dark slate blue color code

Dark slate blue. PANTONE. This color has an approximate wavelength of 457.97 nm. Conversion of this color for each color space representation, Use this for all CSS properties that accept a color as a value: color, background-color, border-color. This text is hex color #483d8b on a solid black (#000000) background. However, the two secondary colors are adjacent to the base, not the compliment. This text is hex color #483d8b on a striped black (#000000) and white (#ffffff) background. Two complementary pairs for a total of four colors. This website uses cookies.

The Split Complimentary color scheme is made up of three colors. If you're a programmer, view the code snippets section for prepared language syntax. You can also try with a keyword . For example, the direct decimal conversion is 4734347 while the individual RGB conversions are: 72, 61, 139. This text is solid white (#ffffff) on a striped hex color #483d8b and white (#ffffff) background.

When viewed on a color wheel, all four colors are spaced evenly (90°) apart. It, however, most often refers to a medium-dark gray with hints of blue. #483d8b is made up of (72, 61, 139) in RGB colorspace and (48.20, 56.12, 0.00, 45.49) in CMYK colorspace. If you feel like taking a slight deviation in hue, click a color below to learn about why it's so unique.

Circle around the color wheel, five colors. The hexidecimal color, #483d8b, is commonly known by the name "Dark slate blue". You can link to this same page with the following url formats: https://rgb.to/17074/slate-blueAn also with... https://rgb.to/16,93,157 https://rgb.to/hex/105d9d https://rgb.to/105d9d Read the about section for other useful url shortcuts. Dark Slate Blue #483d8b. Copied to clipboard! The Tetradic color scheme is made up of four colors. If you're considering using #483d8b in a logo or design, you can quickly reference below to see how various symbols, icons, and emblems look. Here you can easily copy-and-paste formatted color code for use with your favorite programming/markup languages like HTML/CSS, Java, Objective-C, and GameMaker Language. The first color is called the "base" #483d8b and the second color is called the "compliment" #838c3d. Triad. #483d8b color hex could be obtained by blending #907aff with #000017. As a neutral, slate plays wonderfully with almost every hue. This section showcases gradients featuring #483d8b as the base color. It contains technical information about the hex color #483d8b. Pantone 2746 ... Complementary. A color gradient may also be known as color progression or a color ramp. Hex codes usually consist of six characters, where each of the three bytes (pairs) of characters represent red, green, and blue intensity, respectively. In the RGB color model #483d8b is comprised of 28.24% red, 23.92% green and 54.51% blue. A tone is produced either by mixing a color with grey, or by both tinting and shading. The Triadic color scheme is made up of three colors. This useful chart contains technical information about the hexadecimal color #483d8b. Seeing #483d8b on a computer or phone screen is much different than how it may appear in the real world.

Red is the absense of green and blue, so its hex value is #FF0000; green: #00FF00; blue: #0000FF. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 48.2% cyan, 56.1% magenta, 0% yellow and 45.5% black. The hex code for slate is #C0C2C9. Hex code. These bytes are in base 16 notation, meaning their values can range from 00 to FF. The Complimentary color scheme is made up of two colors. These two colors are opposite one another in the color spectrum. This text is hex color #483d8b on a striped gray (#808080) and white (#ffffff) background. #483d8b. The Analagous color scheme is made up of three colors. This text is solid black (#000000) on a striped hex color #483d8b and white (#ffffff) background. Black is simply all 0s (#000000) and white is simply all Fs (#FFFFFF). Dark Slate Blue RGB Color Code: #483D8B The hexadecimal RGB code of Dark Slate Blue color is #483D8B . HTML, CSS or hex color code for color "Dark slate blue" is #483d8b. Click the labels to copy the value onto the clipboard. The base color #483d8b is paired with the two colors to the left and the right of compliment color #838c3d.

Stock Photos / … Darker shades of #483d8b can be created by blending the color with different amounts of black. Made with ☕ by Zack Banack.Thanks to Tailwind, Tailwind Toolbox, graph.js, easyrgb.com, brandcolors.com, FontAwesome, and HeroPatterns. What's better is that they're named colors, meaning chances are there's more information about them. Copied to clipboard! RAL colour closest to this. The named colors below have been calculated to be the furthest colors from#483d8b. This code is composed of a hexadecimal 48 red (72/256), a 3D green (61/256) and a 8B blue component (139/256). 00 is the darkest, and FF is the lighest.

When people spot this color, Dark slate blue (#483d8b), in advertising materials, they might associate it with being transparent, sleek, elegant, technology, and something classic.Shades of "dark gray". When writing a website's HTML and CSS, you have the option to use hex, RGB, and HSL values. This text is hex color #483d8b on a solid white (#ffffff) background. Discover all the similar standard color names: CSS, x11, Pantone, RAL name. CSS (HTML, Web) DarkSlateBlue #483d8b. Its decimal value is 4734347 and the closest web-safe color code to it is #333399. When you combine pure white with this color, #483d8b, lighter shades are produced. This text is solid black (#000000) on a solid hex color #483d8b background. Buy paint matching this color.

For websites and applications, hex color code formatting is most commonly used to define colors. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. typically aren't associated with health care. In the HSL color space #483d8b has a hue of 248° (degrees), 39% saturation and 39% lightness. Slate’s color varies in nature and can be gray, blue, greenish-gray, dark red, black, tan, and even purplish-gray.

In a RGB color space, hex #483d8b (also known as Dark slate blue) is composed of 28.2% red, 23.9% green and 54.5% blue. #483d8b color RGB value is (72,61,139). Click on the colors to explore their unique information.

Tones are produced by blending #483d8b with gray. Looking for something completely different? This process increases darkness. It's labeled as "dark gray".

The palette is made in similar fashion to how the Split Complimentary palette is made. #483d8b color name is Dark Slate Blue color . White should be used ontop of #483d8b to ensure the best legibility.Here's a color conversion chart. The secondary colors come from the section above. The color darkslateblue / Dark slate blue with hexadecimal color code #483d8b is a medium dark shade of blue-magenta. Schemes of colors that work well together. We learned earlier that White-colored text should be used on a #483d8b colored background for best readability. When viewed on a color wheel, all three colors are spaced evenly (120°) apart.

Let one color dominate and use the other two for the accent. Now convert this color / search this keyword pressing the buttons below the search box!. 2020 Colors now features paint catalogues. Seeing a variation of this color used in photos may be of value. A gradient is the gradual transition of one color into another. A tint is obtained by adding white to a color. Join the Shutterstock Affiliate program using our invite. The three colors sit next to one another on the color wheel.

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