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I wasn't aware that people were using it for words of comfort when they'd lost loved ones.". At first, I couldn't believe it," he says. The nearest he came to literary achievement was when the Sunday Times magazine bought a piece he'd written for its "Day in the Life" slot.

"Systems crashed and telephone lines were blocked at the Times," reported columnist Philip Howard, and the lines were attributed variously to Immanuel Kant, Joyce Grenfell and nameless Native Americans.

[8] He is not to be confused with an Edinburgh-born abstract artist also named David Harkins.

He spent the rest of his time in his bedroom trying to write poems, plays and novels.

"I felt proud, humbled.

I completed 'Remember Me' in about March 1982... Harkins' original piece, originally written in prose format, started with the line: "Do not shed tears when I have gone but smile instead because I have lived...".

Do not shed tears when I have gone but smile instead because I have lived. [1] The Queen read the poem in the printed order of service, and was reportedly touched by its sentiments and "slightly upbeat tone".

", Gallery open Wednesday to Saturday from 10.30am—5pm.

"My family needed the money.

[6], Harkins' involvement in writing the verse was made public by his local newspaper, the News & Star, in September 2002. In the past three months, he has sold enough to come off benefit. He sent various poems, including Remember Me, to numerous magazines and publishers. His wife is his main sitter. I know that.

It has subsequently become a popular choice to be read at funeral ceremonies, although according to Harkins it was originally written about unrequited love, rather than death. "[4] The piece was published as the preface to the order of service for the Queen Mother's funeral in Westminster Abbey on 9 April 2002, with authorship stated as "Anonymous". Although Harkins wrote a one-act community play performed in Carlisle in 1987, he gave up writing soon afterwards and worked in a food factory and as a cleaner. The more frequently used and widely published wording is "You can shed tears that she is gone or you can smile because she has lived..." Other lines in the modern version parallel, but differ from, Harkins' original. Eventually it was published in a small anthology in 1999. [2] He told the Guardian that "the first I knew of it was during the week of the Queen Mother's funeral. They have a son, Jonathan, aged 12, who has severe learning difficulties and is looked after by Jane.

Cameron Contemporary Art is dedicated to showing a changing programme of high quality established and exciting up and coming British artists. Title: A Man (With Antlers)Size: 89 x 59 cmMedium: Acrylic on canvas, Title: Sleep DescendingSize: 80 x 100 cmMedium: Mixed media on canvas, Title: On the BeachSize: 30 x 25 cm cmMedium: Acrylic on canvas, Title: StarsSize: 98 x 98 cmMedium: Acrylic on canvas, "I am interested in the slightly out of reach, the maybe and the perhaps... providing glimpses and creating possibilities that invite the viewer to join the dots –– I like to adopt a playful and flexible approach in my practice but the vocabulary and intent remain constant – an attempt to reveal what I see and sense around me and the beauty and absurdity of our plight... reflections on the moth eaten tapestry of life! She agreed, and I returned on the Thursday evening, when I made feeble attempts to sketch Anne. His story is a kind of triumph of art over life.

At first, I couldn't believe it.

"I was never a good writer, and my poetry wasn't very good either. She was 16 and didn't know me, but I had seen her about and knocked on her door one evening in November 1981. Brighton & Hove, England, BN3 2LJ This proved difficult as her mother was present throughout. "Anon" seemed the best bet. "Not at all," he says.

In 1987, the shy but dogged artist finally completed a one-act play, entitled Pam. He said that he had given up writing verse in 1984, commenting that "I was never a good writer, and my poetry wasn't very good either. "[1] Harkins said that he had originally written the poem down in the margin of his copy of Dylan Thomas' verse Once It Was The Colour Of Saying, but after reading of its use at the Queen Mother's funeral had removed the page and sent it as a gift to Prince Charles, who thanked him.[3][2]. Such was the popular mood (remember the queues across the bridges near Westminster Abbey) that the words of the poem, so plain as scarcely to be poetic, seemed to strike a chord. In the days immediately after the service, there was frantic correspondence and speculation about the poem's possible provenance. david harkins.

To move on. David Harkins wrote to The Daily Mail on Tuesday January 14th 2003 as follows:- I was 23 when I first met Anne LLoyd, my inspiration for the poem I called Remember Me. ", Did he never tell his love? I was shocked.

"Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother".

Initial efforts to find the author of the anonymous verse, through the Poetry Society and other channels, proved fruitless, and it was suggested that the verse had been written for a magazine or greetings card manufacturer rather than by a known poet.

Buoyed up by the "success" of his play, he found the confidence to ask her out. Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by David Harkins Harkins himself played the other part. I know that," he says. Rather, it was written in the spirit of unrequited love. We read it in the Times. 'The first I knew of it was during the week of the Queen Mother's funeral.

He was able to paint more when a period of ill-health forced him to give up work, and last year had a show at the library in Carlisle. I know your heart will be empty because you cannot see me but still I want you to be full of the love we shared. Harkins used to type his name at the foot of every poem, so somewhere down the line someone must have retitled and doctored the poem and decided it should be "Anon" - the guilty editorial meddling, one might speculate, of an anthologist who no longer had any idea who David Harkins was, nor how to find him. 2015 Inside Outside, Edgar Modern Gallery, Bath, 2012 New Ears: Elements and Versions,  3 Bury Street, London, 2008 From the Life of a Hare, 3 Bury Street, London, 2017 All Square at Cameron Contemporary Art, 2016 Figure — A Cast of Characters, Cameron Contemporary Art, 2015 Winter Show at Cameron Contemporary Art, Paintings are held in private collections in Ireland, South Africa, USA and UK. Matt Seaton hears his extraordinary tale.

"I was 22, 23 years old. They married in October and have been happily married since. But I never got beyond Act 1, Scene 1.".

His subjects are almost exclusively nudes, which may have something to do with his new-found success. I just wanted to put the record straight.".

David Harkins is a business strategist, innovation facilitator, speaker, and teacher. Doesn't she mind being "on view" in his pictures? Rather than ask her out, I poured it all into poetry. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. "You can shed tears that she is gone..." is the opening line of a piece of popular verse, based on a short prose poem, "Remember Me", written in 1982 by English painter and poet David Harkins (born 14 November 1958).

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