how you cook yours, and i will try, so can you please help me. If you also know where I could get it that would be great, thank you very much. Another option is to cut the other vegetables smaller/thinner, so the cook time will be less. I guess the Maruchan brand doesn’t thaw well as I received quite a number of complaints from readers. I tried this for supper tonight and it was really tasty. So happy to hear you liked the sauce. In Yakisoba, it actually means the latter, “noodles”.

. Did you use all the sauce? 1/2 cup part Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce, 3-4 Tbsp corn starch (as needed for thickening). Give a good toss and serve with a smile. I HIGHLY recommend seasoning the meat with some salt and pepper before adding the veggies otherwise it will be very bland. I remember being in the line at DFAC on days when steak and seafood was also available and saying "Just the yakisoba please" to the server. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! Yakisoba’s one of my family’s favorite lunch items too! . (An odd find for such a place, I think. I’m in awe… – My housemate can’t eat mushrooms, so I put in some bok choy and a few small pieces of broccoli instead. Once you change the brand, it will be okay. Hi Kathy! I miss yakisoba. I had to try your recipee for Yakisoba today. Hi Fabricio! If you’re making for 5 people, and they eat American size portion, I would say you will need to double this recipe. So if you use non-Japanese one, please add more sugar to lessen the acidic taste. The buckwheat noodles and a general word for noodles. Ieko had Friends there at Loft. I believe each ingredient has a preferred cooking time for the best taste. Thank you so much for following my blog. I don’t want to use dehydrated ramen noodles and we don’t have fresh noodles here. I have been making it from memory and it just didn't taste exactly right.

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