diy wood headboard ideas

Now jazz up the entire headboard with the final nail head trim!

This is a great way to recycle an old broken dresser mirror without actually having to throw it out. Just remember to create the morocco design so that you have holes to add the flowers. Here some of picket fence pieces have been whitewashed a little before getting mounted on the wooden headboard! Complete directions and instructions here prettyhandygirl, Cut out the wooden template for your headboard from a plywood sheet like this camel-back style headboard template! Trace the outlines using a marker and then keep on cutting the wood long the traced lines using a jigsaw until you left with only a curvy headboard design! You can make this one for less than $80 depending on what you have on hand. This shelf above the bed is perfect for an acting headboard without actually having to build a complete headboard. If you have had the same headboard since your college days, it is definitely time to change things up a bit. These bedrooms will show you how to do it right. An old salvaged door makes a beautiful headboard and while other wooden headboards may run you hundreds of dollars, you can create this great DIY version for about 25 bucks. Imagine a great new bedroom after just a couple of hours and with no money out of pocket! If you want a true West Elm Morocco look, you will want to paint the plywood the same color as your wall so that it looks like there is no backing. Full guide and DIY tutorial Here  happinessishomemade, Revamp old shutters and paint in a fab color! Complete DIY tutorial here homedepot, This headboard project is just going to blow your mind! Overall, this is a really easy headboard to make and for less than $30, you just can’t beat the price. Use spray adhesive to get the foam settled down perfectly! Just grab some stencils or freehand it, however you want to go. Instead of buying it however, you can just make it yourself. If the screen is too tall, just lay it sideways. Having a shelf on the back bed’s wall? If you happen to be replacing your shutters and you need a new headboard, don’t throw those old shutters away. If you are a bookworm, this is the perfect headboard. At the end, add a wooden mantel at the top of the door to start using it as a headboard! OMG! You can paint picket fence pieces differently for a colorful look or just keep the natural rustic look of them! Basic curvy shape is made of plywood while batting and foam sheets have been applied for better tufting! Full guide and tutorial here orange-sugar.blogspot, Cut the fabric you have chosen with your own custom prints, to size! Don’t forget to add a wall monogram in the center after finishing stenciling, this will jazz up the pattern more! The simple design of the headboard is the perfect foil for strong color on the walls.

Once you have them finished, just paint or stain any color you want.

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