boar's head no salt added ham

We only get one body. Thank you for all your efforts to make what we’re eating transparent and healthy. (Guess what? – that are grown year after year, exhausting the soil and requiring heavier doses of chemical fertilizers each year. I feel like I’ve cheated them since I started working there. Bye-bye, Boar’s Head. Bread can add a surprising amount of sodium to your sandwich! Stay tuned for delicious content from Boar’s Head. You’ve made your audience needlessly angry, now stop wasting their time and tell them how and where to get a better product! (1) Because regular deli meat is so high in sodium, a 25% reduction doesn’t really make it healthy option for a low sodium diet. A serving of ham contains 590 milligrams of sodium, but their Black Forest Low-Sodium Ham contains 440, which is on the low end for an innately salty product like ham. If you’ve left a comment about their ingredients and don’t see it on their page – try calling them at 1-800-352-6277 to get your voice heard. For a crop to be certified organic, it must be grown on land that has been chemical free for three years minimum. Ever read the ingredients on those packages? Thanks, Vani for the Boar’s Head investigation. I have taken pictures during my daily walks during the process – there is no responsible care of the land anymore. Your are incredible. 1/13/2016 Update: After posting this new information last night, Boar’s Head decided to start moderating their Facebook page and deleted most of the abusive posts (thank you! I have been giving my children boars head low sodium turkey and cracked pepper turkey with Boars head jalpeno jack cheeses in their lunches daily for about a year in a half so disappointed to be deceived to be paying more for deli meat I thought was healthy. I’m an organic grower and never use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. Processed cheeses like American or nacho cheese tend to have much more sodium compared to “natural” cheeses like cheddar or colby. Posts may contain affiliate, sponsorship and/or partnership links for products Food Babe has approved and researched herself. How naive can all these readers be to think that any kind of packaged deli meat would be completely preservative free. I’m not a huge deli meat fan but when I do buy these products I purchase Boar’s Head, and have for many years, thinking they were healthier than the rest of the crap out there. Generally Swiss and mozzarella cheese are great low sodium options. Why is that a problem? Sounds like you need to stop eating everything unless you grow it yourself. I second the praise for Vani…we’re with you! Has the animal been injected with hormones? They aren’t deceptive. Therefore it is as safe for human and animal consumption as any other oil you can buy. Potassium and phosphorus can build up in the blood and cause many complications including heart arrhythmias, bone disease and faster progression of kidney disease. To see if potassium is added, simply look for the word “potassium”. Remember that it is not just the deli meat that can make a sandwich a high sodium option. I wanted to take the time to comment on this Boars Head meats blog because I have been buying their meats for a year now.

Also, make sure to choose a healthy whole grain bread so you don’t miss out on fiber. Yum! this saddens me to no end. Not sure if you have ever looked in to Mercy for Animals but that is a HUGE eye opener….I’m very picky about which meats I buy and will only buy local or from clean, humane sources! Found this organic ham at Costco recently. We can each make our own choices with the information. It is important to remember that even low sodium deli meat can have nitrite and nitrate additives. I read information on the Organic Prairie Meats website and they are promising. They have been allowed to get away with this dangerous charade for the last half a century, that I’m aware of Oops! What you really need to understand is that your mind can make you much more ill than a little extra salt or whether your food is organic. I will not buy Boars Head brand again. Thank you for this article. Most of us are eating nearly double that amount of salt.

If you are looking for other alternatives to Boar’s Head, check out this post at the bottom for my recommendations. The worst part of the scenario is they are then able to sell (Those Same Peanuts) as Organic, to organic Peanut Butter companies, and food grade oil companies because, (after all, they didn’t spray the peanut crop with chemicals). Pickled toppings like pickles, picked banana pepper or jalapenos can add a surprising amount of sodium. A low sodium diet is especially important for people with many health conditions. Thanks for everything you do for America and the rest of the world. Treat it well. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Case closed! And all of us behind you ! It’s funny how so many people make themselves sick from constant worry. Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. As always, the best way to make sure a food is really low in sodium is to look at the Nutrition Facts label. Because people are inherently lazy. Note that this is the sodium amount in only 1 teaspoon; many portion sizes are much larger. Also, people want the impossible. Vote with your dollars, everyone. Or that they are hiding something. Most of us should be eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. The American Heart Association endorses Boars Head products which is clearly stated on their packaging. This ham has all the taste of Boar's Head signature Branded Deluxe Ham, just with less sodium. I didn’t see information on the uncured natural ham or their uncured pepper natural turkey. I know, because my family grows cotton. We are proud of the product we produce. Thank you very much for this healthy, will help me how to prepare foods which low in sodium. I am a University of Arizona Master Gardener (2004) and Eric is correct; to be considered “organic” the land must be chemical free for 3 years NOT 3 weeks between pesticide spraying. Beef. Enjoy these lower sodium ham products that provide the taste and nutrition your family deserves. Then to boot they bale up the peanut plants after harvest to feed cattle……. And while I abhor the use of so many chemicals in growing cotton, I believe the primary reason peanuts are grown is nothing to do with that. Thank You for helping make this transparent, Vani. Foods should never contain ingredients that are hazardous to human (or pet) health. I suffer from a great deal from food allergies and frankly I am pretty furious with this company. Your commitment to protecting human rights to foods we put into our bodies and battles to get healthy foods from food industries completely amazes me. Keep fighting, Vani.

I was eating their Sweet Slice Ham thinking it is healthy…you have opened my eyes.

i love boars head and purchase it probably twice weekly.

/ I didn’t see that one pictured. Your email address will not be published. Boar's Head response to COVID-19 The World Trade Organization pushed our government for this, they won. A few people tried to engage me with reasonable discourse, but the majority of the comments were so virulent and abusive that I ended up deleting the entire thread I was so appalled. Large sandwiches packed with deli meat could easily have 6 ounces (or more!) She did list a better alternative for better lunch meat at the end of her story about Boar’s Head meats. I hope that’s true, Eric, but that’s not what I’ve been told. My wife, son and I are one of the “corporations” you mention that grow cotton. I am a label reader of everything for food and steer clear of chemicals and artificial ingredients and dyes. This is called crop rotation, and it’s a very good thing for the soil. no where do they ever state this ?

Same here, I thought I was doing good for my kids by buying boars head deli meat. Unfortunately, money is too important to them. How much imported food do you think you would see?

Lettuce, onion, bell pepper or cucumber adds a satisfying crunch to nearly any sandwich. Cottonseed oil, is not any more harmful than vegetable oil. I can live without deli meat. Connye. Vani, Boar’s Head never hid anything about their ingredients. So much deception! That’s the issue. Dietary Fiber

of meat. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Find out what to buy and where at the top grocery stores near you, Big Update: The Truth That Beer Companies Have Not Made Public Yet, Healthier Birthday Cake For My One Year Old, A “Food Babe Investigates” Win – Chipotle Posts Ingredients, Boar's Head, Chicken, deli, deli meat, deli meats, ham, ingredients, Turkey. All the other deli meats you know are bad for you. Thanks for sharing! Low sodium,healthy kidney. Reading the comments about cotton and peanuts make me laugh. I called that Nutrition line, which is the number Food Babe listed, about the msg and she said that was a mistake of the store since their website faq’s say they don’t. Thank you Vani for your tireless work in bringing us the news on the food – any food that you research. (I was told organic farming was only valud if the land was pesticide free for 7 years) These are all things that the average consumer does not think of.

This savory cut is sparingly spiced and carefully seasoned, then roasted to perfection to let the flavor take center stage.

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