can you use a springform pan for cake

10″ springform pan 9″ tube pan (angel food cake pan) 2 (11″ x 7″) rectangular pans 18-24 cupcakes 2 (9″) rounds 9″ x 13″ x 2″ rectangular pan *If you’re making a cake roll you have to use the jelly roll pan, no other pan can be substituted. I use a springform pan when baking.

Great article. It will run out the bottom like crazy. Hmmm...that's interesting to know!Thanks, Ursula40!--Knox--, i use them all the time, and while we are on the subject. I make my double chocolate cake with peanut butter ganache in a 10" spring form pan with absolutely no problems., I have never used a springform cake pan before, but I do know they are typically used for cheesecakes and the like. as far as batter amount im not sure. How to measure a springform pan . Any help/ideas are highly appreciated ~Wendi~, i think your idea sounds great.

I looked everywhere for this info…thanks! [1] X Research source Silicon pans peel off the cake much like a wrapper and are easy to store due to their flexibility. thanks, I have 3 brand new 10 inchers I'd like to rid myself of.I just saw an 11 incher listed on EBAY.HTH,--Knox--. Serve your cake straight from the pan. I have always found toothpicks lie as well, I use a regular salad for and it seems to grip uncooked batter better than a toothpick so you can tell if it is really done, Your email address will not be published.

I had this pan for yrs & did not know how to use it. Also, if your ring aournd the pan is really tight.You can test it by using water first, see it water leaks out.Even if a little water comes out, that should be ok.. Water is not cake batter consistency.. You could use a piece of parchment slightly larger than the measurement of the bottom of the pan and put that inside before you bake.... also, wrap the base of the pan in foil like you would when baking a cheesebake in a water bath. prettycake Posted 13 Sep 2006 , 12:17am. The outside will overcook while the middle won't set if you do it all in one pan. Has anyone here ever used the springforms for regular cakes instead of cheesecakes? In fact, you can also place it in the refrigerator and freezer. what theme are you doing for your daughter???? I think, Thanks, Y'all!I thought I'd prepared better than this!

Use a silicon pan for cakes that use runny batters. But after the $$ I've already spent on supplies for this wedding cake, I'm bound and determined that I'm not spending ONE MORE RED CENT!! My springform pan is just the size I need for the birthday cake I want to make, however I am not certain if you can put regular cake mix in a springform pan without it running out the bottom. Plus, the metal pans are cheaper and I find that they hold up great. 2004 - 2020 © Cake Central Media Corp. All Rights Reserved.

I've done different cakes before since I also have a 10yr boy and 6yr old girl.....Times are changing and since I'm stay at home mom I have more time to have fun with whatever craft OR sewing project I'm doing.Do you have any other ideas using her theme? Which one is Trouble Free (Less) Edible Oil ?

I just bought two small springform pans and wondered the same thing if I could use a regular cake mix. heeeeeeelpppp!!! I have started to notice that this happens when the middle has made a very small dome or looks kind of flat.

Glass/pyrex retains heat differently than metal does (usually retains more heat so can potentially hotter and longer), so my preference would be not to use a pan made with two different materials like that. All Rights Reserved. If you’ve ever made a cheesecake. If you're not baking your cake in a water bath, simply grease the pan prior to pouring in your cake batter. Make Over 200 Juicy, Mouth-Watering Paleo Recipes You've NEVER Seen or Tasted Before?

I used the larger 9" springform from Pampered Chef with regular cake batter with no problems as well . I thought my cake pans were the 9 inch size, but they're the Wilton cheapies, so in fact, the pan bottom is only 8.25 inches. I gave $15 for all of them, which was a SCREAMIN' deal! The cake can be served directly on the pan’s base or carefully slid off onto a cake plate or othe serving platter. by Serving your cake right from the pan you baked it in is actually a pretty good idea.

I recently made a Streusel Kuchen. I'm thrilled with the purchase.

I used the larger 9" springform from Pampered Chef with regular cake batter with no problems as well . Ai plan on trying with a cheap spring form pan.

So I have two of the 9 inch springforms, and of course, they're straight-sided. You can also use it for savory dishes, such as chicken pot pie or pasta casseroles. You won't have any problems, I use them all the time with NO PROBLEMS at all.

or ice box pie, chances are you’ve used a springform pan.

lol glad i could help. I had bought a set of pans from Ebay. Before you use a springform pan, lock the bottom and band together so they don’t separate during baking. The advantage is you can lift the pan away from the cake instead of turning the cake pan over onto a plate. Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches. and it is a sloppy mess. (See my photos)Thanks, Y'all!--Knox--. The difference comes when you want to remove the cake that is inside the pan.

One wrong move and you mess up the edges! this should help you out. To do this, simply …

can anyone tell me where i could get large a 14' and 16'?

Which means they'll actually bake up to be 8 inches.Ok. Sign In Can I Use A Springform Pan For A Regular Box Cake Mix? I'm really glad to know this. Tried it yesterday. They are in the oven now and doing just fine. Using a Springform Pan You use a springform pan just like a regular cake pan. It can be tightened by snapping the latch into place, tightening the ring and creating a tight seal with the pan’s base.

--Knox--. Yes I made this cake using my set of 3 spring form pans. Not to mention that the cake mix is designed to do 2 smaller layers, not one tall one. Just make sure your pan is in good condition, check that the lip on the bottom fits well, the clasp is not loose, etc. i was going to do two of the Wilton "9" inch rounds, but would rather have one higher layer than two thinner ones....any advice would be super helpful :)  I will repost in a new thread since this one is quite old...just noticed LOL. Is this a good meal. You won't have any problems, I use them all the time with NO PROBLEMS at all. The cake can be served directly on the pan’s base or carefully slid off onto a cake plate or othe serving platter. This pan features a small latch on the side, which causes the sides and bottom of the pan to separate.

Does the milk you use matter in Baking/Cooking? New record set for World’s Largest Cupcake, French Ham, Cheese and Egg Crepes, step-by-step. And what would the timing and temp be? When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue. So now I'm thinking about going with the balloon shape and pucking stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies and ladybugs all over the three different balloon cakes.

I prefer to bake in springform pans as oppose to the wilton ones I dont know why but I like them.!!! Decorating --Knox--. 13, 2018 Dust off your springform pan and make fudgy cakes, fruity tortes and, of course, decadent cheesecakes.

It’s great for cheesecakes, frozen desserts (like ice cream cake), tarts, even deep-dish pizza.

Hope this information helps u.

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I have done it.. had no problem with it.Make sure your cake batter is the "thick" kind. How do you think about the answers? Baked at 350 for one hour.

Springform pans are the only ones you really use in Germany for all kinds of cake. i would like some help please? They're Wilton's top line non-stick springforms, so they're pretty tight when latched.Anyone? So that's why I was asking about the springforms! knoxcop1 Posted 13 Sep 2006, 12:26am post #8 of 21 A springform pan can be used in place or a regular cake pan in any recipe. I used the hearts to make a clover on top of a sheet cake. 12, "9" (actually 8.25! Some cake batters are … I never had the opportunity to use them for regular cakes, just cheesecakes! Thankfully, there are tons of other things you can make using your springform pan! . Loaf and Muffin Pans. i would need the larger sizes, but thank you. With most pans, the cake must be inverted to remove it from the pan. So, if I put a boxed cake mix in the springform pan, will it turn out as if I used a regular pan? For Angel food batter do NOT grease and flour the pan, just line it as best you can to keep the batter from seeping out the bottom seam.

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It will shrink, so allow enough for it ( 2in.) Do you have a favorite mushroom to cook with? Perfectly Creamy Frozen Yogurt is Available for Pre-Order!

angllfish Updated 28 May 2015 , 7:13pm Prepping Your Springform Pan. Otherwise, do a sheet cake or run out and get a couple cake pans. I put a parchement sheet at the bottom to avoid any damage to the cake. missyb, Here's my latest quandry:I have to do a 9inch layer for a wedding cake Saturday. With a springform, you can essentially remove the pan from the cake with great ease.

Does anyone know if I can use my 10" springform pan for a regular cake mix--not cheesecake? Thanks for your advice! knoxcop1 post #4 of 21 I have done it.. had no problem with it. Or what sandwiches can I make with cottage cheese? 1 / 61 Updated 22 Aug 2005 , 3:12pm Of course you can, any heat-proof container can be used to bake a cake! Can I place the springform pan in the oven? When the ring is closed, they bake cakes (or other baked goods) in exactly the same way as a standard one-piece pan. Or do cupcakes! Compare that measurement to the volumes in our chart (or the i think as long as you lines the pans everything should work out fine.

Decorating I personally wouldn't try it. angllfish, Hi this is my first post, I'm new here, and making a cake on Tues for my husbands bday and a cake for my youngest (she's turning ONE) in a couple of weeks.

I also bake large chocolate chip cookies in my springform pans. Spare yourself the mess! The difference comes when you want to remove the cake that is inside the pan. Typically, cakes baked in springform pans are cooled right in the pan and the ring is removed before serving.

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