carboxylic acid protecting groups

Srinivas Kantevari, Masanori Matsuzaki, Yuya Kanemoto, Haruo Kasai, Graham C R Ellis-Davies. Protecting group is stable under these conditions, Protecting group is moderately stable / might react. Synthesis and Photochemical Properties of a New Water-Soluble Coumarin, Designed as a Chromophore for Highly Water-Soluble and Photolabile Protecting Group. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti, Arash Almasian. Effect of fluorescent whitening agent on the transcription of cell damage-related genes in zebrafish embryos. Your Mendeley pairing has expired. Recording of Neural Activity With Modulation of Photolysis of Caged Compounds Using Microelectrode Arrays in Rats With Seizures. Synthesis, Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1999, 431-433, 728-731. ii A

Lijun Fan, Ryan W. Lewis, George P. Hess, Bruce Ganem.

Pierre Neveu, Isabelle Aujard, Chouaha Benbrahim, Thomas Le Saux, Jean-François Allemand, Sophie Vriz, David Bensimon, Ludovic Jullien. Cyclic acetals and ketals are the most useful carbonyl (aldehyde or ketone) protecting groups. Photoreconfigurable Polymers for Biomedical Applications: Chemistry and Macromolecular Engineering. Light-Triggered Thiol-Exchange on Gold Nanoparticles at Low Micromolar Concentrations in Water. Ming-Guang Ren, Nai-Min Bi, Mao Mao, Qin-Hua Song. N

The caged compound has a major absorption band with a maximum at 390 nm (ε390 = 13651 M-1 cm-1).

Guillermo Carrone, Federico Gantov, Leonardo D. Slep, and Roberto Etchenique . “Click Peptide” Based on the “O-Acyl Isopeptide Method”:  Control of Aβ1−42 Production from a Photo-Triggered Aβ1−42 Analogue. Citric acid/ZrO2 nanocomposite inducing thermal barrier and self-cleaning properties on protein fibers. Sylvestre Gug, Sébastien Charon, Alexandre Specht, Karine Alarcon, David Ogden, Burkhard Zietz, Jérémie Léonard, Stefan Haacke, Frédéric Bolze, Jean-François Nicoud, Maurice Goeldner. Find more information about Crossref citation counts. Coumarin-Caged Glycine that Can Be Photolyzed within 3 μs by Visible Light. 728-731. Kanchan Upadhyay, Sabu Thomas, Raunak Kumar Tamrakar, Nandakumar Kalarikkal. Article Views are the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads since November 2008 (both PDF and HTML) across all institutions and individuals. Ludovic Fournier, Carole Gauron, Lijun Xu, Isabelle Aujard, Thomas Le Saux, Nathalie Gagey-Eilstein, Sylvie Maurin, Sylvie Dubruille, Jean-Bernard Baudin, David Bensimon, Michel Volovitch, Sophie Vriz, and Ludovic Jullien . Comparative study of polyaromatic and polyheteroaromatic fluorescent photocleavable protecting groups. Design and semisynthesis of photoactivable split-GFP by incorporation of photocleavable functionality.

Two-color, two-photon uncaging of glutamate and GABA. Volker Hagen, Brigitte Dekowski, Nico Kotzur, Ralf Lechler, Burkhard Wiesner, Benoît Briand, Michael Beyermann. Marcelo Salierno, Cecilia Fameli, Roberto Etchenique. Unlike previously used caging groups for carboxylic acids, it can be photolyzed rapidly and efficiently in the visible wavelength region. A new synthesis of caged GABA compounds for studying GABAA receptors. Neurotransmitter receptors that are activated by various carboxyl-group-containing compounds play a central role in signal transmission between ∼1012 neurons of the nervous system. Neurotransmitter amino acid—oxobenzo[f]benzopyran conjugates: synthesis and photorelease studies. ]thiophene: A New Class of Caging Group for Environmental Selective Photorelease of Carboxylic Acid. G. Carrone, L. Zayat, L. D. Slep, R. Etchenique. This article is cited by N-Acyl-N-carboxymethyl-2-nitroaniline and its analogues: a new class of water-soluble photolabile precursor of carboxylic acids. A chemist and biologist talk to each other about caged neurotransmitters. L. J. G. W. van Wilderen, C. Neumann, A. Rodrigues-Correia, D. Kern-Michler, N. Mielke, M. Reinfelds, A. Heckel, J. Bredenbeck. Ludovic Fournier, Isabelle Aujard, Thomas Le Saux, Sylvie Maurin, Sandra Beaupierre, Jean‐Bernard Baudin, Ludovic Jullien. N New Photoremovable Protecting Groups for Carboxylic Acids with High Photolytic Efficiencies at Near-UV Irradiation. Caged Amino Acids for Visible-Light Photodelivery. • tert-Butyl esters – Removed by acid, base and some • Esters of 2,6-disubstituted phenols (e.g. Maria J.G. Synthesis and Characterization of Photoactivatable Doxycycline Analogues Bearing Two-Photon-Sensitive Photoremovable Groups Suitable for Light-Induced Gene Expression. T. W. Green, P. G. M. Wuts, Protective Groups in Organic Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry.

Fluorescent Ligands and Energy Transfer in Photoactive Ruthenium–Bipyridine Complexes.

Naoko Senda, Atsuya Momotake, Tatsuo Arai. Weiying Lin, Lingliang Long, Wen Tan, Bingbing Chen, Lin Yuan.

Unlike previously used caging groups for carboxylic acids, it can be photolyzed rapidly and efficiently in the visible wavelength region.

b E-mail:  [email protected] Tel:  607-255-4809. 2-Oxo-2H-benzo[h]benzopyran as a new light sensitive protecting group for neurotransmitter amino acids. Photocontrol of Protein Activity in Cultured Cells and Zebrafish with One- and Two-Photon Illumination. Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 2016 , 42 (2) , … Development and Characterization of Photoresponsive Polymers. A Caged Retinoic Acid for One- and Two-Photon Excitation in Zebrafish Embryos. Lawrence N Eisenman, Hong-Jin Shu, Gustav Akk, Cunde Wang, Brad D Manion, Geraldine J Kress, Alex S Evers, Joe Henry Steinbach, Douglas F Covey, Charles F Zorumski, Steven Mennerick.

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